Google Adds +Snippets to Google Maps

Makes it easier to share Maps content with circles

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Google Adds +Snippets to Google Maps
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Last month, Google made the +1 button more like the Facebook “like” button for Google+ in the sense that when you click the button, you can now share content to your Google+ Circles. When you share content from the button, it automatically includes a link, an image and a description in the sharebox. Google calls these “+snippets”.

Google announced today that it is now including +snippets in Google Maps, making it easier to share Maps content with your Circles.

“Suppose you’re planning a weekend trip to Napa,” says Google VP of of Product Management Bradley Horowitz. “Your packing list probably includes driving directions, hotel information and a list of nearby wineries. Many of you visit Google Maps for this kind of information already. But with +snippets, Google+ users can easily share directions or places (for example) with fellow travelers. Just click “Share…” in the Google+ bar at the top of the screen, and whatever you see on Maps is what you’ll see in the sharebox—ready to share with your circles.”

“With today’s launch, Google Maps joins other Google products like Books, Offers and Product Search in having +snippets,” he adds. “And like Maps, what you see onscreen is what you share—just click on “Share…” in the Google+ bar to reveal the +snippet.”

+Snippets on Google Products

+Snippets on Google Products

+Snippets on Google Products

Google says it will roll out +snippets to more Google products in the future as part of its quest to “make sharing across Google just as easy” as sharing other content with the +1 button.

Which Google products would you like to see +snippets added to?

Google Adds +Snippets to Google Maps
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  • http://www.blazenwebmarketing.co.uk Mark Reynolds

    It’s a nice idea Chris. Another example of map/direction sharing is if you’re playing a sport at an away ground/pitch, and in the days leading up to it you can share the directions easily with all your team mates! Nice.

    You mention Google’s quest to make sharing across Google just as easy, it’s interesting that I came across this Google experiment recently where they remove the +1 button from the main Google search results!

    • http://www.TheOkayNetwork.com Steven

      If there are too many Google +1 buttons on a page it can slow down load time by as much as a second to several seconds, so in Google time that’s a big deal, but since Google has not opted to show the +1 rating and simply have the +1 button without it actually speeds up the rendering as only the button needs to render without fetching the rating number first. I think this moving of the +1 button in Google preview out of the results is going to backfire and have a lot of webmasters yelling for them to put it back if those same webmasters were getting a bunch of +1’s and it stopped as more people use Google preview. I do like the maps idea, but then we all saw this coming. Google basically is building Google Plus as they go, and don’t have a clue in what direction it will go until the next big idea.

  • http://www.kentuckyspecialfx.com Mike Bisch

    Im kinda for the makeover on the +1 they did which is why im probably going to try to add it this weekend now that some of the bugs got worked out when implementing it in yahoo merchant.
    Our website www.kentuckyspecialfx.com had a few issues when we tried it out a couple weeks ago and part of the issue was since our store is a yahoo merchant that means limited access to the html which is kinda good in a way so goofball owners like myself don’t wind up destroying they’re site overnight by simply adding a little snip codes but I do agree with Steven, I too think this moving of the +1 button in Googles preview out of the results might backfire, I wish they would just keep it simple for a few months.

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