Google+ Hits 150 Million Active Users

Jumps to the number three spot in the world of social networking

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Google+ Hits 150 Million Active Users
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According to data collected by GlobalWebIndex, Google+ has skyrocketed in the past few months and can now boast over 150 million actives users.

From GWI:

When we looked into it further, we didn’t find anyone else who had any type of figures and Google has been suspiciously quiet since their Q3 financial statement that gave us that 40 million user number.

We did find, however, anecdotal evidence that supports GWI findings on the active Google+ user base. Firstly, there was this conversation with Don Dodge, a Developer Advocate at Google, where he states that “Any numbers you’ve heard are way low.” There are also people such as Paul Allen who are tracking the numbers of last names on Google+ to estimate subscriber figures. Allen says that Google+ subscriber numbers were growing at 2 million a day in September 2011 based on his methodology, meaning there are much more than 40 million Google+ users.

Back in September, the aforementioned Paul Allen used his model to estimate that Google+ had 50 million users.

In November, he estimated that Google+ was attracting 349,000 new users daily.

If Google+ really has broken the 150 million active user mark, where does that place it in the realm of other popular social networks? According to GWI, in third place wordwide:

There have been a few things that have happened with Google+ that could explain the meteoric takeoff. YouTube and Google+ became more integrated, for one. YouTube got the Google+ hangouts feature, and Google+ got the YouTube search feature built onto the main stream page.

Google+ launched Pages for businesses, which has thus far been a success. Allen attributes the uptick in new signups to the pages launch.

Google also built Google+ signup into its brand new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. The Galaxy Nexus just launched with ICS, and many other Android devices are in queue for an upgrade.

As Google continues to push Google+ and build it into all aspects of Google, the user count will only climb higher. Is it possible that by this time next year, Google+ could be closing in on Facebook-type numbers? Let us know in the comments.

Google+ Hits 150 Million Active Users
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  • jameslan

    Really? G+ is picking up so many users? If it can be confirmed, I am overwhelmingly shocked.

    • Pierre


      • http://www.twitter.com/ingercarroll Inger Carroll

        exactly what I wanted to say.. some of the sources on internet shows a downfall, I use it much for my photography contests..

    • Aron

      I’m not, the amount of random people adding me alone makes me believe that there are tons of people joining. Plus, some of the more popular posters have hundreds or thousands of comments on nearly every post.

      • https://plus.google.com/u/0/106539338789338537970/posts Iurie

        I was feeling the same thing over the last two months. I was thinking it was the result of my activity in early months after registration when I was very actively posting on Google+. The truth seems to be different. That’s applausible that Google+ is getting higher and higher, fact that I was forecasting some time ago. +1 Google+.

  • hi

    oh, but that can’t be cuz the number of seaches for “google+” is going down???!111

    • Kla

      Keep the delusion down sugar. You don’t need to search for Google+ if it is right on the Google bar…

  • Terry S.

    I, for one, am not surprised at those numbers. I’ve been on G+ since day 3 and I can say one thing: It’s what you make of it. Heavy Google users – like myself – likely find it to be a natural fit. Many Android users may find the same thing.

    I’ve seen too many people criticize G+ because they “don’t know anybody on there”. I didn’t either, but I am much more active with the people in my circles (and have me circled as well) than I am with my old friends/family on Facebook. I’ve circled nearly 400 people who have like interests to mine and it’s been great. It’s what you make of it.

  • Jim Carver

    I think the numbers foe facebook are overly inflated because they do not make it easy for someone to leave. You left to have no contact with the site for two weeks–none at all. And this usually means deleting your cookies.
    Further, I think the measure of success should be defined by quality, not quanity. The vast majority of people I know on g+ say that facebook can keep most of their users.

  • Jim Carver

    Uh, it’s nice when you can edit your post also. Sorry for the mistakes.

  • Mike

    i dont know you guys but I have over 100 google+ accounts. it is easy to create accounts at google once every website owner thought each + going to help to rank better. thats fact and pretty sure most of you did the same. i dont believe google+ has over 100 million REAL people. if you want real statistic about it, ask google how many users they have signed up google webmaster tools and it is the number of google+ users. without benefit of better ranking noone going to use it. they are search company and they didnt have search for google+ very long time. what a shame…

    • Kla

      Lol yeah. I have seen this argument be brought for Facebook as well. Nice try loser.

    • Alex MacPhee

      I bet absolutely nobody has multiple Facebook accounts.

  • Dustin Lazowski

    yeah i have found g+ has a lot higher quality of content, I am finding new and interesting things in areas of interest I have daily, where facebook is for interacting with existing friends and family, g+ seems a lot more on making new contacts who have similar interests so ideas can spread and be shared among people who care, the ability to search g+ for topics makes it a lot nicer to find friends with niche interests, and I have made a lot of “friends” from all over the world with the translate plugin. I use fb for local and events, and g+ for global and interests.

  • http://www.social-media-productions.com Andrew Conniff

    I think they will get larger gains when the brand pages are worth more. People like to socialize but they also want to get found. The big question is the sign up feature with Android….and who will try to get onto windows 8?

  • http://www.twitter.com/ingercarroll Inger Carroll

    The information you have shared looks great, but the other day I saw a infographic about Google+ falling down here http://www.techonzo.com/2011/10/is-google-plus-falling-apart/ with some facts and figures too. I am still confused where it is heading?

    • Emilie

      That infographic is already old.

      I tend to believe this high number because my follower count gets higher every week.

      One might think G+ is tapering off, when really it’s just because most metrics only count public posts.

  • Conrad Dunkerson

    The people ‘concerned’ about the future of Google+ clearly don’t begin to understand it.

    Google+ is Google… plus a social wrapper.

    Do you think that GOOGLE is in danger of failing? If not, then Google+ is in no danger of failing, because it IS Google.

    In time your YouTube account will be a Google+ account. As will your Gmail account. And your Google Voice account. And your Google Calendar. And Google Docs. And all the other Google features. Including Google SEARCH. They are taking this slowly to give people time to adapt, but the whole point here is to take all of these disparate tools Google has created and combine them into one package. Frankly, it was insane that they didn’t do this from the start… connecting these features under one wrapper allows each to leverage the user-base of the others to increase its own popularity far more than simply having them all ‘branded’ under the Google name.

    It is ridiculous how many people look at Google+ as some kind of nascent Facebook. That is completely wrong. The ‘nascent Facebook’ part is the window dressing for the combination of all Google products into one interface. You’re looking at this thin little insignificant wrapping paper and missing the huge gift box inside. Yes, it is still debatable whether Facebook or Google+ has the prettier wrapping paper AND more people still use Facebook wrapping paper, but that’s completely missing the point. It’s what’s in the ‘features box’ which matters, and when you combine the user-bases of all Google’s products together neither Facebook nor anyone else comes anywhere close.

    So the only way that Google+ wrapping paper usage will NOT eventually eclipse Facebook wrapping paper usage is if Facebook somehow comes up with more/better toys in the box than all of Google has… and so far they don’t seem to have even realized that’s the challenge. Instead, they’re still making changes to their wrapping paper design.

    • Eric McCudden

      Yay! Someone who understands whats going on with G+!

      All the hair pulling on this makes me crazy and you stated it so well! I want to share this post with everyone!

      Wish I could +1 it.

  • http://stockfresh.com Peter

    They wish :)))

  • http://www.PlacesToEatOkay.com Steve G

    I think those numbers are believable, but the stats don’t say how many of those people are website publishers, bloggers, businesses, internet marketers, and celebrities. In fact the only real leverage that is getting those high numbers is web publishers are jumping on the Google+ bandwagon for the +1 button ratings, since they are now part of Google’s search algorithm, and so they are promoting it and trying to get people on the Google+ bandwagon simply to help the rankings of their web pages. Basically instead of Google coming up with a really great social networking site, they’re trying to force website publishers into using Google+ and then forcing them to then promote the use of Google+ simply to help their page rankings for Google’s search engine.

  • JeffinLondon

    wow …. this is an amazing number. If true, this means that G+ has added 100 million users in three months (was 40 million in September), or a million users a day. Seems quite hard to believe an uptake at that level.

    But other evidence and common sense says it might be possible what with the YouTube and Google bar integration now making it easier to sign up now.

    My personal circles continue to grow very fast… I have more ‘friends’ here than I do in Facebook, but not yet as many as Twitter.

    Fascinating to watch this play out!

    • http://www.LAokay.com Steve G

      Getting that many members is very easy when you’re the #1 search engine and can scare publishers into the +1 signal being the next hot signal and to +1 a site you must have a Google+ account. So really Google is getting the publishers to push +1 and drive membership up.

  • Bob

    Imagine 150 million random people gathering at a plaza to listen somebody speaks. The speaker doesn’t show up of if it does, he starts cracking recycled jokes, obviously heard someplace else. The speaker is G+.

    Thank you and Happy New Year in advance.


  • tami

    Facebook needs to start their own search engine and its own Facetube to kill Google once and for all. FB can kill google on a heartbeat if they wanted to.

  • Kevin

    i’m not surprised. google+ is far better than facebook and is far more innovated than all others…

  • Kevin

    fastest growing of all time…

  • http://montazne-hise-on.net Alex

    Wow amazing number. People understands whats going on with G+!

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