Google Exec Page Turned to Chinese

Some Suspect Hacking, Google Investigating Issue

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Something fishy is going on. If you Google+Executives”>search for "Google executives" on an English-language version of Google, you may get a link to http://www.google.com/corporate/execs.html, which would be Google’s page where it has profiles for its executives (go figure). However, you may also notice that the text appears in Chinese characters.

As you probably know by now, this week, Google began redirecting its Chinese search engine to its Hong Kong site, where it remains uncensored. Reports indicate that the Chinese government is not too fond of this decision.

Google Execs Page Turned to Chinese language Guardian, who appears to be the first to have reported on the issue of the exec page, asks, "Has Google Been Hacked?" They also say they’ve informed Google of the issue, and a spokesperson for the company confirmed the issue’s existence, saying they are "now investigating" it.

That’s not exactly coming out and saying they’ve been hacked, but there is certainly plenty of room for speculation, as their has been around the Google/China situation at large since Google’s original announcement about the attacks in January.

It’s worth noting that if you go to Google.com, and follow the links: About Google > Corporate Info > Management, you will get to a similar page that is all in English. The URL, however, is slightly different: http://www.google.com/intl/en/corporate/execs.html.

Google Exec Page Turned to Chinese
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  • http://www.prominentseo.com Clark Schultz

    Google hacked? Google is taking on an enemy with unlimited resources and a long memory.

    Clark Schultz
    St. Louis, Missouri

  • Rich

    It’s in Spanish for me…

  • http://www.sitebyjames.com James

    Hey… let’s no forget… Goog is open source last I checked.

    I love open source. But by default it doesn’t mean it’s secure, nor does it mean a vulnerability found is one reported.

    Nobody pays anyone to make open source better. Not to my knowledge. That’s a huge back door wide open.

    This is really bad speculation on my part. But just saying…

    Time / Money / Quality

    Goog got lucky and ended up with Money and they had Time on thier side due to their resources. Perhaps the quality got loose somewhere?

    Not too many people want to spend days months auditing code, they want to make money and move forward.

    just my two cents…

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