Gingrich Calls Romney “Nuts” Over Obama Comments

    November 19, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Newt Gingrich sat down for a political roundtable discussion over the weekend, and one of the topics was a highly controversial comment Mitt Romney made about President Obama and his campaign during a conference call with donors.

“What the president’s campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition, give them extraordinary gifts from the government, and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote,” Romney said of this year’s election.

Indeed, the voters in question didn’t take kindly to the accusation that they were bought, and a firestorm of controversy was aimed at Romney for implying that the election was something of a bribe. Newt Gingrich, who has been an outspoken figure in the presidential race, said the comments were “insulting”.

“I just think it’s nuts. I mean, first of all, it’s insulting,” Gingrich said. “This would be like Walmart having a bad week and going, ‘The customers have really been unruly.’ I mean, the job of a political leader in part is to understand the people. If we can’t offer a better future that is believable to more people, we’re not gonna win.”

To some, the comments seem to reinforce the idea that Romney, along with others in the Republican party, “despises” the American people, and that by picking up where his “47%” comment left off, he isn’t doing himself any favors even now that the election is over.

  • http://2011Tax.org Steve

    Gingrich is still upset that he lost in Florida and couldn’t get any additional funding for his lousy campaign.

    I think Romney is referring to Hispanics who got the executive order a month before the election and then came out and voted 75%+ for Obama.

  • J Harold Smith II

    Romney is RIGHT – American voters were “Bought” by the Democrats ! The “MOOCHERS” abound in the USA ! The GOP is stupid and has lost my vote forever! Who is John Galt? Just let the “producers” overpower the “takers” – just let the “moochers” suffer !! My plan – total selfishness – no contributions to GOP or civic groups, maximize tax deductions, bartering (if possible), limit expenses, voluntarily reduce my standard of living, aggressively take advantage of US Government “handouts” to increase US Government expenses, sue anyone I can – especially the local, National government – all in the name of hastening the inevitable “failure”
    of this Government and it’s slide into “oblivion” !

    • http://Huffingtonpost J Colley

      You are so wrong. My friends, family and over half the country voted for Obama. I pay my taxes, I work hard and I have never mooched from anyone. We voted for the President because he has teh right ideas to move this country forward and not hand everything to the rich few like Romney. Romney had no idea how the middle class lives their lives. There might be a few people that mooch from the govenment but they are republicans as well as democrats. Romney lost because he is Romney and for no other reason! After all the remarks he has made after the election, it just proves he is a spoiled rich kid. I am sure he is crying on snobby Ann’s shoulders says “I was suppose to win. I am special”.

      • TJ

        Romney lost the election because almost half of the population in this country gets entitlements of every unimaginable type. Who pays income tax in this country? The top 10% of wage earners pay over 80% of revenues collected. That way, the people who abuse the system can continue to perpetuate raping the “system”. The US is on a crash course with European socialist governments like Greece and Spain, where the big question is what can the government do for me? Pathetic that Obama can get reelected with his Horrendous track record. Can’t blame Bush anymore.

        • http://yahoo. Frank

          My poor friend I am from one of those so called european countries you just tried to sound so knowledgable about.
          England to be exact. I have lived in Spain travelled and worked vastly thorough out Europe and I would love to know where you get these facts you state. I suggest you stop watching “FOX NEWS” and a lot of other ill informed media whose sole purpose is to poisen your minds fill it with non facts and thus throw a lot of you into fear and hysteria.
          It stands to reason that no matter what you implement it will always have those who choose to abuse. I can assure you that extreemly strict measures far heavier than what you even think are put in place to prevent not only this but it comes with a hefty prison sentence attached. If you believe that our governments are simply going to give hand outs without stict measure then you are indeed sadly mistaken and indeed a rather poorly informed fool.

        • jeannie-jo

          Why does everyone hate rich people? We should all want to be successful in life financially and with our values. Its like someone works hard,buys a beautiful house,car,has a great family life and the crazies burn the house,steal the car and kill their family! Learn to love not hate. Learn to think for yourselves and take care of yourselves. NOT TAKE!!!

      • Skim

        You’re right that you and half of Americans voted for Obama. That only means that those who voted for him really failed by not educating themselves of the facts. Believe the mainstream media and you’re LOST! Most liberals can’t face the TRUTH they could learn on Fox News. When the words came from Obama’s own mouth, and months or years later he says womething else….you don’t have to take anyone else’s word for it. He sent billions of stimulus money to other countries. How many job can that create here? Why couldn’t he have been a leader and told Harry Reid to bring a budget to the floor of the Senate for a vote? Why did they have to vote on Obamacare to find out what was in it? Because no one would vote for it if they knew what was really in it. The cost of it will fall on the backs of small businesses and the middle class. I suppose you like the high gas prices of the last several months, and the rising costs of groceries, electricity etc. I find it impossible to understand why anyone would think what Obama has done for this country is good. You all continue to call Romney a snob and how he only wants to look out for the rich. How poor do you think the Hollywood celebrities are? That’s who Obama likes to hang with. Here’s a news flash for you….he does NOT give a crap about the middle class or lower income people. He will give and give to get everyone dependent on the government and they will be the first to die when the government goes bust, and they no longer get their handouts. They won’t have money for food, heating, clothes or healthcare. Then where will they be? People need to be impowered to help themselves and to learn to stand on their own two feet. The next generation is set up to fail. Most of the young people today are lazy and just looking for a way to keep getting everything handed to them. They can’t stand to be uncomfortable for even a minute. It’s that instant gratification that they live for, and most parents continue to nurture their “give me, give me, give me” addiction! As for always saying Republicans are for the rich, there are rich Democrats as well as Republicans. Remember the Kennedy’s Rockefellers, Kerry’s…..so wise up puppet’s, and learn to control your own strings!!!!! Democrats are just playing you for the fool’s they think you are. Put your trust in God and no one else!

        • Lynn

          Finally…someone who understands what is really going on in this country. Well said and true !

        • http://yahoo ez4u2say

          Bravo!! there is still a few intelligent thinkers out there.

      • http://Yahoo Tracy

        You sound like you would not know your back in from a hole in the ground. If we did not have these rich people then who is going to give out the jobs. I am sure you could not.Most of the rich will leave here and i dont blame them.

      • http://yahoo ez4u2say

        obama won by praying on those schmucks “that 47%” those who are under the $30k bracket and the forever needy..are you one of them?
        They were bussed in to vote, even the homeless were taken advantage of by the ruthless obama team. Yes Mitt is a wealthy “WHITE” guy..and that is a dirty word in America.

    • Rob

      @JHarold: I also voted for Obama, and I have been employed for decades. I do not ‘mooch’. Your plan sounds very dramatic.. especially the part where you’re going to maximize your tax deductions and limit your expenses to punish Democrats. That’ll teach them. (rolls eyes)

      • So Over This

        I am a low income person. I worked all of my life until illness forced me to stop. Actually, I fought disability but my employer put me out. When I worked I did very well. I drove around in a new car, I could pretty much do what I want when I wanted to. Now I live on Social Security Disability. I get barely 10K/year. I was in sales and my last year I was EASILY pulling in 75K. Why would I choose this?

        I want to know how to sign up for all of these “entitlements” that low income folks get. I get fuel assistance: $800 but my fuel costs will be about $3500 this winter. I get $15/month in food stamps. (Meaning I often go without food. Sometimes I can only afford to eat a peanut butter sandwich per day). Sometimes I have no food. These are the “entitlements of every unimaginable type” of which you speak. My sincere hope is that the Republicans who dream of all of the freebies I am getting will be granted the privilege of walking in my shoes to enjoy the same free ride.

        My life:

        I don’t have TV – I cannot afford cable.
        Vacation? Never been on one.
        My car is 11 years old.
        Haven’t had a dental cleaning since I can recall.
        Haven’t gone out to eat in years.
        Haven’t had an eye exam in 7 years; my glasses have not been changed either and I am blind without them.
        I don’t have a landline; I pay for my cell bc the “free” ones only are available in cities.

        Anyone who would choose this would have to be mentally ill.

        • tara

          @ So over this,
          I totally agree with you. I honestly wonder what “freebies” the republicans are talking about. Disabled americans get social security or disability benefits for a reason. How can a disabled person “work” for government assistance? It is the government’s job to work towards it’s people having what they need. I know PLENTY of people that wish they didn’t have to rely on government assistance to feed their families. This is about ALL americans being able to have. Not just for the rich people to be happy, then to heck with the middle class and the poor.
          People out there better watch what they say when criticizing Obama and those who support him because it is God’s will that he won. Just like the Bible says, “If God be for you, who can be against you?” Obama’s not worrying about what Romney says because he knows that he has God’s love and support and that is ALL that matters. I hope people don’t think that they are hurting our feelings by picking on us and criticizing us; they are terribly wasting their breath and time. God is in control and has the last say. And only He can judge.
          I believe God for the success of all americans and that everything will be just fine. I pray for all of you who begs to differ.

  • http://yahoo mae waldrip

    You know your political career is over when moon-base Newt calls your ideas nuts!

  • skwa

    its so fun to watch you guys throw each other under the bus. Scrambling to be the next person to lie their pants off to us.

    *kicking back in my chair, with popcorn*

  • M Shepherd

    It looks like we would be better opff if we went on welfare than take social security . Medicade givs you eye care, dental , and hearing as well as paying all the bill . You also make more on welfare than S.S . Of course you may not own anything but there are people who just put it in someoneelses name and live good . Look at the stats and you find more nd more people are going that way . Who will suffer when we g bankrupt

    • http://yahoo ruby ballet

      Mr. Romney need to stop crying like a spoiled little brat and get on with it because it is what it is

      • Rosemary Bonifacio


        • johnnie W

          @Rosemary get over it. Leave the Country if you are so unhappy.

          • http://Yahoo Tracy

            Would you understand you crazy nut.This is Rosemary country. That what makes it so bad that they let a bunch of people who are not even from here take America from us. Its hurts to know that America is Gone,Why dont you leave and go back where you come from.

          • dee mcnamara

            Delray Beach Dept.of Motorv.sold 15000 drivers licenses to illegal Aliens allowed in by Obama ,to vote.In Lake Worth,Levi Cruz ,sold 3000 fake photoshopped ID.s to Illegal Aliens to vote with.I saw Illegals in Wisconsin,Ohio,Texas, ArizonaCalifornia, hundreds of thousands.How many bought false ID.’s to get benefits belonging to Americans? To vote for their Obama who allowed them in?Was the Presidency voted into Washington by real American taxpayers,those whose forefathers founded this Country?People who don’t read make incorrect comments, and will soon suffer the consequences of the lying,to 300,000,000 Americans, frauds in the White House.Benghazi Gate is real,4 Americans murdered, burnt alive,grounds or resignation,impeachment!!
            Those, who criticize the real Americans who don’t want liars in the White House,should move to Mexico or other corrupt rats nests!

          • http://yahoo. Cinders

            Poor Poor little Tracy !!
            how old are you dear 60 something did they forget to teach you history in school.
            If I am not mistaken this country was built on immigrants, sweat, blood, and tears. I imagine at one time your ancestors were imigrants in this country. So to tell someone they dont belong is a bit like telling the many many Indians who were the original in this land you now call your own that they dont belong here. If it was not for the brave Indian who showed your people what the Turkey was what crops to harvest and eat you would not be sitting here today spouting such ugliness. I suggest you learn to be thankful and embrace all the good and stop with your racist, ill informed and ill bred manners.

          • http://yahoo ez4u2say

            what country? we owe china for whatever little we have..Mitt could have turned it around..Enjoy the next 4 years.it is only going to get worse

  • http://Webpronews/games Jim

    I’m an independant that did not vote for Obama this time, but did the last. Neither of the candidents were who I would of like to have had but we are dealt with what we have. I felt as Steve above did that Obama kind of bought the election by giving the Hispanics a free ride and the gays as well by endorsing gay marriages. Almost 80% of the two groups voted for Obama and 98% of the blacks. When we have so many people of Welfare, Disablity , Medicade etc who is going to vote for the other candidants that want to cut these entitlements to balance the budget. If people would go back into history you would see that Abe freed the black, he was a republican, and a republcan gave the blacks and women voting rights. I personally don’t like either party any more because NONE of them gave a crap about us. One once to just spend more than we can take in and the other just wants to take care of the rich when we should be looking a ways to improve everyone in American who are true US citizens. There is one thing people in the country do need to understand which is I’ve never seen a poor person hire anyone to work for them.

    • william

      You summed it up nicely and with class

    • http://yahoo. Cinders

      Hey Jimbo.
      Just for the record no group of people like to be referred to as
      “The Blacks” it sounds racist and condescending and I hope you realise that this is one of the reasons your party is viewed as racists because a lot of you refer to people of color as “The Blacks” not only alienating but just down right rude.
      I dont think i would ever start a sentence referring to anyone as “The Whites”….see where I am going Jimmy !!!

      • http://yahoo ez4u2say

        Lets take a look at obama dividing the country along racial lines..Get over this guilt trip America.. We gave Obama a free ride Best Ivy league schools, all on affirmatve action. Unfortunately he ran with the fringe. Check his “friends” whom he met in all the wrong places., soros, farakhan, rev. wright and the guy he bought his chicago mansion from at a deal, who is now in prison. I guess it is now a dirty word being Mitt Romney : a sucsessful business man, a mormon and OMG he is white. Heaven forbid.

    • Linda J

      it’s people like you who don’t want to do anything but benefit for the ones who vote or do the right thing. You don’t vote but you are included in the benefits that all people of this nation receives.

  • http://Webpronews/games Jim

    Sorry for the mispelling and some of the crasy grammer, I didn’t check either before I posted.

  • lee johnson

    i cant believe he trashed the UAW and our whole state us autoworkers dont want any gifts, we have our own benefits detroit is our state economy, good riddance mitt you are not welcome here !

  • vicki gross

    Finally Gingrich says something that makes sense!

  • leon Magalona

    whats this squaking andbickering about.The fact the other guy won and the other lost is the truth. Hard to take but as the bible says: Why care for the morrow when still you’re here today?” Each one was given his freedom to choose and if your choice did not make it did anyone force that down your throat? Maybe next time will be good for you! Lets hope things will come out right. God almighty is always right in his choice the reason your dollar has got “In God We Trust”. He’ll make things good for all.Just give him your trust. You’ll see.

  • http://yahoo tom carlione

    I never thought I would ever say this but I can say this now: Gingrich, I love you for telling the truth.

    • http://yahoo ez4u2say

      Who’s Truth?? obama’s?? LMAO…too much koolaid 4 u..

  • http://yahoo ez4u2say

    Look whose calling the kettle black…Get over it Newt. Mitt beat your A$$ off…go to the back of the room and watch the next 4 years of decline. 4 down and 4 to go..we will need an excavator to dig us out of this hole.. Hey, those “Gifts” Mitt was talking about; Illinois (obama’s home base) just started by giving drivers licenses to illegals(payback)..and those 47% polls show that obama won by those NE States voters “earn” under $30k even bus loads of those on the dole were shuffled in to vote. They think POTUS prints the money in the basement of the WH..I guess that is too insensitve a statement for Newt and Jindal..unfortunately Mitt told it like it is.

    • PJ

      Just moved to IL, and let me tell you it is NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to get a driver’s license, and I only moved from Michigan. Trust me, no illegals are getting driver;s licenses in IL.

  • Linda J

    I wonder how many Whites people got the gifts and how many turn or gave them back.

  • Afam Anyakora

    President Obama won re-election fairly and squarely. Republican establishment should take that fact as AMERICAS’ continued referendum on GOP rule under Former G.W. Bush of ……….You know what. USA now knows that GOP cannot lead therefore would continue to dump ALL Republican presidential contenders through out current generation.: Two unprovoked wars based on fabricated information, yet personal. Massive economic meltdown, questionable presidency with stolen election 2000, Home values worthlessness, increased internal debt to China, and more. If anyone can come up with one single good deed of GWB era, then we can articulate message to Americans. G.W.B. deeds are still fresh, alive, and unforgettable on Americas’ mind.

    • David

      Afam, you fugging idiot. OWE-BOW-MA won through voter fraud. If your moronic brain has any sense, you’d look at the the red nation and know that the POTUS is a fraud. You gdmaned fugging fool.

      • http://webpronews Terence


        You’re the moron here. Another mentally and socially disenfranschised idiot.

  • David

    Neutered Gangrene-rich should shut his pie-hole. He is a POS.

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