Golfers Find 2 Bodies Near Tallahassee Golf Course

    March 27, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Golf is generally regarded as a leisure activity, something to pass the time in the sun while on vacation or on the weekend. So, when something as grisly as a shooting intrudes on such a leisurely activity, it makes the news.

The Associated Press is reporting that golfers at the Hilaman Golf Course in Tallahassee, Florida heard gunshots on Tuesday afternoon, around 5 pm. The golfers (bravely, I suppose) went to check out the source of the shots and found the bodies of two women.

According to a Leon County Sheriff spokesperson, the bodies were found in an area between the golf course and a nearby apartment complex. The names, ages, or descriptions of the victims have not been released, and law enforcement has begun canvassing the area for possible witnesses.

  • bren


    • Sean Patterson

      Typo corrected, Thanks.

  • http://yahoo.com Kevin

    So I’m aware that some courses still do not accept women as members but this seems a bit onerous……

  • dan

    Tough club they really enforce the rules. Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden! G-O-L-F

  • J

    “…when something as grisly as a shooting intrudes on such a leisurely activity, it makes the news.” ….so does that mean that if it didn’t intrude on a ‘leisurely activity’…it WOULDN’T make the news? Geez people, it’s a news story, not a harlequin romance novel.

  • http://yahoo kathy

    Some golf courses let girls play we don’t go at certain times as we wouldn’t want to hold up the party behind us if a bit slower. The language you can learn on some courses is interesting. Maybe those 2 girls weren’t even trying to golf but get away from killer and that is as far as they got maybe thought won’t be hurt if around others. time will tell now