Google Has People Scared To Link To Their Own Content

    April 30, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Some webmasters are afraid to link to their own content, for fear of Google penalizing them. This isn’t exactly new, but the point is being emphasized lately (ironically by Google itself).

Has Google ever worried you about your own linking practices? Let us know in the comments.

This past week, Google Google’s Matt Cutts addressed the following question in a Webmaster Help video:

Suppose I have a site that covers fishing overall (A) & I make another fishing site that solely focuses on lure fishing (B). Does linking to A from B violate guidelines? I’ll make sure both have high quality content & disclose that they’re both owned by me.

“Just linking from A to B is not a violation of our quality guidelines,” says Cutts. “If you only have two sites, they’re thematically related, a person on A would be interested in B…then it makes perfect sense to link those two sites. The problem gets into [when] you don’t have two sites, but you have fifty sites, or eighty sites, or a hundred and fifty sites, and then suddenly linking all of those sites starts to look a lot more like a link network and something that’s really artificial, as opposed to something that’s organic.”

“So if you really do have just a small number of sites – you can count them on one hand – and they’re all very related to each other, it can make perfect sense to link those together,” he continues. “It’s when you start to get a lot more sites – you know, you don’t need 222 sites about car insurance. It looks a little weird if you have howdoigetmycarinsurance.net and wheresthecheapcarinsurance.com…I’m making these domain names up, so I’m not saying these particular site owners are bad – maybe they’re great. Who knows? But if you have 222 different copies of that, usually you’re not putting as much work into each individual site, and so as a result, you’ll end up with shallow or superficial sites, lower quality content, you’re more likely to see doorways…that sort of thing.”

It says something about Google’s power over webmasters (at least those that depend on it too much) that people have to check with Google to see if Google is okay with them putting a link on their own website to another of their own websites.

And this isn’t the first question Cutts has addressed regarding people linking to their own content in recent days. In another video, the user asked about internal links leading to lower rankings because of the Penguin update. The exact question was:

Do internal website links with exact match keyword anchor text hurt a website? These links help our users navigate our website properly. Are too many internal links with the same anchor text likely to result in a ranking downgrade because of Penguin?

So here, the person knows that the links are used to help users, but they’re still concerned how Google will view them. In other words, regardless of whether or not it’s actually good for people who visit the site, they need to make sure it’s going to be okay with Google, because presumably the users will never find it in the first place if they can’t find it in a Google search. Here’s Matt’s response to that:

“My answer is typically not,” says Cutts. “Typically, internal website links will not cause you any sort of trouble. Now, the reason why I say ‘typically not’ rather than a hard ‘no’ is just because as soon as I say a hard ‘no’ there will be someone who has like five thousand links – all with the exact same anchor text on one page. But if you have a normal site, you know…a catalog site or whatever…. you’ve got breadcrumbs…you’ve got a normal template there…that’s just the way that people find their way around the site, and navigate, you should be totally fine.”

“You might end up, because of breadcrumbs or the internal structured navigation, with a bunch of links that all say the same thing, that point to one page, but as long as that’s all within the same domain, just on-site links, you know, that’s the sort of thing where, because of the nature of you having a template, and you have many pages, it’s kind of expected that you’ll have a lot of links that all have that same anchor text that point to a given page,” he says.

So basically, this isn’t an issue you should have to worry about, but if you abuse it, it could become an issue. The problem is that clearly well-intentioned people are still worried about whether their practices will be considered abuse by Google, even if they think they’re just doing what’s right for the user.

After the Penguin update, we saw a lot of overreaction in link removal requests by those who were afraid links from other sites were hurting them. In the process, because of their fear of Google, some requested the removal of links they would have otherwise found valuable. Google has since offered the Link Disavow tool, but Google even suggests that most people don’t use it.

It will be interesting to see how people continue to approach links moving forward. This week marked the one-year anniversary of the Penguin update, and a big update to that is expected in the near future.

Are people worrying about Google too much when it comes to links? Let us know what you think in the comments.

  • https://twitter.com/brickmarketing Nick Stamoulis

    “people are being really cautious, and perhaps fearful of Google when it comes to simply linking to their own stuff.”

    I think a lot of valuable linking opportunities are actually being left on the table because of this fear. People don’t want to misstep so they aren’t doing anything! I understand wanting to be cautious but your still need links!

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-crum Chris Crum

      Yes, I think people are trying to please Google a little too much sometimes (out of fear), when if they just focus on the user experience, it’s probably going to be fine with Google anyway.

      • http://buildbetterbacklinks.com Guru of Backlinks

        I completely agree Chris. Webmasters have become so focused on pleasing Google that very little they do on (or to) their sites looks natural anymore.

        In regards to linking, my feeling has always been that you do so when it makes sense to. If you’re discussing a topic and you know of a link that is directly related (and can ENHANCE the reader’s research and experience), you link to it. Otherwise, you don’t force it. It’s kind of like romantic relationships in that way. If you want it to work, go with the flow. If you force it, you’re likely to see it over and done with before you can even understand what happened. Forced looks fake, no matter what.

  • http://twitter.com/dergal Gerry White

    Unfortunately Google has a habit of suddenly shifting it’s position – meaning you need to consider not what google says now, but what it will decide to do in a months time.

    Say a company has about 30 regions, that is where it all gets a bit tricky.

  • Robert

    any link is dangerous after penguin. Cutts just trying to save face.

    • Robert

      you can link only big brand sites like wikipedia, webmd, etc. That sites not will penalized (google white list) and it help them to get “real” popularity and “real” links (because webmasters don’t know what can link else at current conditions).

  • http://binaryone.com.au/train-tracker/ AllanIT

    Firstly google made a rod for their own back by putting such an emphasis on links instead of content and secondly they are really unclear about the rules. So there is no wonder why so many people are confused.

    It is like a teacher telling their students that at the end of the year there will be an exam on a subject that they are not going you give you any information about. Who would pass!!!

  • http://www.quantisoft.com Howard Deutsch

    After experiencing a big negative hit in search position due to Penguin, it is only natural for people to be concerned about what they are doing and what Google is doing. Many sites that understood and played by Google’s rules were hurt by Penguin and Panda.

  • Pat

    Well, google has lost the search battle in terms of quality, it was mostly about pushing adwords and google shopping anyway. Now you see sites ranked #1 with only 4 or 5 backlinks, it’s funny because real sites with a past history of backlinks have vanished because they have too many backlinks but are way more relevant than those simple sites who are first.
    All you need is to buy 5 high quality backlinks ( 100-200$ per backlink that look perfectly natural on high authority domains ) and you’re back on page 1, there’s nothing natural about that but hey it works for now. The big problem is that old sites who have thousands of backlinks are penalised for having too many “poor backlinks” but they are still great resources that nobody can find.

    • http://www.bloodygoodgames.com Soshi

      Just use Bing for your search engine. I find everything I need there. Google is so useless now as almost all sites on their top pages are ‘paid for links’, I never use them anymore.

  • Dustybear Stark

    I find the entire thing about Google to be reprehensible. they have decided evidently to become BIG BROTHER TO THE WORLD, George Orwell got it right. Timing wrong, but the essence right.

    When I have to be more concerned about what GOOGLE thinks than about what my CUSTOMERS do about my site…somoething is REALLY REALLY WRONG here.

  • Robert

    I hate google, they overoptimized themself. It not a search engine, it police engine.

  • James

    Yes and for some reasons we do not understand they suspended our account for ads.
    We asked why because we never abused it, and they replied to protect their clients but never gave us the how we done to have it.
    We emailed back and never had a reply, then emailed back again, and never had a single reply.

    The weird things are they accepted our account 2 days after to cancel the day after and we never had the time to use it.

    For us it is clear they have their own anti trust policy and don’t like competitions with other ads, they want to be unique on your sites, no one’s else .. google control all, your pants, your pocket, your sites. We found other ads prospects and so far they paid much to us that google paid to 3 of our clients. And now our clients switched to the same ads provider we have and so far they are happy they made the move.

  • Craig

    As a consumer, I like Google products. Love my Android phone and tablet, etc.

    But as a blogger, I can’t stand how people live in fear of them. They’re only ONE search company, of which there are many, yet “please take down your link, Google says it’s illegal” emails have flooded my mailbox to the point of ridiculousness.

    One company was such an EXPLETIVE about it, they actually filed a completely FALSE claim of “copyright violation” with my hosting company, for a link I put up years ago to be nice to a product I liked.

    Oh, you can bet I’m NEVER spending another cent with THAT company. EXPLETIVE them! 😉

  • http://www.deckfiyatlari.net Omer Feyzoglu

    It would be ok to have 222 sites to advertise adsense adwords According to google but not advertise our own products. I think google is doing too much policing and should let the dynamics settle on its own

  • Conran

    Do people still bother with the self-appointed internet police that is Google?
    It seems that every month they’re screwing over another few hundred thousand webmasters, so whether they hit you for a link you’ve made, or hit you for an ad on your site they don’t like the position of, or your bounce rate, or your social presence – it really makes no bloody difference.

    Do yourself a favor, log out of Google Webmaster Tools, ignore everything Google orders you to do, run your site for the visitors and your users – I guarantee you’ll be making a better website, creating better content, and worrying 90% less than you are by trying to satisfy a corporation that really has no business telling you what to do.

  • Conran

    Also interesting to see so many webmasters waking up to this now. You could check out the comments on an article about Google a few years ago and there would be people praising them and defending them, these days it seems to be almost everyone attacking them for being a dictator.

    I think it’s about time Google woke up and smelled the coffee; it’s become too powerful, webmasters have lost trust in it, most now see it as the greedy corporation it has become and all it’ll take is a large enough number of them to start promoting a competitor to their audience and the game will completely change.

    • John

      We lost trust because they lied . . . Search any type product you like and you will see page after page is almost nothing but the big boys. That is what Google said would happen if we didn’t help support efforts to stop international treaties concerning the net…Google did it on their own.

    • http://www.bloodygoodgames.com Soshi

      Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing :) I don’t touch Google with a 10 foot pole anymore — they’re now the scum of the internet.

  • http://www.metanym.com/milton-keynes Mark

    I’m wondering how the typical link back to a web designers site is viewed by Google. If you’ve designed 100’s of sites that have nothing to do with web design but always place a ‘web design by x’ link in the footer is that building a link farm?

  • http://www.astro-holidays.com Paul

    Who is Google?

    When you start to worry about Google and design your site in a way which(in your mind) pleases Google, that is the time you can watch your rankings plummet.

    I just think to myself “Google??? Who is Google anyway!” and design to please me and common sense. Besides if you have 50/100/200 domains all linking to each other it is a link farm and you deserve the ranking you get.

  • http://hotcosta.com Pete Clark

    I am always amazed at the number of sites following the suicide path (:->

    “Google aren’t sending us any visitors – so let’s ask other sites not to send us visitors as well”

    And of course, the good sites will remove the links – because they care about their sites. And the bad sites will just ignore the request to remove the links.

    So the quality of remaining links drops.

    And when Google changes it’s mind again, and say, “You should have incoming links, but you don’t have any”, what do you do then?

    The only way to have a worthwhile site, is to ignore Google, not even try to humour them (because a) you don’t know what they want, and b) they won’t want that next week anyway) and concentrate on getting visitors from other sources.

  • http://ducktoes.com Cathie at Ducktoes Computer Services

    With a backlink tool, I found some low ranking sites linking to my site last week with long-tailed names and this made me very worried. I would never ask for or try to get such low ranking sites, 0’s and 1’s, because of penalties and because they’re so low ranking they might hurt my ranking on their own. I emailed the owner of one of the sites to ask him to remove links to my page, but he didn’t respond so I used the disavow tool. Now my site went down in the ranking. Only one spot but still it makes me worried.

  • http://musikterbaruindonesia.blogspot.com Stieawan


  • DanC

    I am so sick of Google telling me what to do and what not to do I have now totally ignored them. I will build my sites my way and link my way, to hell with Google. I have an incredible affiliate network, good search placement on other search engines. Hear that Google, to hell with you, enough is enough!

    • http://www.daniel-bauer.com Daniel

      Fully agree! Nobody needs google. Google needs us.

      Lets forget about google. It’s just a ommni-power-idea of some minds-sicks of the past. May they rest in peace.

  • http://www.csseng.net Delboy

    My site was accepted and suspended in the same week from Google’s adsense and affiliates before I could even fully launch was still testing some links and I was shot down but that’s not a worry they just caused me to look at alternatives, so I am busy with ads scripts to run my own ad campaigns from the server still did almost 9k unique visitors & 140K clicks

  • http://www.hipsoul.com HipSoul Shirts

    Y’know it’s funny… Google (Matt Cutts) once said something along the lines of “do what’s good for the customer, that’s all that Google wants”.

    It’s understanding that webmasters loose sleep over Google, they DO hold all the cards… but those same webmasters forget that Google is actually TRYING to be GOOD at what they do… they don’t WANT to penalize you… unless you’re a crook.

    1) Learn basic SEO
    2) Create “good for the customer” websites
    3) Continue to add products, create new content, be social, etc
    4) Enjoy decent rankings in Google
    5) Don’t be greedy

    Follow the steps above (which are essentially what Matt Cutts preaches)… and you won’t have to concern yourself so much with “the rules”… just do things honestly, and Google rewards naturally.

    It’s really easy.

    • Walter

      not really where it gets complicated is if site owners decide to monetize their sites. i may have the same advertising on all of my sites done in different ways and then I would be penalized by google, because only they can do that.

      i really think it’s time that people learn to tell google to get lost with their stupid rules.

      if google wants to make more money they should learn to hire the best, stop investing in inferior products, and ideas that their cousins thought up and get back to some real R&D.

  • http://www.acedot.com Geoff

    Having a network of niche websites I am cautious when it comes to cross linking them to each other given they are not all about the same subject and I don’t do it except for the occasion when an article is directly related to the content of another site. I avoid writing articles with the aim of promoting another website in my network. I can see how people feel Google may be playing big brother but I also see how Google are working on delivering unique and informative pages in their search results and not just thousands of results that point to the same cloned content under multiple domain names. I can also see their point about reducing the amount of listings for networks that are designed for the single purpose of leading users to another site on the same topic, then another, and so on. I do hope people who have multiple sites on the same topic with interesting and informative information on each site do not get penalized for cross linking them because this is restricting how many times and how many different ways people who are enthusiastic about a topic can publish and share information about it. If each site can stand on it’s own as an informative resource or deliver a product or service that is unique from other sites in the same network then this is not really link spam. I also take the stand point that while Google is the leading search engine and website traffic delivery system of today, they are not the only one so being found in other search engines and social bookmarking sites is also important to me and prevents panic every time Google makes an update. I would love to know how future updates will effect website designer sites with link backs to them from multiple pages on their client’s sites and how powered by links to script and software developer websites are effected because these appear on the footer of many sites across many topics. I keep my eyes open and read what is being said but at this point in time I am not frightened by what I am hearing from Google and continue to do what I have always done which is to make each website contain unique and informative articles that can stand on their own and only add external and internal links to pages or content directly related to that article.

  • http://www.dewey-cheatham-howe.com/ Dewey Cheatham & Howe

    As the masters of legal web spam, this does make us a little nervous. But we figure Google is scared of our incredibly impressive and unethical litigation team.

    But seriously, this is one of those moments where I see how challenging Matt’s job is. At the same time, I own several sites, not all of them terribly relevant to each other, and some of them link to others. So I’m a little worried.

  • http://ariacontrol-co.com درب پارکینگ

    I like google

  • http://www.pinkmail.org Michael Brock

    Over a week ago google blacklist pinkmail.org because spammers hacked our system for breast cancer patients and supporters …now pinkmail shut the loop hole down and made security better and let google know over a week ago …google still has pinkmail black listed and is doing great harm to our company …..pinkmail is in the proccess of filing a Billion Dollar law suit against google and believe me they dont care….. how ever pinkmail.org does…. this free email system like gmail and yahoo is for Breast Cancer and helps Bring awareness to the cause pinkmail will not let google bully them anymore how can they even think they can shut down such a great website for Breast cancer and its supporters…. you would think they would want to help this site but this shows just how greedy google really is they care not about helping fight this disease or the people who work for pinkmail.org .Spread the word and help pinkmail.org beat this giant for the cause of Breast Cancer.

  • http://globalseopro.ca Todd Herman

    Google is a well oiled guessing game. If the wrong conception gets out, 99?% of the time the concept-goers idea of what Goggle has done. They are not trying to fool anyone just protect their multi-million dollar investment, I mean wouldn’t you? Stick to local business directories and citations, then guest post about your knowledge and on local guest blogs. Please your audience not yourself or Google. The user must be #1. Remember Google is all about locality so start there first!

  • http://www.nigeriansreport.com/ Orikinla Osinachi

    Hello, PLEASE, Google does not own the internet.
    So, don’t let Google bully you into their own Golden Rule of the web.
    Link to any content that you wish as long as it is legit and valid.

    Be free to express yourself.

    “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”
    ~ Article 19, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  • http://www.bizwaremagic.com Titus Hoskins

    I believe the answer to your question is YES. But aren’t we all missing the bigger picture or question here:

    If Goolge/Penguin/Cutts have indeed undermined one of the fundamental building blocks of the web – keyword linking, then doesn’t it stand to reason they have also put the relevancy of whole web back 10 years?

    Of course, we can all ignore Google but sad to say, Google has become so powerful, it’s not just them we have to worry about – but their mistakes, missteps and fallout.

  • max

    Google dont know what they do anymore, they run a ideological war against anyone who is not doing the kotau to them. They are not interested in any good content, only nonsense, manipulated links and what they call authority which is nothing but a pile of nonsense since it blocks any new and better content. I see EVERY day sites where nothing has done since 4 to 5 years in the top 3 because they made plenty of manipulated links 5 years ago, they rank top today etc. if google dont get back to real business they are gone within 2 years, trust me! today the only reasonable results come from yahoo et. al. they are also not perfect but at least no search trash.

  • http://darrenchaker.us Darren Chaker

    What’s interesting is the potential penalty for linking to your own site, but while in the same breath your site may be an authority site, thus you’d need to link to other inferior sites to not get penalized? Since Penguin, not much makes sense. Also, I agree with a post here, Google Adwords and results look so clouded. From top, side, and bottom are nothing but ads and page one gets clouded. Bing is much cleaner.

  • http://www.magician-4-hire.co.uk Mike

    It’s not black magic, just remember “Don’t be evil” with your SEO and you won’t go far wrong in Google’s eyes I guess

  • http://www.gbepackaging.com Bob Teal

    Between Google and filing taxes in every state of the union I cant think of a small business that would survive. First Google becomes the police of the internet and cuts traffic to us all and now the government wants us to pay taxes for every county and state in the US. All there will be on Gooogle will be bloggers, spam and large corporations. Good work Matt. They pay you for this?

    • http://cass-hacks.com Craig

      If you don’t like how Google determines ranking in their search engine, you are more than free to robots.txt out their crawlers.

      On the other hand, you could just not do anything against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and you won’t have anything to worry about.

  • http://wieldtheweb.com Michael

    There’s a huge problem when webmasters start worrying more about what Google thinks about their website than their own customers.

    Here’s some advice. To hell with what Google thinks. Grow some damn balls and build your websites the way you want to build them in a way that makes you money and is beneficial to your actual customers. Stop empowering google and empower yourself.

    • http://cass-hacks.com Craig

      The “empowering” has more to do with the “the sky is falling” syndrome than it has to do with actual fact.

      As you say, build sites for customers/visitors and don’t worry about it, which is pretty much what Google’s own webmaster guidelines say.

  • John

    The internet is NOT Google or any other corporation. Do what you want and stop worrying about it.

  • Janet Smith

    Google are not the Internet police, but it’s obvious they think they are. It’s not only webmasters who are getting tired of Google’s heavy handed approach. Teach your customers, friends, relatives and any one else who will listen, that Google is NOT the only good search engine and suggest they don’t use them.

    The only way to affect these over zealous megalamaniac style corporations is to stop using them.

    Personally I find DuckDuckGo.com to have excellent results and only go back to Google as a last resort.

    Do everyone a favour and walk away from Google.

    • http://twitter.com/geommm GEORGE Muammar

      Last I heard duckduckgo used Google search results anyway. I used it for a while and the results were not comparable to Google’s. I also believe that an alternative is necessary.

    • http://cass-hacks.com Craig

      Google isn’t the internet police, they just provide search results for their search engine.

      If you don’t like Google’s influence on your site, just use a robots.txt to prevent Google from crawling your site.

      Otherwise, quit complaining about free traffic.

  • Prashant

    I think Google should further water down the importance of links to stop this practice of interlinking of content to get the juice. Lately we are seeing people exploiting link building to gain seo. Nowadays, certain edu links from Russian .edu sites are being rampantly being used and that too successfully to gain page rank. Google should look into this practice strictly.

  • http://www.travelagentmumbai.com Samson Daniel

    I got lot of website owners asking for removal of links the fear was no doubt high and we did experience some website having drastic results just vanished overnight.
    If we have Good and quality links then nothing to worry.
    But my worries are from the competitors the Black Hat Trick SEO techniques they could deliberately link your website without your knowledge and you could pay the price.

  • http://www.mediatech.co.id Mediatech

    It’s very interesting, but (sorry) I don’t believe if it’s true

  • http://cass-hacks.com Craig

    So, is the sky falling or not?

    Google’s quality guidelines haven’t significantly changed since they were first published, people who follow them, or pretty much basic web common sense don’t have to worry.

    The people who have to worry are those that KNOW they have to worry because they are trying to game Google one way or another.

    Don’t play games and don’t worry.

  • http://www.iifpindia.com IIFP

    I have internal linking with my pages. Is there will be negative effect for this or not?

  • http://www.iifpindia.com IIFP

    is there are effect on site or simply penguin fear?

  • http://www.paarthinfra.com/ paarthinfra

    well, actually i liked the way to improve the work according google. because google makes my work great in the positive direction.

  • http://www.graciousstore.com Nina

    I don’t see any problem with linking to one’s own contents or site(s) if the contents are related. I think the problem arises if you link to your site(s) or conten(s)t for the sake of getting links even when the contents are unrelated

  • http://www.dogsshop.org Danny


    So often I would hear people saying that linking to your own sites(even between two sites)was a big “no no”!

    This does clear up that myth, and also shows a commonsense view that, linking across a mass of sites would be a totally different story altogether, and would definitely look like a link wheel..

  • http://www.usa-hero.com/ Don Jones

    I am concerned with Google’s practice to include arrow images with some web masters pages and not others. Google says it is using these arrows only for those web sites which have better content, I think. But I have been with Adsense for around 8 years and this was the first experience I had where found using the arrows really made a difference when Google had them on my web pages, maybe for 2-3 months, and then they took the arrows off and my ad clicks fell off significantly. I guess the arrow made the difference and I have to do some more work to get back in good graces.

  • https://www.speedvia.com speedvia

    Google has been trying to update, I believe he will do well, but for the sake of customers. Google in the global utilization rate is very high, but in China, but Baidu beat, in order to under more than one billion people in China, Google is doing something in this regard, he will be people have been believed. China has few global online shopping platform (speedvia, global AliExpress, Dun Huang network, eBay, ………..) are basically to do with Google promotion speedvia the world’s most expensive and Free shipping website. eBay is the most expensive. AliExpress pass something more, something relatively mediocre Dun Huang network.

  • http://www.sswebexperts.com SS Web Experts

    Hmmmm…… given right name to google….. a police engine

  • http://www.vackerglobal.com/saudi-arabia/maintenance.html vacker temperature monitoring

    google play its role of placing right website on right position, it is our responsibility to do right activity in terms of seo because google does,nt penalize for right work.

  • http://www.bloodygoodgames.com Soshi

    Does anyone actually give a flying damn about what Cutts says anymore? He’s a paid professional liar and just toes the Google line, lying about what Google is doing and what Google wants. I find it hilarious so many hang on his every word and are so suckered by this guy, especially as every month Google is now losing ground to Bing.

  • http://www.mac-seo-tools.com Glenn D. Bearsky

    Bring on the Penguin 2.0 update. The sooner the better. Let them whack a million more sites into invisibility and hopefully restore some worthy authority sites which got trashed in the 1.0 version.

    Google pretty much destroyed the Democracy of the internet and the ability of the MAJORITY sites to get seen based on the weight of their words. Their sadistic ‘punishment’ shift was sooooo indiscriminate it’s appalling.

    This Penguin 2.0 update needs to be MAJOR – I need to know which, if any of my sites get a reprieve and which aren’t worth typing a single word into anymore. The sooner they roll it out, the sooner I can plan a worthwhile strategy to move forward with.

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    I think, google has been trying to update, I believe he will do well, but for the sake of customers.

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    Good news, thanks.

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    I like google.

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