Glamping: It’s Like Camping, Except, You Know, Glamorous

    June 28, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Glamping is apparently the latest craze amongst the young, hip, and wealthy. As you may already have guessed — and if you did, treat yourself to another roasted marshmallow — glamping is a combination of camping and glamor. Instead of going into the woods, setting up a tent, and enjoying all of that nifty nature around you, glamping suggests that you bring all of the modern luxuries of city life with you into the wild. Purpose: defeated.

In other words, if you like the idea of camping but hate the thought of getting dirt under your fingernails, glamping might be right up your alley. Alternatively, you could aways just rent a hotel room and stare out the window. It’s essentially the same thing.

Since I’m old(ish) and out-of-touch with what the kids are doing these days, I stupidly assumed the glamping was sort sort of forbidden dance crafted by someone with a large supply of bath salts and a lot of free time. In reality, glamping is just a silly way to hang out in the woods, one that happens to be supported by pop sensation Justin Bieber. In a recently interview with Love Pop Magazine, the boy wonder discussed his love of glamping.

“You sleep on a bed. It’s a mattress bed! In a huge tent with TV and everything. You have electricity and stuff but you’re still in amongst the wildlife. It’s pretty cool,” Bieber explained.

Apparently Bieber isn’t the only glamping enthusiast in the world. According to Canoe Travel, a Canadian camping website, glamping is ideal for those individuals who really aren’t into “nature”, as it were. The site describes this peculiar activity as being “perfect for discerning travellers or any would-be camper nervous about equipment or the elements, it combines the comforts of modern furniture, electrical lighting and, in some cases, chef-prepared gourmet meals with the simplicity of camping.”

In order to broaden my horizons on the subject, I turned to Twitter for some 140-character insight. As fate would have it, apparently a lot of people are a little perplexed by the activity. Enjoy some of their reactions to this seemingly pointless outdoor adventure below.

All apologies to you glampers out there. I’m sure you’re incredible people.

  • beast

    An old saying,
    “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.”
    lets update that…
    “If you can’t stand nature, stay out of the forest!”

  • jof

    It would just be another dumb phrase that faded away if it weren’t for articles like these making it more popular.

  • L’Ange du Bayou

    Y’know, I am older these days. I’m in my mid-forties. I genuinely enjoy getting out in nature and fly-fishing for trout, or redfish, or tarpon, or bonefish. I also like camping out in a huge Sibley/bell tent on a real, honest-to-goodness mattress so my back doesn’t hurt from getting poked by rocks and twigs all night. This “Glamping” that you belittle so readily ain’t such a bad thing. It’s a comfortable way to enjoy an evening’s rest in the fresh air without waking up achy and smelling like bear-scat.

    To say that it isn’t real camping, and is only for those who are less outdoorsy than you, is akin to me saying that if you use anything other than a 5wt flyrod with silk, double-taper flyline and hand-tied dry flies then you are only a hack pretender who just doesn’t get the essence of fishing.

    Lighten up. At least folks are getting out of the house. Now go eat your granola and pass another stool resembling wicker furniture, ya danged environmentlist-elitist wacko!

    • Chris Parham

      It is the age old joke of blue collar versus white collar. These people on here who are complaining are pretty much blue collar people. They work hard, typically getting dirty, bloody, and sweaty to make what I think we all can agree as honest pay, which is anywhere between $10.00 an hour to $30.00 an hour. On their weekends, they will go camping with a tent and an air mattress or regular mattress and will enjoy hiking, fishing, swimming, smors, and camp stories around a fire. Now, lets compare that to glamping. These idiots who are going glamping, do not catch their own food, do not hike, do not swim in rivers and lakes, do not have camp fires, and do not have any stories to tell. So, these hard working, blue collar, respectable people see glamping as nothing related to camping, just a bunch of rich idiots who found a new way to blow more money than they ever should have received.

  • http://yahoo.com Bill

    This is the same idiot who referred to the Sistine Chapel as the Sixteenth Chapel.

  • ja webbis

    if i had enough cash to be able truck my bedroom out into the forest I would rather “hangover it” in Vegas!!

  • nicole

    I might do this if someone else would set it all up. I have never been actual camping and truly would never do such a thing as roughing it to me means a hotel sans room service and spas. Seeing nature might be nice if one could do so in the safety and comfort of one of these contraptions. I always maintained that nature was best viewed from the interior of an air conditioned vehicle. I definitely did not descend from pioneer stock.

  • alex

    i always considered a hotel with bad room service camping

  • Paul J

    What a bunch of total losers!!! This is so typical of the young people today…too lazy to do anything that goes above and beyond…dumb asses…truly!!

  • Bill

    So that’s what its called now. I thought it was RVing. I don’t miss the insects, rocky ground and high temps. I do enjoy a well cooked meal, cold/hot drinks, a comfortable bed, a real bathroom and satellite TV. I do think that A/C and a furnace (for the winter)is really grand.

  • Kim

    Glamping? Is that like clamping for the rich people? Hmmmmmmmm

  • Kelli

    Yep, it’s RV’ing! Honestly though, I love camping, but I’ve always been partial to Really big tents, which keep the nature at a safe distance, can hold my inflated air mattress and still have room for all of my outfits. TV is a bit of a stretch though. If you’re worried about missing Jersey Shore, maybe find another hobby.

  • http://www.takasimagallery-blogspot.com magdalena

    in indonesia we call it : jungle tracker.

  • AmrcnGirly

    Well this photo is very misleading, I camp….and I have camped in canvas tents, a teepee, a pop-up camper, a cabin-type (netting all around structure), structure with canvas over it, with a cabana outside that held my stove, small fridge (after removing items from cooler, and shelves. The idea of ‘glamping’ to most of us is not necessarily this photo, but to spice up your existing camping location with some finer things, i.e…..a mattress instead of a cot or sleeping bag, round outside table with lights strung up, and the like. It’s just making your camping existence a little ‘homey’ while still having a fire, smores, playing a volleyball, going fishing, taking a hike, swimming…..whatever you feel like! Lighten up people.

  • Mike

    Camped out, Tents, Hiked Roughing it! Even Camped in my CJ-7 with a tarp! that was luxury.
    Hope nature in its glory chews them to ribbons ! Wolf’s,Bear, Coyote,
    even Squirrels take a bite out of them ! Nature finish them off please!
    REI gear does not give you the right, Damn I turned Campgster!

  • beastmom

    If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.
    Don’t glamp and ruin it for everyone — stay home on your camo couch and watch Big Foot Sasquatch man, Red Necked Wife Swap or whatever tricked out wilderness show is your fave.

  • suzie smartazz

    Camping involves roughing it in the woods like they did in the 1800’s many had no choice but to camp, when they were building a home, or when they were traveling. They didn’t have soft plush beds, toilets, or much of anything. Camping, it is what it is. Today people think they are roughing it if they went without all their “TECH TOYS”

  • http://yahoo mark

    You know, it’s when you have a fetish. And extra money.

  • M


  • cynthia mulliniks & allen bergeron

    ok thats it i give up my hands r in the air cant get more stupid