Gmail Suffers Service Disruption Affecting Small Portion of Users

Josh WolfordTechnology

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If you're experience issues with Gmail, it's probably not your fault. Google has confirmed that the service is suffering a small "disruption" that is affecting a small portion of users.

Google first reported the service disruption at 10:25 am EST on Monday, saying that they were investigating reports of an outage. At 11:45 am EST, Google said that "the delivery of some messages is being delayed and attachments may fail to download."

They also said that it was affecting only 0.024% of the Gmail user base, but judging by the reaction on Twitter is may be a little more widespread than that.

Either way, Google says that they're on it.

According to the Google Apps Dashboard, both Google Docs and Google Presentations are also experiencing a service disruption.

Well, not exactly. But it does make things a bit more difficult. Happy Monday, everyone.

Josh Wolford
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