Google Apps Goes To India


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A country that's known for its fast-developing tech industry - and for its enormous population - should soon have improved access to Google Apps.  Google and Tata Communications announced a deal today that involves both Google Apps and India (for starters).

GoogleA Tata Communications representative explained in an email to WebProNews, "Tata Communications is partnering with Google to deliver the Google Apps portfolio of web-based office productivity applications to businesses in India."

That sounds promising.  Google won't exactly have to overcome a lack of awareness, since the spokesperson cited Springboard Research's 2009 finding that 95 percent of Asian organizations are familiar with SaaS and Saas-based apps.  India is supposed to be the fastest-growing market for SaaS in the Asia-Pacific region, as well.

Then here's another benefit of the arrangement: the representative wrote, "Tata Communications will eventually extend this partnership into other emerging markets around the world," perhaps including parts of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

And a major selling point of Google Apps is of course that it's supposed to represent a low-cost alternative to traditional IT solutions, making it more appealing in markets where money is an especially important factor.

Unfortunately, Google and Tata Communications didn't provide any sort of timeframe for the expansion, or disclose the details of the current partnership.