Google Gets OK To Delete UK Street View WiFi Data

Information Commissioner's Office more or less satisfied

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At least in the UK, Google may finally be able to put its recent Street View privacy gaffe behind it.  The company’s signed a commitment to improve its handling of data, and as a result, the UK Information Commissioner’s Office has given Google permission to delete the sensitive information it collected by accident.

The last time we heard from the UK Information Commissioner’s Office, it had decided Google breached the Data Collection Act, but chosen not to fine the search giant.  This new development is good for Google in the sense it ensures the ICO won’t reopen its inquiry at a later date, either.

The less convenient side of the situation is that some monitoring will occur.  The ICO said in a statement, "The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) will conduct a full audit of Google’s internal privacy structure, privacy training programs and its system of privacy reviews for new products.  The audit will take place within nine months of the undertaking being signed."

Google also had to recommit to the stronger privacy controls it outlined in an official blog post late last month.

GoogleAll in all, though, we’re sure the company will be happy to have this matter stop making headlines, and the ICO seems to have set a more than reasonable deadline for Google to get everything done.

Now Google’s Street View and legal teams just have to hold their breath while regulators in other countries make up their minds about how to proceed.

Google Gets OK To Delete UK Street View WiFi Data
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  • Frank Simpson

    Shouldn’t Google be deleting all their street view WiFi data in every country, I thought they were going to do this without a country having to resort to a court order? Google has no respect for people’s privacy.

    • Doug Caverly

      Google’s at least in part keeping the data so authorities can continue their investigations. As bad as things look now, it’d be worse if the company seemed to be covering up the incident.

  • http://googlefucks.wordpress.com/ Guest

    “sensitive information it collected by accident.”

    Agree, Google have no respect for privacy at all, no matter how “cool” they try to come across with new, yet pointless services, these will remain as a services used only by web masters, and web masters usually have AdBlock – I predict that MySpace will cease to exist in 5 years; not because of Privacy, but because they got their service base all confused – next Google’s services will eventually stop being used as its worsening reputation seeps in – I want a Google equivalent, a search engine that is good, and not so – well, corporate

  • http://fx-pot.blogspot.com/ Damon

    What a joke, Google is busy taking over the world, and someone is worried because some E-mails got mistakenly downloaded? Who cares… Have you seen the garbage you guys send eachother in E-mails? no one wants to read it, not even the person you sent it to.

    My space will die, you are right, because they are years behind google. Google wouldn’t even waste it’s money buying Myspace.

    No one will stop using google, we already have an name for the next generation, google heads. Because Google will be to the world what microsoft was to desktops in 1998 -a monopoly. They will have it all and run it all. But not just for desktops, for your life, because they are it making more fun than it is!

    Scary, but you know I’m right!

  • Privacy reasons

    A member of our household had gotten into trouble related to drugs and crime, we are just a nice family who had a troubled teen, and we wrote and wrote and TOLD Google of the DANGER TO US because of our name and private home being vieweable on GOOGLE EARTH and the Street View as well. I am disabled and housebound and so vulnerable
    SURE ENOUGH trouble from one of the people who tried to cause harm to me and our property as a result of our troubled teens activity, my property was damaged and an attempt to hurt me was made. So with all of this I have to contact the FTC and pay for legal representation that I cannot afford? And live with the servere anxiety that has been caused and following that incident, our home was robbed.
    THANKS GOOGLE who had SAID they wuold remove my street view, it is STILL THERE, and I have the emails, that they would REMOVE my home where you NAME has to be on the POST BOX on the ROADSIDE by law
    I was hurt and robbed and our property damaged after we had taken care to MOVE from the old area and not tell anyone where we had relocated.. You could not find us in ANY other search. Even the telephone company and police and town had helped us keep our information PRIVATE. What did I do that was s wrong? I became a victim of GOOGLE also.
    You SUCK.

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