Google May Undermine iPad Mini Launch With $99 Tablet

    September 27, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Google’s Nexus 7 tablet is pretty awesome. It’s awesome enough to be eating into a market long held by Apple and Amazon. The sophisticated hardware combined with the low price of $199 make it an appealing choice for those who prefer the openness of Android versus the walled gardens of the iPad and Kindle Fire. The Nexus 7 does face its biggest threat this year, however, with the rumored launch of the cheaper, and smaller, iPad Mini.

According to reports from DigiTimes, Google is not taking the launch of the iPad Mini lightly. The iPad Mini is rumored to cost about $300, but it would still eat into the market of the cheaper Nexus 7. How do you compete with a name like Apple? Offer an even cheaper tablet.

Industry sources are saying that Google and Asustek are working on two Nexus 7 tablets to be announced and released before the end of the year. One of the tablets will cost the usual $199, but the other will be priced at a far more competitive $99. Both models are reportedly thinner and use TN panels for the display.

As for other specs, we’re still in the dark. We can gather that the $99 tablet would be more of an entry level tablet for those who don’t require the latest cutting edge technology. The $199 tablet would most likely be an upgrade to the already existing Nexus 7 tablet. The Kindle Fire HD has proven to be more powerful than the Nexus 7, and Google is no doubt looking to compete on the same level.

Like always, it’s important to take all of this with a truckload of salt. Asustek has denied the reports, but that’s par for the course in the tech industry. DigiTimes and their sources called the launch of the original Nexus 7 so it’s not beyond the realm of possibility. Besides, a $99 tablet from Google would absolutely destroy the competition this holiday season.

  • http://www.frogdice.com Michael Hartman


    Anything that hurts Apple is good for the consumer.

    • Mark

      And anything that hurts you is good for me. Maybe someone should take a razor to your minuscule penis and shove it up your grandfather’s anus?

      • Pking33

        Really Mark! How mature is that?!! You sound like a bad sport. I myself am an apple fan but that’s my opinion. I always believe in you get what you pay for and time will prove that with these tablets. But truly don’t be disgusting!

  • http://yes Nirmal

    Apple didn’t do anything for lower income family.We pray for its demise. Google is God for us which makes pricey objects available in a throwaway price. God bless you Google.

    • http://poop.com Stan

      shut up you flaming falopians

  • Andrew

    Let them both come out with their new gizmos, and each consumer can choose one, the other, both, or none. The first two commenters sound like they suffer from sour grapes.

  • Blakesley

    While it’s great that it would be affordable, it isn’t great that it would be Apple’s demise. Apple may be pricey, but they do make quality products and put the best of the best in them. This $99 will probably just be a throwaway version of the Nexus 7. The Nexus 7 can compare, but this cheap one is a cheap move on Google’s part.

    Not to mention, Apple is the one that essentially launched the tablet industry and everyone has basically copied them on that. Without Apple, there wouldn’t be all the products we have today. So I see this only as a bad move by Google, just trying to take over Apple’s own game.

    If you’re gonna get a product, is a little extra cash too much? You’re gonna spend more anyways when you want a better version, so why not get the best?

  • http://www.winninginch.co.uk Kev

    The great news for all is that prices are being driven down making it far more accessible.. However, there is no such thing as a free lunch (relatively speaking) However, it is a huge mistake to try and shut out good tech / apps for competitive reasons.. Ala Google maps disappearing from the latest iPhone is just spite.. The real battle here is for itunes, amazon and google play..

    Actually come to think about it the battle is really between the media giants Universal (EMI) and of course Sony etc.. Without them there is no media to buy!! So bring on the cheaper advertising technology for A & G.. As long as I can run the apps I want on the platform I choose..

  • Mark


  • Apple Turnover

    Anyone know what a consumer gets when they purchase a $99 Google tablet? A piece of underpowered junk with little or no customer support. I’m sure Google will do very well selling this tablet to the under-developed nations of the world. I sure hope there aren’t that many desperate consumers who can’t afford a decent tablet that will go and by some cheap Android crap. Google needs to stay in the search engine business and leave hardware to the pros. I’m sure Apple doesn’t give a damn if Google sells every one of those tablets at a huge loss. They’ll brag about gaining market share like all the Droid-heads do.

    • http://www.quoteyoutoday.co.uk Coversure

      Why do you think Google will sell them at a loss? Manufactured en masse in the far East for peanuts and sold at a little above cost will give them market share AND profit. Besides, even basic hardware is fast enough to run Android these days, and the product will work fine, otherwise people just won’t buy it.
      I like Apple products, but it’s well known Apple make $150+ dollars or more on EVERY iPhone they sell. Go and buy an Apple if you want to, but you’re just lining their pockets. And didn’t they say the same thing about Apple hardware 10 years ago?