Glenn Beck Sued By Boston Marathon Bombing Victim For Defamation

    April 2, 2014
    Val Powell
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A Saudi Arabian victim of the Boston Marathon bombings is suing political commentator and radio host, Glenn Beck for defamation.

Abdulrahman Alharbi, a 20-year-old man who was wounded at the Boston Marathon bombings, filed the defamation lawsuit on Friday at the U.S. District Court in Boston.

After the Boston Marathon bombings, the FBI had identified the Tsarnaev brothers from Russia as the ones responsible for the attack. For Beck, however, this was not enough. Beck suspected that Alharbi was also involved in the bombings and even said that he is “a very bad, bad, bad man.” Beck also pressed the government to give out information on Alharbi or else he would expose him.

Alharbi, a student at the New England School of English, was a spectator at the marathon and was standing near the finish line when the bombings occurred. He was injured in the incident.

The police have already questioned Alharbi, and even searched his apartment before ruling him out as a suspect and reporting that he had no connection to the bombings whatsoever.

Beck called Alharbi a control agent for the al-Qaeda. “He’s the money man. He’s the guy who paid for it,” he said. Beck insists that three people were behind the bombings, and he even claimed that the government has named Alharbi as a “proven terrorist.”

According to the suit filed against Beck, he called Alharbi a terrorist, child killer, and murderer. These accusations have haunted Alharbi. He has been receiving plenty of messages accusing him of being a terrorist.

Alharbi said that he is forever changed because of Beck’s accusations. In an interview for Islamic Monthly, Alharbi stated that he has been getting stares from doctors, nurses, and the FBI, and he was wondering if they were looking at him because of his skin color, or because of the name of his country.

Beck has not yet commented on the issue since the lawsuit was filed.

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  • RodneyHaines

    This may backfire. Glenn NEVER has a morning meeting without his attorney present. And before Glenn breaks any news story, he always investigates and clears it with his legal staff.

    Beck isn’t saying much because he knows, and we know, that some very interesting details are going to be released in this court case. And IT WILL go to court. Beck will not settle because he has the goods on this man, I guarantee it. In fact, I predict this fella will drop the case and Beck will turn around and sue HIM.