GoDaddy Elephant Killing Video Mysteriously, But Heavily Edited

By: Chris Crum - April 13, 2011

Since the controversy blew up around a video of GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons killing an elephant, the video has been edited heavily.

Should the video have been edited, removed, or left alone? Tell us what you think.

Parsons is still in the video, but gone are the series of stills of Parsons posing proudly with the elephant’s carcass (as pictured above). Also gone are various pieces of text and captions that appeared over the actual footage of the elephant being shot.

For example, the captions used to read, “Bob Parsons fires first,” then “Bob Parsons fires again. Both shots hit home. One bull is killed. The rest stampede out of the field unhurt.”

A caption that appears now, is, “The plan works. Only one bull is killed. The rest stampede out of the field unhurt.”

The video used to begin with the text, “Of everything I do this is the most rewarding. This video shows one typical night and day.”

That’s now gone.

Also gone is the incredibly bizarre use of the AC/DC song Hell’s Bells, which used to play over top of footage of the villagers slaughtering the elephant’s corpse.

Also gone are the close-ups of many of the villagers wearing GoDaddy hats.

This was all detailed when we initially covered the incident.

Parsons says he expected the backlash. He is quoted by a Fox channel in Phoenix as saying, “I kind of figured that this might happen. So be it, I’m not ashamed of what I did. All these people that are complaining that this shouldn’t happen, that these people who are starving to death otherwise shouldn’t eat these elephants, you probably see them driving through at McDonald’s or cutting a steak. These people [Zimbabwe villagers] don’t have that option.”

If he’s not ashamed, it seems odd that the video has been mysteriously edited to this extent. If it is just a matter of PR, it also seems very odd that GoDaddy hasn’t issued a press release on the matter. As of the time of this writing, Parsons has not tweeted since April 1, at the height of the media and customer backlash.

Since the video hit the web and the backlash began, GoDaddy’s competitors have been capitalizing on it, offering deals to customers who switch to their services. NameCheap also used the opportunity to raise over $20,000 for Save the Elephants. Venovix launched a “NoDaddy” campaign with a similar goal, looking to raise money for the International Wildlife Foundation.

Another interesting nugget that surfaced over the past week: The Baltimore Sun referenced an interview they did with Parsons last year, in which he said he had majored in accounting by chance, simply picking the first thing in the booklet. He is quoted as saying, “Had I opened [the booklet] backwards and become a zoologist, I have no idea what I’d be doing.”

Has GoDaddy handled this scandal well? Share your thoughts.

Chris Crum

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  • Jack

    What bothers me now.. is not that he did it.. or taped it.. but that somehow he still feels that what he did was a noble thing.. but then again obama got the noble price for starting wars.. so go figure.. the few that have the power sure think different then the rest of the struggling world.. makes you wonder is this a real world, or the world that the fortune 500 want us to believe in.

    • Jack is Naive

      Huh. What does a poacher have to do with Obama? What wars [plural] are you referring to Glenn Beck?

    • Roe

      Seriously, are you daft? Obama got the prize before he even committed more troops to Afghanistan. That was two years before this Libya debacle, which is not a “war” he “started.” Keep your posts on topic.

  • Mary Cummins

    I saved stills from the video. They are in the blog below.

    If Bob is not sorry for what he did, why did he edit the video? Why didn’t he just remove it? Notice he made sure the newly edited video had the same URL as the original video. People realize it’s not the same video.

    • Thom

      Why edit? Maybe because all the ‘holier-than-thou’ people who do drive through fast food joints and those nutty PETAs would be endlessly droning on like they know how all should be. By the way, what do PETA people do when their pets get fleas or kids get lice, protest on behalf of fleas and lice? Or are they just shameless species-ists like the rest of us?

      • Brian

        That’s like saying breathing is wrong because it kills bacteria.

  • Deepak

    So gaining cheap popularity by blood of another living being on this earth ?

  • Elephants are nicer than people

    This is almost comical!! REALLY ? Really parsons? Really? Wow you must think the world is made up of total idiots. You shot a very young adolescent female, now you realize your mistake and keep digging yourself in deeper to hide your lie. Or should I say propaganda? My only wish is for this elephant’s family to seek you out and get justice. I pity you and your Naivety

    • Thom

      Well, I will give you that elephants and rats both are probably nicer than you.

  • bycostello

    It an obvious thing, get wealthy Americans to pay to cull the hurd… good income for the country…

  • fineartmarcella

    he also has pictures of Zebra and a Gnu he killed, was there something noble about killing a horse?
    I read he has lost 200,000 domain subscibers, I am glad to say I am one of them!

    • Jann Mirchandani

      I never use GoDaddy unless the client is already locked in. They just have poor service. So those 200,000 subscribers are better off; even if the poor elephant is not.

  • Stephen

    If there is anything worse than a redneck thug, it’s a redneck thug with money.

  • Jon

    Beware the wrath of PETA! There may have been good reason behind dealing with a problem elephant, but the way in which the information was shared with the public is a laughable example of what not to do. I doubt it will have any noticeable impact on GoDaddy though.

    • Jon is Naive

      Problem elephant? The noble thing to have done was to shoot Mugabe – he is the reason why Zimbabweans are starving.

    • Brian

      200,000 domains is a noticeable impact. These “problem elephants” are a declining species that need to be protected, not shot as part of hunting trips for the fun of it. Parsons is helping black markets for ivory and other animal parts by rationalizing this.

  • Harsh Agrawal

    It has to be..Specially when user around the globe reacted against this killing..!! This is insane…

  • Maxim Dsouza – InoVVorX

    Power and fame makes you divine…. Cant help it

  • Tony

    It should have left unedited. Someone obviously has something they’re ashamed of

  • Lee

    Well he has lost my business. Someone should stick the rifle where the sun don’t shine and pull the trigger. What the human race is doing to this planet is disgusting. The human species is like a cancer eating away at this beautiful planet; soon there will be nothing left. Makes you wonder doesn’t it? if you get cancer that’s killing you, you go to the doctors in the hope they can kill the cancer feeding of your body, well who’s going to save the planet from the human cancer?

    • Joy

      Lee, Mother nature will take care of her own. As you can see by all the things going on in the world today she is working on it without any human help. There is a saying my grandmother use to say all the time “There is your plan and there is God’s plan. Guess which one doesn’t count” So leave it in God’s hands.

      • Thom

        I doubt Lee would agree with the Christian God. He has set the human race above the animals. Of course, while we are to be good stewards of the earth, the human race is plenty faulty and some have begun to worship the creation and not the Creator.

  • Robbie

    No, the company hasn’t handled it well at all.
    First of all, it was idiotic to allow the brand to be associated with something this sickening. If it is “shock marketing” as has been suggested by some, It’s too divisive. Marketing can be fun and daring, but only when you call the shots right and understand the audience. You want to make sure you only risk slightly upsetting a minority, not completely disgusting a majority.
    It’s interesting that he suggests he’s where he is by chance. And I have to agree. Because a real businessman with a genuine sense of branding, PR and customer relations would not have made so many pathetically stupid decisions!

    The fact that video has now been edited shows that this has hit them hard. But you’d think a company like that would actually UNDERSTAND THE INTERNET, and that versions of that video will exist in their thousands. I’d also expect AC/DC are taking legal action to have their soundtrack removed. They certainly wouldn’t support its use for something like that, primarily because they have a clue when it comes to their brand.

    He’s not a businessman, he’s an arrogant jock who struck gold completely by accident, and now he’s gonna loose it all because he doesn’t know how to run a business. A company needs more than a guy good with numbers, it needs people with a real sense of their audience, real ambition, a real sense of purpose. And as no one has stepped in to say anything, I have to wonder if GoDaddy isn’t run as a dictatorship.

    The only way the business will survive is if he is no longer involved, GoDaddy releases a statement to that effect, and then makes a considerable donation toward a global wildlife charity. In fact, they should probably reverse their damage and partner with a charity for an ongoing sponsorship. Then they MIGHT stand a chance of being around in five years. But as I don’t see any of that happening soon. I think they’ll continue to hemorrhage business.

  • Wayne

    Interesting that so many people not starving to death could care less how many humans will starve. And I’m not saying the elephants don’t have a right to eat either. In fact, I’m not picking sides since, like everyone else, I don’t really know much about the situation in Zimbabwe.

    That said, there certainly didn’t need to be any PR video to begin with. Parsons should have realized boasting about his efforts as being some great safari hero could also stir up unbelievable response that isn’t worth the time and effort. So I guess he just has to deal with it.

  • Jon

    No wonder the video now doesn’t show him posing next to the carcass – because that shot clearly shows it was not a bull elephant, but a young female.

    Check out

    • Health Reviews

      I am out of Godaddy too! I don’t want to finance elephant killing or any killing of endangered spieces.

  • Admin@HealthBlogumentary

    I can not understand why Bob should do this. While organizations are spending millions to save the elephants from extinction, Bob is reducing their number even if it is a single bull elephant. Does he understand how many baby elephants can come thanks to the bull? Or how long does it take elephants to breed?

    Men and elephants have been fighting for spaces ever since the world began. It is only a part of nature.

    If the elephants destroy crops Bob can certainly fire his gun into the air to scare them off and not to kill.

    • GlobalWebCo

      This is so appalling it doesn’t even deserve the press it’s getting! My children could not believe that this was even legal anywhere! I have had a pile of new customers in the last week that have discontinued hosting with godaddy and have moved all their domains to us. Not how i expected to get new business! His true colors are now showing. Great insight into his true character and ethics.

      • Shadowbratt

        Thanks for posting your web hosting site info,
        I am looking to move all of my business from GoDaddy also.

        • Elizabeth

          This is just wrong!
          It’s not his choice to take a life of an animal. If your looking for a positive alternative, HostPapa has a promo going on and will donate $5 to Save the Elephants!

          Use the coupon code “elephant” and they’ll also give you 3 months free hosting.

      • 1AnimalVsManyHumansWhoShouldLive

        Your children probably never have felt lasting hunger, either. nice to know you’re teaching them to value animal life over human. scumbag.

        i don’t care about his motivation, i care about hungry people being fed. his motivation could have been being molested by a man dressed as Babar for all i care. I like to see the hungry fed. One dead elephant, which if it was female can’t produce as much as a bull, so doesn’t matter, and in the meantime wholesale slaughter of the Majestic, Gentle Cow, considered sacred by some, in a barbaric fashion. really? it’s easy to tell who in here has once considered eating out of a trash can or lived on ramen, and who spends ten dollars on a thimble full of mud-water.

        i’m fortunate enough to have escaped homelessness. i weighed 103 pounds at age 22. people said i looked like a skeleton. when you don’t have an address to put down on a job app people don’t really like to hire you ; p (btw i was homeless because my veteran father, who worked with poisonous gasses, convinced that i needed to learn a life lesson lost track of time…due to six brain tumours discovered far too late, as a result of his work. years wasted, full of anger with him, not his fault. we made peace roughly two year before he died, when it was discovered. the doctors shook their heads and referred to it as a miracle that he lived past three months. age 18 to 22 was a nightmare of hunger, fear, and uncertainty, which i thank Jesus is over, and it is GOOD to see those people EAT. i would have ripped into it with my bare hands also ; p

        HostPapa then is also cashing in on the elephants death, so they aren’t any better. i mean, GoDaddy, HostPapa? you sure they aren’t related somehow? wonder how many people are trolling this thing for sponsors right now, though i think using the hungry for a campaign in such a way is wrong… “hey starving guy, wear this hat, eat some meat, i make a million dollars” lol wut?

  • Steve


    Hope others follow my lead

    Thanks for the take down. Will now transfer all my accounts to other providers FIRE THE COLD HERDED ANIMAL

    Did you know that Elephants have family values like humans what can we expect from an uneducated animal like Bob Parsons wait for it your FIRED or ROSINED

  • cv

    This bastard can try an justify what he did all he wants, with all his money why doesn’t he just buy these starving people food and supplies

  • vybixa

    This has been well blown out of proportions. Where is it that says a CEO (or executive) of a big company (and I am talking really big here with GoDaddy) can not go hunting elephants? There are even touristpackage just for this …. and if animal rights’ activists do not like that, then so be it. That Parsons went elephant shooting does not diminish his ability to run GoDaddy. If PETA and their like so prefer, they can hold him in “low regard / estimation”. As for myself, I think the man should be left in peace (if that is what he seeks) and resign with immediate effect. (Hopefully that contradiction spells out the nonsense that this “story” is)

    • Roger Uriarte

      You are absolutely right. He does have the right to hunt an elephant if he wishes and it is legal. I also have the right to transfer my 50+ domain names from GoDaddy to a company that doesn’t go against the grain of my own personal principals.
      Bye Bob!

      • vybixa

        Move your domains??? Please yourself and massage your principles no end (or was that supposed to be massage your principles in your grain?) Honestly, if something goes against my principles, I would more likely not publicise my intentions to whoever cares (or otherwise) to hear. But then again, my morals are difinitely not the same as yours.

        In the end, I am NOT against hunting wild animals in as far as the law allows, and neither am I vegetarian. In my opinion, Parsons did nothing wrong, and him editing the video shows he knows as much. If he is seeking a quiet life free of press intrusion from now on, I strongly urge him to quit right away, otherwise NO HARM DONE, NO LAWS BROKEN, just a few nosy so and so’s making noise.

    • Clint Butler

      Dearr God thank you for saying it, I was going to ask if all the people complaining about him shooting an elephant to feed a village have ever ate a hamburger, if you knew how they kill cow for your quarterpounder would you be as outraged?

  • chris

    enough already!

    what’s the big $%^#ing deal??? people hunt every day all around the world. a problem elephant was killed and poor hungry people were fed.

    deer are killed by the hundreds in eastern states, at night and even by hired snipers to get them out of farmers crops, and those deer are piled in ditches to rot. how about you all go cry about that for awhile.

    whining friggin treehuggers, leave the damn guy alone…how long ago did this happen and you’re still making a big deal about it?

    get back to work or go take care of your children because there are more important things in life than this damn video.

  • Paul

    I’ve never registered one of my 50+ websites with godaddy, and I’m not about to start now!!


    • Bob

      You should try Godaddy, it’s been the most reliable provider I’ve had, nothing worse than trying to reclaim your domains from a host/domain service that goes under! Besides, why is feeding africans a bad thing, freakin racists!

  • Jan

    So the bigshot rich white man comes in to save the poor villagers by butchering an animal and standing by proudly to watch as they act like a bunch of wolves fighting each other over the bloody meal. This makes me sick enough to move all my domain names and never use GoDaddy again. I can’t believe that man can be so stupid and insensitive as to put out a video like this. And this is the EDITED one! Thank god I missed the real thing. What a sick fork.

    • chris

      wolves huh? you’ll even insult the villagers? classy.

      i’m staying with godaddy until i’m the last remaining client and i win the prize for most loyal customer…an elephant hunt!

    • Joy

      Jan, Have you never been hungry? I can see being upset about the killing but to downgrade the villagers for wanting the meat? He was going to kill the elephant anyway so would you of rather seen the meat go to waist? I think you need to come out of your privileged upbringing and go to a poor country and live in the villages for a month and then come back on here and give your testament then. I would guarantee your words and your heart would be totally different. You my friend need not a day at the spa but a day of real life.

  • SEO Expert SF Bay Area

    Just spending a few days in Zimbabwe does not make you the chosen one to save villagers from famine by butchering innocent animals. In reality for him it’s another “sport” just like all those people who still believe that shooting an animal is a sport. The only reason a decent human being has to kill an animal is for survival.

    • Ditchie

      Another reason to kill an animal is because there are too many… lets start with mankind!

  • articles

    I cant believe some or lots of people cancel they account at godaddy, is the best hosting ever. Why not just buy food for the people instead of killing an elephant?

    • Panama Real Estate

      i completely agree. after all, what he did was not illegal was it? are elephants really endangered?(i mean other than the one he shot)

  • Tom

    I am out of Godaddy too! I don’t want to finance elephant killing or any killing of endangered spieces. What a dumb redneck greaseball loser Bob Parsons is!

  • Ustah b. Prowd

    Just another arrogant rich man playing God.
    If he’s so proud of what he did, why was the video edited?
    I think the original should be re-run as a public domain news article.
    The original video shows the true attitude of the man.

  • C barnes

    It’s interesting how little Bob Parsons, and his yes-men, understand the internet that they think replacing the old with the new will undo the damage. By now the original has been downloaded and disseminated all over the world. Of course Parsons can always say that video1 was edited to make Go Daddy look bad… yeah, people who watch Faux News would believe it.

    Thanks for the update. It’s really shocking how arrogant this guy is.

  • anthony

    i am witdrawing all my 30 domains from godaddy if he doesnt give the people in the village $100, 000.00 FOR FOOD. he has 10 DAY. Totally disgusting.

  • Leslie

    NoDaddy. BlowDaddy. Epic fail.

  • Chris Emond

    I think that this is a typical case of doing the wrong thing for the right reason. Parsons might have done it to help out the villagers but he didn’t have to gloat about it. I find it curious that he would as he admits, go ahead knowing he would tick off a lot of people. Could this be just an another case of a publicity stunt gone wrong?

  • Lynette Silon-Laguna

    I will no longer do business with GoDaddy because of this elephant video, although I have in the past! It’s sickening.

  • Mike Biddle

    I think Bob’s problem is that he is just a little arrogant and does not care what people think or how they react. Most people in America don’t understand how things work in other countries, so they are not going to sympathize with the people getting to eat the Elephant or not having the corn fields destroyed by the elephants.

    That doesn’t mean with he did was wrong it just means that he did not do what was best for his company.

  • searchen

    Maybe the video was edited out of respect for those upset about the video. Maybe out of respect for Peta or similar. Not everyone likes hunting, but genrally, its necessary, to at least some extent. As he said, they do not have a McDonalds over there, so what would you expect? If the video was edited, that was probably a good move considering the circumstances? No?

  • Arwen Taylor

    I agree. If he is not ashamed of what he did then why edit it? If he wants to do some PR repair, why leave the video up at all? I guess he got hit where it hurt the most. In his wallet.

  • james boggart

    I hope everyone commenting on this video is a vegetarian.. otherwise you havent got any arguement.

    no matter what you think or say.. you have no argument if you eat meat.

  • John Roberson

    Transfer all your godaddy account.. This guy is nuts

  • http://www.winecountrywelcome Jim Kelly

    It’s good Parsons didn’t notice how many crops the hungry villagers were destroying. We migh have had another slaughter on our hands.

  • Jostyn

    I moved my domains – never knew what an idiot Parsons was. I’ve been to Zim and I’m no shrinking flower but a rogue elephant is not one that tramples corn – it’s one that tramples villages and people. The cause of these incidents is the destruction of Zim’s game management system and the encroachment on game preserves by starving people.
    Bees’ nests mounted on posts are a simple and no cost manner of controlling elephants – they hate bees, sounds dumb but it really works.
    Apart from the unnecessary shooting of this and other animals, this neanderthal has put money into the wallets of an abhorrent regime that systematically tortures, murders and starves its citizens.
    I will be very disappointed if Patrick & others who lend their names to this idiot’s company do not speak out even if it may harm their sponsorship deals.

    • http://www.adtastichosting,.com Adtastic Hosting

      It’s just shock and awe. For every 500 people that leave probably 500 come on aboard. Here little hosting companies like mine that have been around longer than Godaddy and aren’t a mega-millionaire corporation but have nurtured and built our business one client at a time and are sensitive and caring people, nothing we can do will garner this type of publicity. Because we’re just too nice in whatever we do and “nice” doesn’t make good press. It’s a sad fact that harsh and brutal makes the best press and the good guy does finish last. But that’s the world we live in.

  • Judi Dressler

    When I heard about that elephant killing, I immediately looked into moving all 25 of my domain names from GoDaddy to a different company. To be proud of killing is wrong, no matter what. And to be proud of killing such a majestic and social animal – to fly thousands of miles away in order to do it and then boast about it – that’s disgusting. What he edited or didn’t edit doesn’t matter to me.

  • Alec Ward

    Parsons is scum. Never will I knowingly ever trade with go daddy. Is he now the most hated man on the planet.

  • Norja

    Why doesn’t he use some of his money to help Japan, if he’s so “nobel…”

  • Sage Norbury

    If he was proud enough of it to actually film and post it (with all the bells and whistles), he should have left it alone. When I recently complained to Go Daddy and dropped my business with them, their response included a line about Mr. Parsons doing this as a “private citizen”, not as Go Daddy. If that’s the stance they are taking, then they had to edit the film.

    Edited or not, it’s still disgusting. He has enough money to actually do something to help the villagers in the long-term, but I suppose that’s not glamorous enough.

  • Jennifer

    Would someone PLEASE find out how much he paid for this hunt? I think that would derail his entire story.

    • :-)

      I’d love to hear that he wrote the trip off as a business expense.

  • Bill abramovitz

    Parsons is the brand, which seems to be squarely positioned for 18 to 24 year old testosterone crazed cavemen. From their perspective this cruel stunt was probably spot on. There is no press release, because the press has already got the messag out and it’ has gone viral. I can hear the towel snapping and high fives from GoDaddy’s pr team from here. If you don’t like it, move your domains.

  • Hammy Havoc

    That is absolutely bizarre. I guess if you’ve got enough money, you can have anything edited online.
    My main question is ‘how can a corpse be slaughtered?'; You can’t kill something that is already dead.

  • mike

    It is completely outrageous to hunt elephants in America… not so in Africa where they’re a food staple. GoDaddy obviously realizes that the dualism between our lands is something many Americans do not appreciate. He decided to use that fact for shock value. The hunting was not immoral toward Africans or elephants, but the video was disrespectful toward Americans. It’s like eating a ham sandwich. There’s nothing wrong with that in a land where ham is a staple… until you make a video about how delicious it is and send it to a congregation of Orthodox Jews. If GoDaddy had done that, there would have been outrage… and they would have probably recast the video to be about how gentiles keep track of calories and serving size.

    • Huh?

      It is outrageous, and it is illegal to kill elephants on the continent.

      Do elephants really feel that it is not immoral to kill elephants?

      Can we see the other side of your chalkboard, Glenn?

  • Titus

    To quickly answer your question Yes, Bob Parsons has handled this well.

    Now here is why. Tweeting on the internet can bring a lot of flak towards any celebrity or a focused individual. Here recently the media has been using tweets to launch attacks on these people constantly throughout the day changing it up because of twitter. Celebs post it all out their no matter if it is a response or just a general idea, if your stuck in a position where the media is focused on you negatively they are going to interpret what ever you say, any way that they can. In order to create this sweet nectar called controversy for the general public to just suck up. And it works (Look at glen beck or charlie sheen) No I didn’t capitalize their names because frankly they don’t deserve it. Charlie isn’t winning and Beck well… he for sure as hell isn’t either.

    But the point here is Bob, and his general response to the media about how this community of villagers isn’t going out to a mcdonald’s or cutting through a steak. Its very fucking true. Open your eyes, if you think the kid next to you has a negative i.q. Imagine these people who have had no formal schooling such as provided to us free of charge in all of our communities. These people may have brains to solve the worlds greatest problems but we would never know. The simplest math problems to us they may not even be able to solve because no one has ever been to show them how. They have a certain way of life that gradually really still hasn’t changed in over 60-70 years. There’s no economy to speak of. The way these people live their lives because they are forced to is inconceivable. You should be disgusted with yourselves for attacking Bob over a subject as touchy as this.

    And as for the websites launching their launches to save elephants and such. Who really cares? I’m buying a domain name or hosting for me, not an animal who can’t code html or even type on a keyboard. I’m going to still use godaddys outstanding services and at that customer service. Both reps I’ve spoke two over phone have been delightful with me. I like Bob and his demeanor. He’s an intelligent guy, and although he may have been doing that for mostly sport himself. He truly did create an industrial style feast for that community. I’m sure they had a grand party that night.

    Imagine if you couldn’t go to walmart and purchase your bread. And the only bread you had has been growing for so many months and you’ve been tending your day and night on it for those months. And then an elephant destroys it all in a matter of 2 hours in the middle of the night. And everything you worked so hard on for months is now gone. Would you not be so f***ing frustrated that you just wanted to rip your hair out. Its not a case of aw your character just died in your gameboy game just start over. Theirs no reset button for these people. That is what they needed to live. Something we were all gifted with but most too greedy to see.

    And as for the video re-edit. Well I’m glad they weren’t little girls about it and pulled it completely, because the media would have shit on them for that too. So editing it was another well thought out choice by Bob. Not making moves to fast or too slow. And not over doing it either! Good Job! and Best wish’s

    Titus, 19 VA

  • SJackson

    I do not know if it is illegal to kill elephants or not in an instance where they are clearly ravaging crops. What bothers me is that if Bob Parsons “expected criticism”, why did he edit it after the fact? If he is really helping “hungry villagers” why did they let the feeding frenzy occur rather than having the animal butchered and give the meat out without having to watch hungry people fight for it?

    I agree with Jon, who said, “There may have been good reason behind dealing with a problem elephant, but the way in which the information was shared with the public is a laughable example of what not to do.” Though I would have used the word shameful rather than laughable.

  • George Hummel

    Parsons should be severely punished. I’ll never use godaddy again.

  • Aaron

    Shall we stop using Godaddy now? It makes sense, a man who do not have respect for animals, he is so cruel to kill an elephant does not deserve our support either.

  • Jason P

    Bravo for Bob! He did nothing wrong – it’s what we humans have been doing since the beginning of time – hunting and killing for food. Get over it people. Now back to the grill where I have some tasty critters.

  • Marcus

    These people against Parson are spoil brats sorry. There are more serious things to worry about in this world than an elephant that they kill there everyday over there and you know nothing about. Enough of this non-sense! Why don’t you people donate to feed the hungry or some third world country that has hundreds of thousands of kids dying everyday? If these Zimbabweans had internet and could read your messages, they will would just laugh at your silly posts. For them it’s like worrying about Snookie’s fat. You are spoiled brats. Your local Mcdonalds and Burger Kings should be taken away from you to see if you don’t kill elephants and endangered tigers at your local zoo. You have too much time on your hands! Leave that man alone please! Humans are dying over there of hunger! :-)

    • Can you say grammer?

      I am not sure why, but you come off as ignorant. I am sure you don’t realize just how unfortunate we are that you have the Internet.

      Why doesn’t Bob Parson donate some of his estimated 40 billion to Zimbabweans instead of killing elephants?

      • Che

        You are not sure why because you come off as illiterate. Can you say “grammar”? When ignorant like you run out of valid arguments, they usually start attacking other people’s grammar. Stop criticizing other people’s grammar and learn how to spell! People from all over the world participate here. How many languages do you know other than English? I bet none.

        Bob Parson rocks. He really should hire a team of mercenaries :-) and start killing more elephants there. Human lives are at stake.

  • Don

    Seriously, does anyone buy the he did it as a service to the people crap?

    B.S. He enjoys killing animals, the fact that it helped feeding people is just an added bonus.
    He posted the video ’cause he thinks any publicity is good publicity. He thinks it’s a win win situation. I enjoy killing an animal, I put GD shirts and caps on the villagers and take video of them, then I upload the video and get tons of exposure. How can I not do this?

    Hey Bob, maybe next time you really have the people fight over a piece of meat/food and throw in a few bucks to the winner.
    Or you could get a couple of homeless guys here in the U.S. Put a GD shirt and cap on each and them have fight while you take video. Winner gets lunch and $50 for his drug addiction.
    That’s sure to bring you a lot more publicity than killing that elephant.

  • Parsons has no scruples

    Bob Parsons has made TV commercials that were not permitted to be shown on commercial TV. In fact, GoDaddy has had many offensive Super Bowl commercials banned over the years, so illegal elephant poaching really should not be a surprise.

    Parsons is narcissistic, which is why he believes killing an elephant is noble.

    Narcissism is egotistical preoccupation with self, personal preferences, aspirations, needs, and success. Narcissists are vain.

    The question should be, why is it people do business with GoDaddy?

    • Roy

      Keep hating. You are envious of his success. It “stands out”.

      People do business with Godaddy because serious business people don’t mix emotion and business. All this “housewives coffee table/The View” rant is silly and frankly nobody cares about an elephant dying in Africa. People have more serious things to worry about in this world like paying their bills, finding money to pay the babysitter, find another job or stay alive and fed. The ones attacking Parson in my opinion are just a few weirdos with too much time on their hands and a steak on the BBQ. People whose personal lives are so messed up (and you know it, sit back and analyze your life) that they care more about animals than humans. Usually these people live alone with some type of pet. They grow weird, fearful of humans. Usually they don’t get out of their houses, likely depressed, and are very paranoid. If their pet dies, so do they.

      Can we please end this silly witch hunt against an honorable man, Bob Parson? He is saving lives! I’m moving all my domains to Godaddy right now. I care about humans.

  • Norman

    I had to laugh when I got a response from the supporting email I sent to Godaddy PR dept. They really don’t have a clue!

    My email is as follows:

    “Name: Norman I have seen the hate-filled garbage about Bob’s killing of a BULL, not nurturing female elephant.

    I guarantee that 99% of the people whining have never been to Africa or encountered an elephant in the wild.

    I have, several times. Both on foot and by Jeep.

    1. Bull elphants particularly are not some sweet Dumbo character, they are vicious and dangerous.

    I well remember being unable to approach a hotel pool as elephants had gone there for a drink and had too call the hotel staff to move them on.

    Also waking up to find a herd of elephants had left their “calling card” on our doorstep.

    2. Elephants are highly destructive, pulling up young trees and knocking over medium size ones. They are major destroyers of the environment.

    3. Of course they destroy the livelihood of subsistance farmers.

    Bob’s big mistake was not shooting the damn thing but expecting the ignorant and narrow minded public to agree with it.”

    THEIR RESPONSE (Obviously they did not bother to read my, or I assume others emails on any subject)

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Thank you for contacting us online subject.

    Thank you for your feedback and suggestion. As we highly value your new ideas, I will forward your information to our developers for consideration. Please feel free to e-mail us at any time with any further suggestions you have.

    Please let us know if we can help you in any other way.

  • Carol Wes

    Double shame on you Bob Parsons!! This was the last straw for me! I have had it with Godaddy and their sexist attitude towards women in general also. This elephant killing thing was the final nail in the coffin for me. I have bulk transferred over 200 domains and websites to Global Web Concepts using their bulk domain transfer system. Great company, great support professional services. I hope this in some way sends Bob Parsons the message that this kind of behavior is not tolerated and has it’s repercussions . Hopefully the rest of the world stops doing business with Godaddy as well!

    • ST

      Great idea!

      I’ll be transferring too.

      • Thomas Michel

        I can’t understand why people are getting so upset about killing an elephant. It was a free ranging animal that was amongst other free ranging elephants. The animal was destroying the villagers crops. The man killed one and it fed many. He is a hunter and performed a service for the people. Would it have been better if it were beef, pork, chicken, or fish? I think this all boils down to brain washed anti hunting sentiments. To feel more for a free ranging elephant than penned cattle or pigs makes no sense. Bob Parsons can rest assure that the business that my family does with GoDaddy will continue as it has within this #1 company. By the way if Bob is reading these posts I would like a free GoDaddy hat in camo.

        • MrAndrewJ

          I’m with you, I think a lot of the initial reports were too selective and divisive in what facts they reported.

          If Parsons was in fact on a hunting vacation then it is unlikely that he had any reason to bring of the alternative elephant deterrents. As a for-instance, most people do not pack beehives in thier carry-on luggage. Carrying promotional materials is common and smart for a business owner. I even carry materials for my podcast in my laptop case. It may seem evil to the uninitiated, but it’s almost as fun as it is useful in practice.

          Likewise, I doubt any of the other alternatives would have been available by nightfall. It’s 3pm right now where I am. I couldn’t get FedEx to deliver a package to my home 20 miles away before nightfall tonight. How was Parsons supposed to rush deliver deterrents to the middle of a third-world village in just a few hours?

          He had hours to act. He acted effectively given the hours to do so and the tools on hand.

          And so I think the answer to your question is frightening in its simplicity: people wish to feel superior. The fastest and simplest path to the illusion of superiority is to first cite the other party as “evil,” then use that stigma to justify a storm of hatred and destruction. Not only is this simpler than competing and out-performing the other party, but it provides the public reassurance of the avenger’s superficial superiority.

          The dissenters who are acting productively to help the villagers and the elephants have my full respect. Please, disagree with me if that is how you disagree. You’re doing great work. I only mean to examine the people whose greatest contributions are hateful slurs.

  • John –

    Why was the music removed? Guilty feet have got no rhythm, that’s why! As soon as this news came out, I moved two dozen domains away from GoDaddy and am actively promoting elephant and environmentally friendly domain registrars and web hosts. When people place orders through our links, we donate our proceeds to saving the life an orphaned baby elephant at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

  • Jose

    It´s a pity to me, because Godaddy´s provides a good service. I have several domains registered with them. I will not use them any more, I´ll change to
    Bob, you´re a killer.

  • MEZZ

    Wouldn’t gunshots alone have scared away the elephants?
    How ‘bout a fence?
    And perhaps Mr. Parsons would consider donating a sustainable source of food to feed the villagers instead of killing an endangered species.

  • Grey Olltwit

    It’s rather depressing to see the number of comments on here from those who support what Parsons did, meaning in the end, the video will have succeeded in having its original desired effect i.e. to publicise godaddy and make them more money.

    I’m no tree hugger but to compare the killing of an endangered animal to that of a cow for a quarter pounder is rather bizarre especially as we breed cows for meat and dairy products. If we bred elephants for food and there was plenty of them, the killing wouldn’t be a problem except to vegetarians, but we don’t and there are few elephants and they’re not far from extinction. When there are no elephants left…. well I guess that there are still a sizeable number of people who really don’t give a damn apparently.

    And as for dear Bob feeding the starving villagers, it wouldn’t have got this amount of publicity if he had actually given them food from godaddy rather than hats (or can they eat the hats). Interestingly enough, I seem to remember the video saying their wasn’t enough elephant meat to feed everyone in the village anyway. Parsons could probably have bought the whole village enough food for a week with what he has lost down the back of his sofa.

  • Damon

    Elephants have just as much right as we do to live a happy life on this planet. Elephants are mammals with feelings and thoughts and everything we do. I am digusted by the killing of an elephant and sad i am of the same species as this D___ Head. I think everyone who deal with this company condones it as your money goes to things like this.

  • http://webpronews Merryl Goldman

    This man is an idiot. Too bad the elephant didn’t stampede him. I hope he drops dead before he has a chance to go back and do it again.
    He is SO worried about the people of these villages…bull. There are plenty of ways to keep elephants from decimating crops. He just wanted to be a big stud and prove his manhood. We know he has a very little brain and now his lower parts are smaller.
    May he rot in HELL!

  • Rick the webmaster

    If there was a large animal visiting YOUR supermarket every night and destroying YOUR childrens food, you’d do something about it, wouldn’t you?

    Look at all those hungry people tearing into the elephant meat! And they still have corn as a side dish too.

    Good going Mr. Parsons, I am switching all of my domains over to GoDaddy shortly.

    • Thomas Michel

      I’m sorry for Bob that he was pressured to edit his video. Cow or Bull, still damaged the crops. The man is a hunting enthusiast and did a service for the people. I hope the next time Bob stands taller and prouder! Like the Frank Sinatra song goes…”I did it my way”. It’s a shame people are so childish to use this against .

  • My1Rx

    Hey Bob, With all of your money you could have supplied the villagers with big macs and steaks instead of shooting elephants. JP.





  • Domonic

    Parsons is just another new rich trying to get the next level high in life. Killing any animal in a controlled environment is just a true sign of the weakness of a persons true soul.

    I wonder how his porky butt would look “stampeding” away when some holiday hunter was shooting at him.

    Sad – but this such the way of those who think they are beyond the purity of nature.

  • Steve

    Boycott Bob Parsons and Go Daddy – Let’s make sure we hit him hard in the pocketbook so that the only elephants he can afford to shoot in the future will be at the zoo – and the only shots he will get will be with a camera. Lets quit allowing jerks like Parsons continue to exploit women and animals for his own sick pleasures.

  • Prosenjit

    All she wants is our happiness, and nothing else. It’s her day, and it’s our day as well, to thank for creating mothers to love us. When you say love, it’s her everlasting presence in every moment of your life, only to make every moment more heavenly than the last. Its time to shower all your emotions upon her. Visit for further details.

  • MicroSourcing

    If he isn’t issuing a public apology, the most he can do is edit the video as he did, since it’s clear that it offends people.

  • Disappointed

    If I didn’t have so many domains registered and hosted with GoDaddy, I would defintiely consider pulling my business after seeing THE ORIGINAL video. Shame on you Bob, for being such a proud killer.

  • Doug

    Jack, you’ve got to google search the origins of the nobel prize. Nobel himself was famous for creating something. Google it and find out for yourself. BTW – Leave Obama out of this. The man is just trying to fix the mess left by the previous president.

  • Jesse

    This video will have very little impact in regards to GoDaddy dominating the domain registrar business. Personally I hope they loose market share. I do not think they are an ethical company. In a previous post I stated my reason why.

  • ST

    How the rich spend their many extra tax cuts: Slaughtering things.

    And to pretend the villagers want this because we’re over here eating steak . . uh, not all of us eat meat, and he knows as well as the rest of us that you can easily forgo all meat and be perfectly healthy. This is, needless to say, a disgusting display of what rich people do to pass the time — destroying the environment and whatever lives in it. Hunting elephants is criminal.

  • Snerdey

    I don’t understand why it took a wealthy man from USA to go to another country to help solve an Elephant problem. To go back and edit the video is a classic clean up attempt. Mostly to try and stop the surge of clients leaving their services but the damage is done.

    Bob… Karma is a bitch.

  • MrAndrewJ

    AC/DC has been standing their ground against digital distribution for what seems to be artistic reasons. They or their representatives may have been responsible for the song’s removal — but that’s all speculation. It could also be that the band or their reps made the request for any other reasons.

    Again I see the insults, name calling, racial slurs, calls for Parson’s death and general hate. I’m still going to side with the guy who fed the hungry over the hateful mob.

    I am thankful for the people who have chosen to disagree with Parsons by their best efforts instead of their worst. Those of you acting productively may not share my perspective, but please hold your heads up high. I’m glad to see you acting properly on your principles. Don’t be dragged down by either my disagreement or the unprincipled sewage spilling from any side.

  • Dan

    What scandal? Nothing wrong was done. Elephants causing villagers crop damage, villagers also hungry. Elephant was shot. Life goes on.

  • jane

    I am trying to cancel all connections with Go Daddy- they make it extremely difficult
    this man is a sorry excuse for a human being
    makes me ill

  • Charlie

    Let the people die and elephants live! Better yet, tame the elephants and let them sit in your living room…because many posters can see the elephant anyway.

    Bob didn’t do anything illegal. The people of appreciated his hunt and kill – for that how many of them will live any extra day, month, or year because of the food.

  • SteveX

    The first religions were founded on the idea of giving respect to the spirit of the animals whose lives were taken for food. That is what is missing here – the animal is not being respected before or after taking it’s life. Perhaps the people who will make shoes from its leather and live for a day on its flesh will have more appreciation of what it means to take life from one sentient, intelligent being to give life to many. A gratitude ceremony at least? Save the Elephants – Feed the People!

  • RAaa


  • RAaa

    THis is a disaster