Glenn Beck and Family Attacked in New York’s Bryant Park

A tearful Beck describes the events on his morning show

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Glenn Beck and Family Attacked in New York’s Bryant Park
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On his broadcast on GBTV this morning, a somber Glenn Beck tells the story of how his family was heckled in New York’s Bryant Park yesterday evening.

They had gone to the park to watch the Alfred Hitchcock film The 39 steps. Beck says he is a very big Hitchcock fan. Apparently, a group of people surrounding the Becks decided to act up a bit. Here’s how Beck describes the event himself –

It was a hostile situation…Long story short, somebody kicked a cup of wine intentionally on my wife’s back, so she was completely wet, our blanket was wet. As my daughter and my wife went to go to use the restroom, they were about, i dunno, a quarter of a block away I guess…some guy stood up and pointed their fingers at them and said “We hate conservatives here.”

People were taking pictures of my family. You can take pictures of me, make me into a monster, but please leave my family out of it.

Beck then references “one site” that’s “especially horrible.” It looks like he is referring to this Gawker article from last night. He says that they have put his family “in jeopardy in their own home.” He then references part of the commentary of the article that says “of course it’s a red white and blue blanket.” The Gawker post with the photos says that “they sat (of course!) on an American-flag blanket.

So did Glenn Beck just accuse Gawker of putting him and his family’s safety in jeopardy?

He says that when he left, the crowd cheered, and that nobody in the crowd told the hecklers to “knock it off.”

I swear to you I think, if I had suggested, and I almost did, ‘Wow, does anybody have a rope? Because there’s tree here. You could just lynch me.’ And I think there would have been a couple in the crowd that would have.

Beck tears up near the end of the video when he talks about his daughter. Check out the entire clip below –

Although Beck has a group of devoted followers, he is well known for making controversial statements. He recently announced a paid-subscription online service, Glenn Beck TV, that he described as “the future” of media. This move came after Fox News decided to part ways with Beck due to declining ratings and a loss of advertisers due to some of his statements on air.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m no Glenn Beck fan. But if what he reports is accurate, this isn’t good news. Hate the man all you want, but to accost him and his family especially is all kinds of wrong. And if his family was indeed threatened by a group of left-wingers, it’s no good for them either. Practicing what you espouse to loathe is hypocrisy. This kind of stuff happens on both sides, but it needs to stop, especially when people’s families are involved. Some on Twitter feel the same way –

One of my two least favorite media personalities, @GlennBeck did not deserve this: http://bit.ly/jOgVCf taw via @USRealityCheck(image) 2 minutes ago via TwitBird · powered by @socialditto

Thuggery is never right. Some may not like Glenn Beck, others love him, either way, I just can’t image Jeanine… http://fb.me/Qe3v9YWF(image) 10 minutes ago via Facebook · powered by @socialditto

Come one, people…let’s just stick to making fun of each other on the internet like good, civil Americans!

Glenn Beck and Family Attacked in New York’s Bryant Park
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  • Kristie

    How disgusting that Americans of a different opinion feel it is their rite to do this type of thing to other Americans in OUR FREE COUNTRY, while espousing “tolerance and love.” You HYPOCRITES! You are pitiful and totally un-American in your behaviour.

    • Shirley Serious

      Americans didn’t invent hypocrisy; I’m pretty sure that’s an innate trait passed down from the ancients.

  • Yeah sure

    Is this how people are supposed to act? Physically attack anybody that says things that you dont like? Sounds like the people in the U.S need to start thinking about their actions before they act because frankly this sort of thing is very shameful.

    • Johnny Angel

      Now you know how gays feel when they’re out in public.

      • Yeah sure

        So your saying liberals and gay bashers are guilty of the same things? Intolerance? But I thought libs were supposed to be so tolerant and so openminded.

  • Norman Adder

    We are cowards in this country. Especially the Liberals, the media And the left. Utter yellow bellied cowards. We ought bow our heads in shame for this baseless act if cowardice.

  • G7

    What is this world coming to?…..especially, the people in the US. This is pure EVIL. I’m ashamed. Glenn Beck is correct in saying we need to start focussing on civility. Proof of that.

  • Max

    Liberals are typically wannabe thugs, always looking for something to be angry about. They are always angry. When they outnumber you, and feel they can get away with it, they’ll do anything to start intimidate, even if they don’t know what they’re angry about. This Glenn Beck story is typical what you can get away with as a cowardly leftist. It’s equivalent is drive-by shootings, car-jackings, black panthers at the polls and suicide bombers. Takes lots of guts. NOT!

    • Joe

      And you base this statement on what?

      • Johnny Angel

        Hateful conservatives attack gays all the time. So now you’re claiming to be innocent?

        • Rufus_T_Firefly

          He’s either feigning innocence or boldly announcing his cluelessness. Personally, I think it’s both.

  • riiiight…

    what do you expect to happen when you go out in public, glenn? have you seen your show? you spout fear hate and intolerance and you’re surprised that people hate you right back? give me a break.

    • http://www.ientry.com/ Josh Wolford

      Like I said in the article, I’m no Glenn Beck fan. But if everything he’s saying happened, you have to agree that hating his ideas is one thing, accosting his daughter is another.

      • riiiight…

        yeah cause beck never goes after the family members of people he doesnt like… http://johnkingusa.blogs.cnn.com/2011/05/12/glenn-beck-acting-out-of-line/?iref=storysearch
        he’s just reaping what he’s sewn.

        • Cam Steele

          “what do you expect to happen when you go out in public, glenn? have you seen your show? you spout fear hate and intolerance and you’re surprised that people hate you right back? give me a break.”

          Dont direct your rantings at the supposed source, but attack those they love close by. I know of an Extremist interpretation of a religion that does that! Real Heroic!???! I have loved the US and visit many times on business and holiday, but never have I seen the decay in society as I see now days and its getting worse….

          • RUSerious

            Really, what fear, what hate and what intolerance? Not sure what country you from, but your right about one thing, US is becoming decadent, people turning into, “what about me”, “I deserve this”, instead working hard for themselves and earning their way.

          • n flora

            you must not watch glenn beck. he is never hateful..just states facts and people like you dont want to heat facts because your minds are made up. and if you want to talk about hate just listen to the sarcastic, hateful remarks on mnsbc and others. we christians are called crazies, idiots, stupid, etc. i dont know you but i am 77 years old and a ministers wife for over 50 years and you are very,very wrong! just read your bible and believe me everyone will stand before an angry god soon…very soon…then we will all see. o yes i forgot liberals dont beleve in a God. sorry..

    • RUSerious

      Are you serious, how is making fun of someone on the radio the same as what happen in the park? What other proof do you have where Glenn is spreading fear, hate and intolerance. Why don’t you listen to his broadcasts and learn for yourself instead of getting it from 2 bit side kicks.
      I admit, I listen to him and I actually enjoy his programs. I also watched Keith Olbermann and Ed Schultz to see what they have to say. One makes you think while others just talk without any real substance.

      • http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2011/06/new_yorkers_turned_on_glenn_be.html glenn beck = hate

        ive listened to his radio show and watched his tv show many many times. he sickens me with his hate. anyone who can listen to that man speak without being offended can do so because they agree with him and are just as hateful and ignorant as he is. just like crazy people dont know they’re crazy, bigots are never aware of their own bigotry. go back to your cave.

        • Rosa

          how many times and for how long have you really watched his show…or its that you are just repeating the talking point that you are fed everyday…like a robot…robot…because you have no brain….sad, your right of voting should be taking away…just saying

        • http://hittheroad.com Belle

          @glenn beck =hate
          Seems you’re a bit of a hypocrite aren’t you?
          Ahem, try this on.
          “I’ve read ‘glenn beck=hate’s’ comments many, many times. He/She sickens me with his/her hate. Anyone that can read his/her comments without being offended can do so because they agree with him/her and are just as hateful and ignorant as he/she is. Just like crazy people don’t know they’re crazy, bigots are never aware of their own bigotry. Go back to your cave.”
          Your argument is weak at best.
          FYI I took it upon myself to correct some of your errors I couldn’t help myself, you need to learn how to properly space after sentences & capitalize at the beginning, just a little advice. Also your statement about “crazy people” is incorrect you shouldn’t comment about things you have no knowledge or education about…it reflects poorly on you.

      • Rufus_T_Firefly

        I agree. Glenn Beck has no substance.

  • Helen

    somewhat off topic – it is considered profoundly disrespectful to the American flag to place it on the ground – and then to sit on it? You’d think Beck, who claims to love the flag, would know a little more about the appropriate way to treat it. Even though it isn’t an actual flag, it depicts the flag, and I find it incredibly offensive that he put it on the ground and then put his big, greasy butt on it. But, I would die for his right to do so, and all forms of political speech, even ignorant ones like he spouts.

    • Cam Steele

      “it is considered profoundly disrespectful to the American flag to place it on the ground – and then to sit on it?” You would hate Australia then – Aussie flag beach towels, car seat covers, bead spreads, blankets underwear, etc. Carry it with you is patriotic! Cant believe how Anal the US is becoming.

  • KayTX

    You, moronic New Yorkers — SHAME on you for not having the courage to stand up to your bullies! To stand around and watch the assault of fellow Americans in an American city without making the slightest attempt to stop it…… You are not only stupid liberals electing idiots like Wiener, you are cowards and disgrace to the nation.

  • Yeah sure

    So your saying its ok to harass people and their familys in public because you disagree with them? I hope you understand when its you and your family that are being harassed or worse because of your opinions.

    • http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2011/06/new_yorkers_turned_on_glenn_be.html glenn beck is a liar

      if i ever put my family in danger by saying the kinds of bigoted, hateful and intolerant things beck says on the air, i would deserve whatever i got. if i saw a member of the kkk or the westboro baptist church or any other hate monger out in public being harassed i wouldn’t feel sorry for them either. beck is not just a pundit with conservative views. he is an evil, evil man.

      • Yeah sure

        In a just and free society you would not be able to put your family in danger just by saying things. Get it?

      • http://hittheroad.com Belle

        And you are an “evil, evil, poster” Do you realize how demonic your argument is or are you paid to be a bigot online? I don’t like what he has to say so poor behavior is fine? Written like a true Nazi, it is attitudes like yours that start holocausts. Guess what? I agree with Mr. Beck! Are you gonna harass me too? What if that doesn’t work (I’ll never shut-up)? You gonna beat me up? Threaten my family? Kill me? It’s nice to see the mask come off of folks like you, the good people of the world will reject you, you racist bigot.

      • Becky

        Quote “if i ever put my family in danger by saying the kinds of bigoted, hateful and intolerant things beck says on the air, i would deserve whatever i got.”

        yes you would deserve whatever you got… your family however would not deserve it!!!!

  • max mahnanrov

    Sure, thuggery and harassment is never acceptable but knowing Glenn’s history of making things up is there in fact any evidence that these events did occur? I of this no where else.

  • max mahnanrov

    Sure, thuggery and harassment is never acceptable but knowing Glenn’s history of making things up is there in fact any evidence that these events did occur? I’ve yet to hear of this anywhere else.

    • Steve


  • Laurie Burnell

    Josh, thank you for being a decent man and standing for good behavior. I am sorry this happened to Glenn and his Family.

  • Zenya Peterson

    This is really, really sad all though I am not surprised. This is a typical left leaning tactic. The so called tolerant were not very tolerant last night were they? Hypocrites. I am sorry Glenn.

    I really wish that people writing articles would check the facts instead of basing their writing on what the left leaning media spews. Glen Beck is NOT parting ways with Fox News because of low ratings. He has been talking about this new venture of his for over a year. Glen is working on another project with Fox News.

    • Yeah sure

      They have to say that Glenn Beck is being fired or else they would have to admit to themselves that they really didnt accomplish anything with their boycot and that they really dont have as much pull as they thought.

  • Helen

    at least one person claiming to be an eye witness is stating that Beck is lying. Check out update on

    I hope Beck is lying, it would be a shame if liberals started adopting conservative tactics that they decry.

    • RUSerious

      If you believe this, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you

  • teresa zundel

    Can you file charges for assault?

  • Steve

    Has the New York Ritalin supply dwindled since O’care was passed? Looks like the ‘kids’ are getting cranky! Time for Glenn to do what he does best…throw an “I Love New York” (with all it’s pimples) Party”!!

  • Maura

    Mr. Beck and his family have every right to enjoy an evening in the park. Those who heckled him and took pictures of him for the reason of having them posted on a website that would make fun of him should be ashamed of themselves. Regardless of his opinions, he is human being and therefore deserves respect. I find it amusing the so many who claim so support diversity can’t allow someone who holds a different viewpoint than their own to sit quietly with their family and enjoy a film. What is happening to our great country?

  • Louise Wilson

    The people who took part in the Bryan Park trashing of Glenn Beck and his family don’t belong in a decent society. All it serves to do is further divide the American people. Imagine how this appears to the rest of the world.

    And, where were the police during this event? Oh, I forgot, this happened in New York City where they did away with trans fat, sweetened drinks, smoking etc., but trashing Glenn Beck and family is quite O.K. Disgusting, absolutely disgusting.

  • Wakjob

    Neilsen ratings is now controlled by foreign Indian workers. Google “How Oldsmar got global influence”. They got Lou Dobbs off the air for his opposition to immigraton, then they got Beck off the air. They get anyone off the air who even TALKS about immigration. Odd anyone who mentions immigration on the air has their ratings go down by a foreign company run by foreign workers whose only agenda is to get more of their own people into the USA to effect a takeover.

    As for the libs, they are tolerant only of their own views, not of others. And like all good commies, they resort to violence when they can’t win. No wonder libs are becoming the laughingstock of the USA.

  • http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2011/06/new_yorkers_turned_on_glenn_be.html glenn beck is a liar

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Just a quick FYI -saw your article on Mr. Beck and his numerous FALSE claims about the way that he was treated at Bryant Park last night. Myself and several of my friends were seated immediately behind Mr. Beck & co (have pictures) and I can tell you that while the crowd was certainly not *thrilled* that he had shown up, his family was left completely alone, and for the most part he was too. Conversely, it was his security detail (two body guards) that seemed to be unnecessarily prickly with the crowd, scolding myself and my friends for acrobatics and other harmless activities taking place well before the movie started, and contributing to a considerably less relaxed atmosphere than is typically experienced during BPMN (I’ve been going for about six years now).

    It was my friend that spilled the glass of wine on Tanya -and I can assure you that it was a complete accident. A happy one, to be sure, but nonetheless a complete and utter accident. As soon as the wine spilled (and I question how Tanya became soaked from a half glass of wine) apologies were made and my friends pretty much scrambled to give Tanya & co napkins -no doubt aware that it would look terrible and that their actions could be perceived as purposeful. No words were exchanged after that, as I think that it became pretty clear to Beck & co that my friends and I were doing everything in our capacity to help clean the “mess”.

    I’m sure it’s unnecessary to point out the hypocrisy in Glen’s statements that we were being hateful. I can assure him that we don’t need his sympathy. Incidentally, none of us have made a career of “spewing hate” on the radio, or any other media platform. We live our lives intolerant only of those who don’t tolerate: We have chosen New York as our city for that very reason. We do things like go to Bryant Park Movie Night, and vote to legalize gay marriage. We don’t taunt Glen, or his family. And we certainly don’t waste our wine, even on Tanya.

    Thanks, and please let me know if you have further questions.

    Lindsey Piscitell

    • RUSerious

      If you believe this, I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

      • http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2011/06/new_yorkers_turned_on_glenn_be.html glenn beck is a liar

        if you believe anything that comes out of becks mouth you really can’t be helped. i tune into his radio show as often as i can stand to and he’s worse than a liar, he’s truely deranged.

        • Rosa

          you are sick…get some help.

        • http://hittheroad.com Belle

          @glenn beck is a liar
          Why are you such a liar and bigoted racist?

        • Vic

          It people like you who gets me worried about America. If you think Glenn is a liar and deranged, you really need some serious mental help. Make sure you look both ways before crossing the streets. There are these rectangular things called “cars” that can kill you. You can be more stupid because you can’t.

          My mother used to tell me, when the king caravan passes, the dogs bark. Glenn is the king, you are one of the dogs.

    • Leah Washington

      Aren’t you coy to give names, etc. Personally, if your gf would have spilled wine or anything else on me, she would have been sprayed with pepper spray, but it would have been an accident and, then, I would have turned a flip. How’s that? I’m so glad you voted for legalized marriage of gays. A bit too much information and, no, I’m in the middle. I’m not to the right or left. I think they are both screwed up. If you were assisting Beck and Co., why didn’t you take photos? I’m sure it would have been a great time for a photo op.

    • Leah Washington

      What does voting for legalizing gay marriage have anything to do with movie night? You are odd.

    • share


  • Guilford Robinson

    We have just his word for what happened. All the pictures that were shown showed people at the park minding their own business. They appear to be pictures his own people took themselve. He is trying to get sympathy for himself since his popularity has declined and he is being fired from Fox. I didn’t see anything spilled on his wife’s white sweater. If this did happened, wouldn’t people have filmed the action with their cell phones?

    • Yeah sure

      Why would a gang of people harrasing a family take pictures of themselves harssing them. Maybe people from NYC learned something about photographic evidence from Mr Weiner.

      • Leah Washington


        • Yeah sure

          Its funny because its true. They will try harder now to cover eachothers butts or whatever.

  • Leah Washington

    UNBELIEVABLE!!! What has this world come to??? Glenn should get his wife pepper spray such as I have on my keychain and she should have sprayed the bastard in the face. Unacceptable behavior. I feel for the family as it was suppose to be a nice outing. I’m sorry it happened. If I was sitting next to them, I would have taken up for her and sprayed the guy in the face with my spray. This is a different world. Growing up in the 60s and 70s was a much nicer place.

  • Leah Washington

    Again, I have two words — pepper spray. I doubt if the idiot would have spilled wine or any other liquid on another individual again. Obviously, she was drunk enough to not be able to tolerate her liquor.

  • Tom

    He is a complete jerk and a total liar. He encourages this type of behavior towards anyone who disagrees
    with him. If someone disagrees with he calls them “Marxists” and “Communists”.
    He has no problem lying about other people and saying things like “we’re coming for you” and “my time is
    like god’s time and I’ll get you in my time.”
    Look at what he did to Megan McCain, which he refuses to apologize for. It was just as bad as what
    happen to his family. He expects people to feel sorry for him and he tries to use his family and way to get
    sympathy and attention.
    What a slim ball! If anyone should be angry, it should be his children and his wife, towards him for lying and
    inciting this type of behavior. Glenn stop using the crying angle and using your family to get publicity. You are pathetic!
    Look at the link below to see the behavior of his “followers” at the “Restore Honor” Rally

  • Richard

    “If what he reports is accurate”? Well, that would be a first. Was there independent confirmation of any of his version of events, or is this another chalkboard fantasy conspiracy? Maybe the squirrels in the park were secretly agents of ACORN, too? I mean, squirrels, ACORN, it’s so obvious — if you’re Glenn Beck.

  • alberto

    hey, you reap what you sow..this big mouth bigoted idiot can get on television and insult people and be so direspectful to people , protected by the big screen, but is ironically appalled that when mr hot shot goes out in public that the same crap gets thrown back at him? good for him. he should learn a lesson from his own stupdity.

    • Manning

      Typical brainless and idiotic liberal response. What insults idiot? Who does he insult? The communists? The corrupt people in this administration? Van Jones? Glenn is fighting for your right to post the crap you just posted. You probably don’t even watch him or Foxnews. You just heard from other liberal morons that hating him was the right thing to do.

      Families should left out of it no matter what side of the aisle you are on. Your type won’t learn your lesson until all your freedoms are taken over from you; until your Mcdonalds disappear from view. Then you’ll take to the streets to burn tires and cry like sissies. GRAB A BRAIN IDIOT!

  • LD

    I can’t believe this. I won’t vote for Obama again.

  • Mary

    Two black males shouted “Obama and black power rule!!!” after spilling wine on Beck’s wife. When Beck stood up to help his wife one of the black males said, “We hate white conservatives here! You are not welcome here! GO!!”. I was there behind Beck.

  • Joe

    Now I despise Glenn Beck, but I’d never want to do him harm. Even though I certainly do not agree with his opinions one bit he still has a right to them and to act in just a way is disgusting.

  • Becky

    Quote “if i ever put my family in danger by saying the kinds of bigoted, hateful and intolerant things beck says on the air, i would deserve whatever i got.”

    yes you would deserve whatever you got… your family however would not deserve it!!!!

  • http://www.discharges.org dick durger

    liberals are a bunch of pussies. also fuck glenn beck. i hate you all.

    • David

      This coming from an internet tough guy, i’m a liberal and have been an infantryman from 15 years, i’d like to see you come to our base here in MO. and call us liberal soldiers pussies.

      • Carl

        How do we know you are liberal soldiers? You wear something special to set you apart? I thought soldiers in our Armed Forces were American soldiers, not liberal, not conservative, not anything but defenders of our great country. You sir, are a disgrace and don’t know what being an American soldier is about…

        • Rape Face

          Yeah you get em! rape face carl! loser F@@@@t

  • damyankee1968

    I would have smashed some heads if I would have been there…
    If liberals don’t like our country and its true americans patriots…
    They should move to a different country….we want New York and
    California back anyways leave you freaks…..

    • David

      Lol liberals don’t like our country, are you serious, my entire unit except 2 are liberals, us liberals are fighting so your weak ass can act tough on the internet, so don’t generalize all liberals as hating America. Spell American with a capitol as well, such disrespect for the spelling of a country and its people. See i can do it to.

  • Rosalee

    Not surprised anymore
    There can no longer be any dialog without personal attacks.
    Sad for our nation which purports freedom of speech.

    • Rape Face

      your so right, when one person acts like an idiot all america suffers! man ur so smart and cool! u make america look great! Now please sit still and allow me to RAPE UR FACE ;-)

  • jamie jackson

    The man is a public figure – he has spent his whole career fostering intolerance, fear and hatred of the “other”. He has an enormous megaphone to voice his “thoughts” every day. Average Americans only have the chance to respond to him when he dares venture out in public. It was entirely appropriate, in a democracy, to take the opportunity to express to him the effect his views have on others. As the cliche goes, birds come home to roost. As a public figure, you cannot “choose” when you are a private citizen. The public sphere is the only place our voices can be heard by these media elites. Let him hear it loud and clear. Perhaps he might have a sense of just how much hate he is fostering.

    • Greg

      You have officially blurred the lines of freedom of speach…violence and intimidation have no place in your freedom to speak your views. Speaking your mind is a right, attacking other Americans for their beliefs IS NOT YOUR right. No American should be attacked for his/her beliefs, no matter how different your views are from theirs. If you want to speak your mind, get up on stage or find a microphone and have fun. Attacking a mans family is a terrible injustice in a public place. You are a biggot and a hypocrite and don’t understand your rights at all. If you want to discuss politics and debate with a person whom your views differ, by all means, speak your views. Attacking and assaulting a poor woman and her daughter with hatred, violence, and words of vitrol all while backed by a group of thugs is cowardly and primitive. You make me absolutely ill with your extremely uneducated and closed minded views. You should be embarrassed with your core values and ethics.

      • Sara

        I could not agree more!

    • Edward

      Since when does respect for our Country and the constitution constitute intolerance? The only thing conservatives are intolerant of is the ignorant left supporting a “president” who has done more to damage our Country in 2.5 years than Osama Bin Laden ever dreamed of. Look at the left’s every move and you can see more and more people out of work and the middle class eroding along with our freedom. Unreasonable search – don’t forget it is Obama who called the shot to let federal workers grope young girls and even children-there is digusting for you!.

  • Garry gage

    wow, so Glenn Beck is surprised that people would hate him and that he cannot be out in the publics eye with his family. Nobody can once you hit a certain popularity, especially a controversial role. He should have known better. He should probable have body guards. He certainly can afford it. Elvis would get mauled, presidents have had security and still have been shot at. this man is a radical concervative that even fox news cant handle. Get over it and think before you take your family for a stroll in a park in NYC. I definately would not have taken my family out with the media attention Glenn Beck attracts.

  • amy

    As a man sows, so shall he reap.

    Or something like that.

  • JimS

    If I hadf been there I would have ripped those left wing pussies throats out.
    Bullying Bolsheviks, your time is coming in 2012.

  • Emily

    Glen Beck is on of the most digusting human beings on tv. He brought it on himself. His constant racist remarks as well as other offensive statement has caught up to him no one wants anything to do with him.

    • Sara

      you are so wrong. We can agree to disagree. Nobody brings this sort of intolerance and hate on themselves. You only say that so you do not have to be responsible for your actions. And that is what is truly disgusting, the fact you feel horrible actions such as described are not their responsibility. What is wrong with you????? Liberal or conservative we are responsible for our own actions. PERIOD

    • Edward Manship

      Disgusting? Disgusting, don’t you just hate it when people can’t handle their self loathing and project it on other?

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