GLAAD is Not Happy About A&E’s Duck Dynasty Decision

By: Erika Watts - December 29, 2013

The folks at GLAAD are not pleased with A&E’s decision to lift Phil Robertson’s suspension from Duck Dynasty. The network suspended the head of the Robertson family “indefinitely” after he made remarks about homosexuality in a GQ interview that many perceived to be anti-gay. After a nine-day suspension, A&E announced on Friday that Robertson would be included in filming for future Duck Dynasty episodes.

After GLAAD first heard of Robertson’s comments in the interview, which included calling homosexuality a sin and comparing a woman’s vagina to a man’s anus, the group asked A&E to consider severing their ties with the duck hunter. “Phil’s decision to push vile and extreme stereotypes is a stain on A&E and his sponsors who now need to reexamine their ties to someone with such public disdain for LGBT people and families,” GLAAD spokesperson Wilson Cruz said.

Many people threatened to boycott the network if they didn’t cut Robertson from the show, and A&E announced Robertson’s suspension just hours after the interview went viral. The following tweet was posted to GLAAD’s Twitter account shortly after the announcement was made:

As it turned out, there were quite a few people unhappy with A&E’s decision to suspend Robertson–more than one million people joined a Facebook page to support the man, and a petition was started asking A&E to bring Robertson back that received thousands of signatures. Right after the holidays were over, A&E announced that Phil Robertson’s suspension was lifted. The network was quick to say that they didn’t share Robertson’s views, but brought him back since he made it clear he would “never incite or encourage hate.”

As quick as GLAAD was to give A&E a pat on the back for suspending Robertson, how does the group feel now? Not “happy, happy, happy,” that’s for sure. Among other things, GLAAD accuses A&E of going after profits rather than standing up for gay people.

“Phil Robertson should look African American and gay people in the eyes and hear about the hurtful impact of praising Jim Crow laws and comparing gay people to terrorists,” GLAAD said in a statement. “If dialogue with Phil is not part of next steps then A&E has chosen profits over African American and gay people—especially its employees and viewers.”

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  • Butthurt

    Shut your freaking cocksuckers, and crawl back in the closet where you belong.

    • hipcritesexist

      3 percent of the US population is identified to be homosexual. A whopping 57 percent of 330 billion Americans are idenitified to have committed adultery in marriage as reason for divorce. In gods word this is punishable by DEATH (Levictus).

      State by state your losing.
      And what I typed above it exactly why.

      I mean cmon dude he said one hole not many just because it offers more. GO kill yourself. It’s gods word. Just sayin…

  • Doug

    GLADD; let it rest. You’re giving them too much free publicity and the more publicity the more people are going to watch, and in return makes these idiots richer. Stay on the “Down Low’ and let it ride. It’s ONE person’s opinion and fortunately his doesn’t count. I agree, however, his comments were disrespectful, and if he had said this in the workplace he would have been fired, however, Reality TV and $ speak louder than words.

    • just me

      Obviously its not ONE persons opinion. Have you been looking, listening, or reading anything at all about this? This didn’t happen on his job. This was a set up interview, with the interviewer knowing exactly the answer he was going to get. The only thing that makes this news, is the HUGE response from people who share his opinions. The reason it is posted all over the web is because we, meaning, conservative Christians have been showing tolerance for your lifestyle, yet when one of our own speaks his opinion, you try to crush it, and it backfired.. LOL. You want tolerance? Maybe you should practice what it is you preach………… Get thicker skin, and move along. Pushing this issue is obviously not going to go in your favor.

      • hipcritesexist

        Says the mirror that more importantly says, “We already won”.
        Unless while this was going on UTAH just over turned the ban on gay marriage Mrs Sheeple.

        You got OWNED.
        A small battle was lost. The war you are clearly losing.
        One state at a time.

        And here’s why:

        3 percent of the US population is identified to be homosexual. A whopping 57 percent of 330 billion Americans are idenitified to have committed adultery in marriage as reason for divorce. In gods word this is punishable by DEATH (Levictus).

        It would seem to me if you started making opines and focused on yourself you’d make alot more headway! That’s why it looks like single things out becuase in your world 3 percent is greater than 57 percent to support your hating causes.

        Suck on that and get thicker skin yourself hippo.

  • Mairim

    Money talks. Do you GLAAD folks REALLY think A&E would let that cash cow go away? I’ve never watched the show and never intend to. But enough people do watch, and they spoke loudly…A&E folded.

  • Aron

    All two employees at GLADD are mad???? Who gives a sh_t! Look and see for yourself

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    I cannot believe people today!! Oprah spit out her venom about old white people that need to die off because we do not like Obama. If she can speak that freely (along with other obama fans, everyone has a write to freedom of speech. And that means everybody, not just Opral, Glaad, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and etc.!!!

    • hipcritesexist

      The louder you spew hate the more you hurt your cause. Where have we heard that before? Hipocrites the whole lot of you.

      AE made a mockery of the church and its hating along with some posters in here. You all look really BAD to a majority of Americans. I hate to tell you that.

      Your not winning anything focusing on 3 percent of the population of the US when 57 percent of it should be executed for adultery according to the Bible itself. And it is VERY CLEAR that adultery is punishable by death.

      So keep yapping we’ll keep slapping. There’s nothing you can do your argument of using biblical reference in court falls so flat were all laughing at everyone of you.

      Unless your prepared to start executing yourself because that hole just offers more. I mean c’mon dude practice what you preach go kill yourselves. It’s gods word. Just sayin.

      And the courts agree!

  • ex-sell69

    After reading both sides opinion, I have to say: 1) How are these people celebrities? 2) Both sides need better representatives… Of course, if people believe in something, censoring it because of political correctness doesn’t change anything! They’ll still believe in there ignorance, they’ll just won’t repeat it out loud (no, that’s what they use the internet for)… I mean, think about it: Did you really think that the same people who think it’s a “sin” for a woman to be a single parent, would then accept homosexuality? Of course not! But in the end, there are no right words that will change everyones opinion, people have to do that on their own. And as for this “controversy”… It’s not the first time someone spoke out against homosexuality, and it won’t be the last either. Why? Because the media loves attention and crazy people, and the world is filled with crazy people!
    Sing it with me: If you’re insane and you know it, but in you’re life you couldn’t show it… If you’re insane and you know it, do all three: (shout) Amen! Clap your hands! (once) Stomp your feat!(once)

  • Rob D

    Take that news and stick it straight up your asses GLAAD. Look if you want acceptance from the masses then you must not create waves over such trivial matters. I personally don’t believe in their religious views just as I don’t believe in your chosen life style, but you do have to know that there are way more Christians in the US than there are gay or lesbians. And the media and Jesse Jackson should also shut their pie holes since it is obvious Christians are not racists. Hail freedom of speech!!!

  • sheila

    What organizations like GLAAD seek to do is to silence those who practice their right to freedom of speech and squelch those who don’t conform to the leftist/liberal agenda. Last year, GLAAD speech-squelchers issued a blacklist of 34 Christian commentators they wanted networks to ban how is that fair