Google Ends Picnik, Urchin, Needlebase, Social Graph API, Google Message Continuity

    January 21, 2012
    Chris Crum
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“Take heed! The ants have invaded.”

Picnik users will be familiar with all of those cute little picnic-related messages that appear while Picnik carries out various functions. Well, that’s the message that appears now, as Google prepares to shut down the service.

Picnik will be closing April 19, 2012.

In fact, Picnik is only one of a handful of Google products the company is shutting down. In a blog post called “Renewing Old Resolutions For The New Year” Google announced that it will be shutting down: Picnik, Urchin, Needlebase, Google Message Continuity (GMC) and the Social Graph API.

The Picnik team says on the Picnik blog:

Amazing photos are created in Picnik so we have launched a new feature,Picnik Takeout, that easily downloads your photos to your desktop in convenient zip files. You may also elect to copy your photos to Google+ where you can store and share your creations. You may request your photos at any time and use this handy tool as many times as you like until our closing date of April 19, 2012.

Premium customers will get a full refund within the week, the team says. Additionally, premium features will be free to all until the service shuts down.

On GMC, Google says, “In December 2010 we launched an email disaster recovery product for enterprise customers that use Google’s cloud to back up emails originally sent or received in an on-premise, Microsoft Exchange system. In the time since we launched, we’ve seen hundreds of businesses sign up for it. By comparison, in that same time, we’ve seen millions of businesses move entirely to the cloud with Google Apps, benefitting from disaster recovery capabilities built directly into Apps. Going forward we’ve decided to focus our efforts on Google Apps and end support for GMC. Current GMC customers will be able to use GMC for the duration of their contract and are encouraged to consider using Google Apps as their primary messaging and collaboration platform.”

Regarding Needlebase, the company says, “We are retiring this data management platform, which we acquired from ITA Software, on June 1, 2012. The technology is being evaluated for integration into Google’s other data-related initiatives.”

Regarding the Social Graph API, Google says, “This API makes information about the public connections between people on the web available for developers. The API isn’t experiencing the kind of adoption we’d like, and is being deprecated as of today. It will be fully retired on April 20, 2012.”

Finally, with regards to Urchin, Google says, “In 2005 we acquired Urchin, whose online web analytics product became the foundation for Google Analytics, helping businesses of all sizes measure their websites and online marketing. We’re fully committed to building an industry-leading online analytics product, so we’re saying goodbye to the client-hosted version, known as Urchin Software. New Urchin Software licenses will no longer be available after March 2012.”

In the same announcement, Google said it is also open sourcing Google Sky Map.


    Is google making a editing program for us?

  • http://picnik Stacey Silk

    Will Google create another photo editing program available? We have come accustome to picnik and enjoy the many features that we have not been able to find with any other on line program.

  • Gage R

    If anyone who excusively used picnik for photo editing (why???) needs another online program to try, you could try out aviary.com. Its little more complicated, but I like it better.

    • http://melissasaywhat.com Melissa Miller

      Thanks Gage! Picnik had a lot of stickers, fonts, frames and effects that bloggers used for their blogs. Ah, snap! I’m one of them. Aviary just doesn’t have those features.

  • http://www.LAokay.com Steven G

    Not really surprised that Urchin is being shut down. I mean who’s really going to pay $3,000 for a website traffic analyzer that’s basically Google Analytics, which is free. Not to mention that Analytics is updated with new features all the time and Urchin rarely came out with an upgrade, but once in a while. For which every new major version you had to buy another license for. Good riddance.

  • http://www.WickerWoman.com/blog Cathryn Peters

    I was not a heavy user of Picnik, but did really enjoy all their features and user-friendly program and am really sorry Google has decided to close it. Editing was a piece of cake through Picnik, even for the newbie. And since it was free, enabled many webmasters and bloggers to post fantastic pictures for their sites. Too bad, but we did enjoy the feature for was it five years?

    The Wicker Woman–Cathryn Peters

  • http://www.mdprima.com.my rj bindery

    Urchin is overpriced .. i’m not surprised..

    Bindery RJ