‘God’s Bathtub’ Discovered By Scientists In Australia

    June 4, 2013
    Zach Walton
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I would imagine that God’s bathtub would be very big and very beautiful. That seems to be what led scientists to bestow the name upon a lake recently discovered in Australia.

Scientists in Australia have discovered a lake, now called Blue Lake, that has been unaffected by pollution and other man-made changes for over 7,500 years. It’s described as a 10 meter deep pool that’s perfectly clear.

So, where did the God’s bathtub come from? Speaking to the AAP, Dr. Cameron Barr said that the lake was like “God’s bathtub.” He added that it was “absolutely beautiful.” Part of that beauty comes from how the lake has literally remained unchanged after thousands of years.

Scientists are still in awe over how the lake has remained unchanged despite everything else around it changing thanks to gradual climate change and other factors over the past 7,500 years. They say that the lake is a “climate refuge” for freshwater life. It will allow scientists to observe what conditions were like thousands of years ago from a primary source.

The main concern now is preserving the lake as it is. One concern is that the lake will attract tourists who will undoubtedly introduce unnatural chemicals into the water. If they are able to preserve, the scientists think the lake could survive as is for thousands of more years.

Here’s where you can find the lake if you’re interested:

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    “Scientists are concerned about tourists lousing the place up, and want to preserve it. By the way, here’s a map, if you want to find it!”

  • Kale

    I was appalled by the same thing you pointed out! Responsible journalism at it’s finest…

  • Paddler

    Yep, give that journo a Darwin Award. Lazy writing.

  • Indrit

    We.., now that everyone knows there goes the “not changed for thousand of years” statement. There will be billionaires out there that will break all rules and restriction and land in there and claim what is wioerh it.