Google HUD Glasses Coming Soon To A Face Near You

    February 6, 2012
    Drew Bowling
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Remember last year when Google did a pilot program for their Cr-48 Chromebook and shipped a bunch of them to people who signed up to test the product in exchange for merely providing feedback? Google might be revisiting that trick, this time with a pair of heads-up display (HUD) glasses.

In case you’re wondering what HUD glasses are or even look like, they’re basically computers for your face. Remember in the Terminator movies how there’s always a dramatic cut-away to give you the Terminator’s point-of-view and you see all of this red-screened data buzzing around and analyzing stuff? That’s pretty much what you’d see, except without all the “Kill John Connor” bits. And it wouldn’t actually be in your eyes, but just projected onto the lens of the glasses. I think. At any rate, my best guess is that the HUD display you’d see through the glasses looks a little something like this:

And not this:

The folks over at 9to5Google got the low-down from someone who claims to have gotten a glimpse of these warlocks. Their source said that the glasses looked similar to these Oakleys:

From their same source, the 9to5 crew says that the HUD display only appears for one eye and that a user would navigate the user-interface by tilting your head to scroll and click.

This all sounds like some super fascinating sci-fi technology leaking out of Google’s top secret Google X labs, where all sorts of mysterious things are rumored to be afoot. If Google’s going to issue some of these specs out into the public so that they can be test-driven, and as long as you don’t mind wearing some big sporty glasses, you might be able to sign up for the beta program in the future should 9to5Google’s hunch prove correct.

Here’s the question, though: would anybody actually wear these? And if so, why would you wear these? I’m asking as part of my journalistic duty but I’m also personally curious what people expect to get out of these. Don’t any of you think they look, like… huge and clunky? Additionally, anybody else noticing a growing trend of wearable computables?

  • http://www.LAokay.com Steven G

    This is why cloud computing is extremely important. The less we have to carry the better. I wouldn’t mind a pair of glasses and a foldable keyboard instead of a cell phone and a laptop. Actually scratch that, you’d still need the cell phone to be the gateway, but all the computing power would be in the cloud instead of carried with you everywhere.

  • Sean

    The terminator is sent to kill Sarah Connor. However, the T2000 is sent to kill John Connor, not John Carter. And the picture of Schwarzenegger is from Total Recall. Truth is, it is far too early in the development process of these glasses to ask for an opinion. There is no actual information, only stipulation, and there isn’t even as much as concept art released yet. Do I think they look huge and clunky? No. They look imaginary to me. Thanks for the “leaked” info, but I’m not holding my breathe on these.

    • http://www.ientry.com/ Drew Bowling

      No way. No way. That’s crazy!

  • http://www.valleyoptics.co.uk Peter Mason

    As others have said, I’m not getting myself too worked up about these glasses. However, it is very exciting just to hear that there is ongoing development of these. They have the potential to be defining of an era, like the introduction of the computer or mobile phone. And as for your questions, these would of course be worn. Remember how large the mobile phone was when they were first released? They were like bricks in comparison to todays smartphones.

  • Christina

    i dont think id ever wear these, true they’re smaller but im just not seeing a convience
    id rather have a big full screen that i can eaisly view everything on.
    However i can definitly see these for video games

  • http://ejesconsulting.wordpress.com ejes

    great, now we can feed google more.

    i pass.

  • Mike

    These would be nice for translating text on streetsigns when you travel. Combined with GPS and googlmaps they can help orient you while not in your car. Visual notification instead of vibration/ringtone for an incoming call or text. I also imagine they’d have a camera installed as well that you can turn off (hopefully), which would allow a stream of someone walking around on googlemaps. Streetview -> pedestrianview.

  • Chris

    I think these would be a hit for people who ride motorcycles. Learning from experience its a pain to try and pull out a phone at a red light to check a message or maybe check your route if your on a long ride. If these had the same capabilities as a smartphone you could have real time navigation right in front of your eyes, maybe implement a feature that recognizes landmarks to give you information if you wanted it (ex:comparing gas prices), and it would also double as eye protection since many states have laws requiring it. I love this idea and can’t wait to see the technologies we unlock in my lifetime.

  • Tidmore

    I could see using these to haggle. If they recognize the motorcycle above by model and year it would be easy to search craigslist for the area you’re standing in and search cycle trader and kelly blue book (motorcycle equivalent). Shopping could be supplemented to a pretty insane degree with instant price comparison.

    Stumbling back to a hotel from a bar would be great with a little path on the ground. It could also point out police stations, hospitals, dining anything you could accurately map to 3d from google’s street view.

    with a camera on the front you could create a pdf of whatever is written on the white board or in your books. no time pausing for the teacher to let everyone write down the stuff on the board.

    With a well designed program these could recognize IED indicators like wires or disturbed earth from beyond the distances a soldier could and it never gets tired or complacent. On the military applications front, a range finder, tracking of projectiles, analyzing terrain for dead space, friendly fire reduction via floating IDs are all tantalizing

  • http://allandouglas.com/blog/ Allan Douglas

    If my wife could wear these into the grocery store and by just squinting at products on the shelf get nutritional info and price comparisons, that would be good. If I could wear them into my garden and get them to do a soil analysis and identify pests and recommend treatment, would be handy. Just having them tell me that this is a bicycle and that is a tree would not be of much use. I see potential here, but do not feel compelled to add them to my Amazon wish list and sign up for notices when they become available.