Google AdSense Alternative? Lijit Thinks So.

By: Abby Johnson - May 8, 2011

Not surprisingly, many businesses use Google’s AdSense platform to make money. It has given many publishers a tried-and-true monetization model to fall back on, so they can focus on the editorial side of the business.

For Google AdSense users, does it meet your expectations? Let us know why or why not.

Although Google has been very successful with its AdSense platform, it is known for targeting, primarily, large publishers. For this reason, Lijit Networks is aiming to provide an alternative to AdSense and reach out, specifically, to mid-sized publishers.

The company has provided publishers with audience engagement and analytics tools since 2006, but it added a monetization feature earlier this year. Since Q4 2010, transactions on the advertising platform have grown 74 percent. Lijit also recently closed a $10 million round of financing in order to expand its platform and compete directly with Google.

Todd Vernon, the CEO and founder of Lijit, told us that publishers, especially in the mid-sized marketplace, tell them that Google isn’t performing to its users’ expectations.

“What we hear, time and time again, is, ‘when there’s something wrong, I can’t get a hold of Google… they only provide me error messages… I can’t actually talk to a human,'” he said.

Because Lijit is reaching out to a niche market, it believes it can take on the advertising giant.

“At the end of the day, they’re [Google] vulnerable in this area,” pointed out Vernon. “Google’s not known for customer service,” he added.

As for how Lijit plans to take on this endeavor, Vernon said, “We just want to have more relationships with more publishers in niche content areas that we know how to monetize that others probably won’t do as good a job with.”

Do you think Lijit can successfully take on Google?

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  • Bill

    A good percentage of adsense ads aren’t relative to my content.

  • Websites Freeway

    Google Adsense works reasonably well for me. Being based in the UK, visitors are familiar with Google Ads and there are many UK businesses who advertise on there. I am not sure if Lijit would work for UK websites, but I might give it a try.

  • Jose

    Google is terrible with customer service, I had adsense on a couple of my site, I was playing by there rules and out of nowhere they just cancel my account with no explanation. Plus, the ads weren’t quite relative to my site as well.

  • Psychic Medium

    I run many websites and in my opinion, Google could use some competition. Many times adsense will show ads based on other things the user searched, not the site they are on and they see the same ads a lot. I have also noticed my ads take forever to be approved. Weeks sometimes. I agree with what Lijit says and I will be taking a look at them.

  • WebPortsmouth

    I have had bad experiences with Google AdSense and go out of my way to avoid them now. The ads were rarely relevant to my content and the payouts were below my expectations

  • top vps hosting

    Good one

  • Shane

    Jose, same thing happened to me as out of the blue Google cancelled my account! I had several sites running Adsense blocks. No explanation from them other than a hint about seeing a significant spike in hits on my sites and that they had refunded all of my accumulated funds from clicks…and I’ve played by their rules – even sent them a request to appeal and haven’t even heard back from them!

    In this appeal request I was proud to tell Google that a very good reason for a possible spike in traffic was that I had recently submitted my sites to Bing and Yahoo and other search engines!! Well DUH!! – having several search engines scan your new sites for the first time will hopefully bring in traffic!! Maybe that’s why I haven’t heard back from them – who knows but it’s been over 60 days with no reply. lol

    Until this action by Google, I was very loyal to them – now I’m reved up to join with their competitors & looking forward to helping any company knock them off the top!

    I now run over 30 sites by myself and will have approx 48 more by end of year – soon all will have Lijit ad blocks!!

  • Pam Solo pay per click (ppc) program for publishers is no alternative to Google AdSense. It is not even an alternative to AdBrite and most publishers know that AdBrite’s payouts are very low. is the king of low payouts. mostly pays 0.1 cent per click. ad system seeks to pay publishers the lowest revenue possible. Most clicks are not even paid the penny because they are labeled Fraud clicks or are dropped.

    Publishers, stay away from Don’t let them fool you with their contextual ads advertisement.

  • Vamsi@HoverPcHacks

    I don’t think Lijit can be an alternate to adsense, because adsense has a very good potential to make things. So, publishers/advertisers tend to work with adsense(even though they are too strict).

    The other is, there are many companies that claim they are the only alternative to Google Adsense, but that the fact is – they never reached.

  • Rakesh Mehra

    Add one more adsense alternate to the list. It provides really good eCPM

  • Ckyone

    Best network with i have ever worked!