Go Daddy Nerd Sexually Harasses “Twilight” Star

    June 7, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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The nerd who forced us all to give a collective “Ewwww” during this year’s Super Bowl by swapping saliva with Bar Refaeli is in trouble this week after he accosted “Twilight” star Nikki Reed and forced a kiss on her.

Jesse Heiman says he’s been ordered to apologize and to cancel his appearances this week by his employer. No comment yet from Reed, but the video kind of says it all. Let this be a lesson to you: no matter how many Go Daddy ads you do, it’s still not cool to force your mouth on random women in parking garages.

  • Name

    Where exactly was the sexual harassment? He didn’t accost that woman.

    In fact, it looks all very staged.

    • Elizabeth T.

      Any unwanted advances, be it a touch, words or both is sexual harassment.

      • Name

        People making mountains out of mole hills.

        People see abuse in everything now.

      • Mark

        Elizabeth: Your words offend me;-P

      • http://kopimstsamfundet.ca Agni

        Please, visit Buenos Aires, with near 14 million people, is a cosmopolitan city. When you are introduced, men shake men hands and always kiss women on the cheek. After few meetings men will hug and will kiss women on both cheeks. They also can dance tango with strangers without leaving with them at the end of the night. Touching does not need to be sexual on its own.You have to have sex on your mind too.

        • Name

          I agree. Go to Italy, France, or Brazil. Heck, just go to Canada and you will see a difference.

          Americans have no fundamental concept that the rest of the world does not think like them. Americans are ultra-prudish and see abuse in everything. Especially those with an ax to grind.

          The reality is that this is a non-issue.

          • jeff

            Im an American and I fully agree with you! your 100% correct on that and it sucks!

      • jeff

        any wanted attention will turn even a joke into a turd! or some people with no personality will make a turd out of anything!

      • jeff

        what if he looks at you wrong? or rubs his eyeball when looking at you? Im sure you can come away with some type of negative belief or comment right??

  • jeff

    He shoulda just spit on her, thats what they are making it out to be anyway, sexual saliva baby! sexual saliva!!