Google Glass Users May Use Eye Tracking To Unlock Device

    August 7, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Have you ever thought about how you might unlock your Google Glass, should you ever own one? After all, it’s supposed to be like smartphone for your eye, and you lock and unlock your phone.

We may have the answer in a patent granted to Google today. That answer, if it is indeed the route Google is taking, is eye tracking. The patent is “Unlocking a screen using eye tracking information.” The abstract says:

Methods and systems for unlocking a screen using eye tracking information are described. A computing system may include a display screen. The computing system may be in a locked mode of operation after a period of inactivity by a user. Locked mode of operation may include a locked screen and reduced functionality of the computing system. The user may attempt to unlock the screen. The computing system may generate a display of a moving object on the display screen of the computing system. An eye tracking system may be coupled to the computing system. The eye tracking system may track eye movement of the user. The computing system may determine that a path associated with the eye movement of the user substantially matches a path associated with the moving object on the display and switch to be in an unlocked mode of operation including unlocking the screen.

The following diagram from the patent explains an example process of how this could work:

Eye Tracking diagram

If you want to read a lot of patent jargon, you can do so here.

[via Hot Hardware]

  • Johnathan Blaze

    This is a nonsense patent and should be invalidated.

    Eye-tracking software already exists. It follows that a computer can then use eye-tracking functionality to do ANYTHING, be it “unlock” a screen, load a program. scroll through a list, etc.

    There is nothing novel about unlocking a screen, and nothing novel about eye-tracking software. Using eye-tracking software to unlock a screen is pretty obvious. Lets hope this piece of garbage gets shot down.

    • Allen

      Didn’t you hear? You can patent anything now, even if it already exists…

      just takes $

      …no seriously… the US is changing its patent law so that the first person or company to patent an idea owns it, even if it has been done previously by someone else or another company.

  • Fouad

    I hope this technology will be available to students at an afordable price to enable them to do research.

  • Fouad

    I hope this eye tracking technology will be available to students at an afordable price cost to enable hem to do research.