Google Glass May Come To Optometry Offices

By: Chris Crum - November 22, 2013

Google is reportedly in talks to create prescription lenses for Google Glass, and get them in optometry offices.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the company has been talking to VSP Global, a vision benefits provider, about doing so, though the talks are said to just be in the early stages.

It will certainly be interesting to see where this goes. It will probably help that Google has already partnered with Warby Parker.

Perhaps getting Google Glass into optometry offices will help fast track those Google contact lenses.

Earlier this week, Google launched some new developer tools for Glass:

Image: Google

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  • Yes

    Google glass really is only good for doing porn with your significant other. Really … come on America ….. you know that is what people think about when they see the product.

    The only other thing it is good for is spying on all the people around you. Who said George Orwell was wrong? He was just off by a few years. All those countries out there that we think are poor and under dictatorships will be more free than us in a few years. I am dead serious about this. Why do you think the NSA is increasing capacity like crazy (go out to their website and just look at what they are building)? They are increasing capacity to handle all the data and video feeds and to make sure facial recognition software can run on every camera connected to the web.


    I love these Google glasses and i want to buy them as soon as possible…. I am really getting crazy for them

  • geek news

    With Google Glass becoming more popular, it will be interesting to see what laws will be introduced to prohibit them in certain areas. I could see these becoming a big problem while driving or at a bar/club.

  •‎ Adam Zahler

    I have a client who is a Houston optometrist that Google has provided with Google Glass. They are putting Glass through its paces and we think there is definitely some really interesting possibilities with telemedicine. We helped them with an infographic on the subject of Google Glass and telemedicine and for anyone interested it can be found at