Google Map Maker Opens in US

User-edited cartography project comes to America

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Google map maker is a community cartography service that allows users from all around the world to add and update locations from the more obscure corners, as well as those places simply untouched by the world of online cartography.

According to Google, only 15% of the world’s population had detailed community maps before the debut of Map Maker. Now, after submissions and editions from 183 unique regions, Google reports that 30% of the world now has accurate online maps of their communities.

Until now, maps were being made by amateur cartographers all over the world, but not in the States. Today, Google is announcing that Map Maker is now open in the U.S.

Basically, Google’s philosophy with the Map Maker is that people know their communities the best. Since most of America’s major infrastructure is already logged and readily available on Google Maps, most of the additions in Map Maker will just add detail and specificity to communities.

For instance, a user can add locations, say the Tequila Cantina on he corner of Mill St. and Main St. Users can edit incorrect information about where things are actually located in their town. Google suggests that map makers in college towns provide detailed maps of campuses. The Map Maker can also be used to add small pathways like bike paths that might not be already included in Google Maps.

Each new submission will be reviewed for accuracy and Google says they will have them up within minutes. This real-time visual log of map updates is pretty cool. See it in action here.

Also, users everywhere now have access to street view within the map maker, which should help. So let’s go, people – log those places. Sometimes, when I’m in an unfamiliar small town, I can’t find a pizza place or a diner to save my life. I’m looking at you, Sparta, Georgia.

Google Map Maker Opens in US
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  • Adsense Publisher

    In other words, Google realizes they have a lot of incorrect and missing data and instead of Google shelling out hundreds of millions of dollars to hire people who’s job is to surf the internet and correct mistakes and make additions, Google is relying on the public to do it for them. Essentially screwing the business owner with a wrong phone number, website, and/or address until the business owner or the general public corrects it for Google. So while some may benefit from the maps, many businesses are harmed by it without their knowledge that they even have a listing on Google maps.

    • Jo

      That’s one view, another is that local people/business are gonna be to be able to update and change information faster and more accurately b/c they have first hand knowledge of the area, as opposed to some guy in an office half a country (or further) away with blurry satellite information and outdated web information. It’s a pretty interesting way to try and promote increased accuracy.

  • http://developex.com/ developer

    Oh my, that looks exactly like a wikimapia ))

    Why G don’t just buy it?

  • Andrew K

    I actually would love to talk to you Josh about this but you don’t have a listed email address. Can you drop me a line?

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