Google Maps Street View Comes To iOS 6 (Thanks To Garmin)

    September 25, 2012
    Chris Crum
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As you may know, Apple’s iOS has dropped Google Maps, and users who have upgraded to iOS 6 have no Google Maps access from Apple or Google right now. A Google Maps app directly from Google is expected, but for the time being, users are going to either have to get used to Apple Maps (which have been the subject of a great deal of complaints) or find an alternative.

MapQuest announced a new iOS offering today, but Garmin has made some updates that users may find attractive. Among the new features is none other than Google Street View.

You can check out the app in iTunes, where it runs down the new features as follows (via 9to5mac):

– iOS 6 and iPhone 5 support

– URBAN GUIDANCE considers public transportation options, such as subways, trams, busses and water taxis, when calculating pedestrian routes. You will be guided to a transit stop by foot and you’re able to look up detailed information on what line to take and where to get off. The feature is available through In App Purchase.

– PANORAMA VIEW 3D provides true 3D elevation views obtained from NASA’s height and terrain data enable intuitive orientation and show users what lies ahead. Panorama View 3D is available through In App Purchase.

– GOOGLE STREET VIEW provides users a street-level view of their destination before starting a route and shortly before arriving. Users can also look at a full-screen 360° view to get a better understanding of their destination’s surroundings. The feature is available in cities with Google Street View coverage.

Unfortunately, the app will cost you $44.99, which is significantly more expensive than the free Google Maps app that Google will most likely launch at some point.

  • Frank Devine

    I am a coach driver and have always used google street view to view my destination and I feel this is a disgrace, apple are abusing their customers and will ultimately be the losers,I put up with the absence of flash player but this is a step to far

  • Ryan

    I am a truck driver and street view has become a vital tool for finding customers, finding parking, and getting an idea of the condition of the road/highway. Because Apple and Google can’t get along, the customers are left at a disadvantage.

  • Lori

    I am completely annoyed that google street view was removed when I automatically accepted the update I am suppose to trust. I use this feature every day on my Ipad, without it I will have to use my android phone. My husband wanted me to sync up and get an IPhone. Not gonna happen.

  • Randy

    Having google maps was of paramount importance to me in using my iPhone. I am less than impressed that it has been removed. Being apple to click the drop pin on any address and get instant street level viewing from googles’ impressive hard work they did by getting most of the world on camera was more than luxury for most people It became a necessity For daily life. If Apple knows what is good for them they will quickly resolve this problem and offer the new update that includes Google maps returned. I hope everyone doesn’t sit on their butts and complain, rather they get out there and start writing to Apple complaining because if enough people complain, Apple will be forced to make the proper changes to correct this idiotic screwup that they performed on the new iOS six

  • Will Scott

    The burning question was could Apple stay ahead without S Jobs?

    I think we have our answer – IOS 6 and its poor mapping is a step back, I for one am wondering if it’s possible to go back to IOS 5.

    Surely S Jobs would not have let something go out of the office unless it was an improvement, that’s why Apple have been at the top, I think we are starting to see the cracks appear.

  • http://www.engage-2012.com/ Engage 2012 Conference

    I completely agree with all of you. This was a huge mistake from Apple. They must have known that the maps aren’t working properly, so why did they include it in the update, removing the perfectly working Google Maps? Why didn’t they wait, improve the maps, make the work as they should and only then release such an update…?!

  • Tom

    I just spoke with Navigon customer service and they tell me that street view only functions if you type in a specific address. You cannot just pick a spot on the map and get the street view. This really limits its usefulness to me.

  • meghan.

    I am not going to get IOS6 on my IPad because I do not want to lose Streetview. This means not syncing my device, which is not so good, but I am currently looking at buying house and it is very necessary to have Streetview so I do not have to drive to check out every single piece of property to see if it is an option. I really hope that this will be offered through IOS 6 soon! Apple has recently let me down on several issues and they have really been losing my confidence.

    • Michael

      I am with you on this. My challenge is I upgraded to IOS 6 prior to finding out Apple got rid of Google maps. I trusted Apple not to diminish its functionality on an upgrade. Now I regret it and I can’t undo IOS 6 and revert back to IOS 5. Now I realize how much I use Google Maps street view. Being disabled and I could research from back home in the west coast for a place for my daughter to live in NYC, it allowed me to view the surroundings and go on virtual tour of the neighborhood. I hope Apple and Google can think more about the user base rather than their differences.

  • anthony

    I was planning a new first time I pad and I phone,changed my mind after dropping Google will now get Nexis 7 and a android phone,TMA

  • Jeff

    I miss the parcel lines for property corner locations, which Google Maps had.

  • Duncan Hewitt

    Their map app is a disgrace. Our business is on a small lane that not only is not shown whilst in satellite mode (several local roads are missing in that awful, fuzzy image excuse for a satellite mode),, it also has been given the name of a barn conversion up the road rather than its actual name…over a mile of road is now called ‘The Old Stables’. I can’t wait for the next apple-product laden client to rely on their device to guide them to us. This was an arrogant and/or incompetent change to foist on its trusting customers – I am kicking myself for hitting the upgrade on my iPad2. No decent map app, no YouTube and no Siri as compensation. Samsung are looking better all the time. Mine and my wife’s iPhones will not be ‘upgraded’ to iOS 6, and at this rate they won’t be upgraded to another iPhone if this is Apple’s new direction.

  • Gazza


  • joey

    … ios6; what a disgrace! I eant to go back to 5.1.1


  • Marvin

    For the first time, I am thinking to use sum sung instead of iPhone. Upset w maps, I need to use goggle map!

  • http://Hotmail Mario arena

    Apple you can’t give street view and take it out.dont they understand people all over the world are furious. This is the biggest down fall for apple and they don’t know that.people are already changing to other phones and tablets especially samsung if Steve jobs was alive this tragedy would not have happend.street view was the best app on apple.who are the bosses there.

    • Phill

      absofukinlootly correct… the fail is so bad it’s actually breathtaking. What did they think would happen? Or is Apple now just a headless raptor rooting out cash from everything around it?

  • http://sparklingapps.com/sparklingmaps Martijn van der Spek

    Apple accepted our latest app, ‘Sparkling Maps’ this weekend after a long review period. If you are frustrated about the lack of detail of the new maps in iOS6, just get this map solution, based on the familiar google maps. It has street view support and is a lot faster than this web based solution. Sparkling Maps even has turn by turn navigation, something that was never offered by google on Apple devices.

    Check out sparklingapps.com/sparklingmaps

  • Rob white

    I dont understand the hysteria here concerning Street View. I bought an ipad 3 yesterday updated it to ios6 and am now happily using Google Maps AND Google Street View. Like a previous poster said…..you must type in an address and then….hey presto…. there is the little man bottom right, drag him over and bingo! Dunno what the fuss is all about. Have a nice day.

  • Alpha kamm

    I just upgraded to iPhone 5. I am going to return the phone because I think it is a step backward not having street view on maps. I am truly disappointed. I was a big Apple fan. Not anymore.

    • huh

      Did you even read the article Alpha? Download Google Maps from the app store and you will have your street view