Giant Crocodile in Philippines Holds Guinness World Record

    July 3, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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The giant crocodile captured in the Philippines last September now holds the Guinness World Record as the largest saltwater crocodile current in captivity. The beast, which weights nearly one ton, isn’t even the biggest croc in the area. According to locals, a bigger version of the captured creature managed to escape while hunters were attempting to drag this one out of the water. So terrified are fishermen that many do not go near the area at night for fear of being chomped, snatched, or eaten alive. I’m sure SyFy is working on a version of this story right now.

Crocodile Lolong, which was named after one of the men who died while attempting to track down the beast, is thought to be responsible for a number of deadly attacks in the region, including the death of a child in 2009. Although you’d think that such a monster would cause people to avoid the place entirely, the creature’s capture has actually helped generate tourism in the small farming town of Bunawan.

Although Mayor Edwin Cox Elorde is elated that Lolong is generating some cashflow, he says that the crocodile’s capture is really a double-edged sword. “There were mixed feelings,” Elorde explained to the Associated Press. “We’re really proud because it proves the rich biodiversity of our place but at the same time, there are fears that Lolong may not be alone.”

Considering it took roughly 100 men armed with some rope and crane to hoist it onto a truck, the thought of tackling another giant crocodile may not sound too appealing to residents. Still, Elorde reportedly welcomed the Guinness World Record acknowledgement with open arms. At the end of the day, the mayor hopes that the government will recognize Bunawan as a ecotourism destination. If that doesn’t work, they could always sell the movie rights.

  • http://yahoo Monte Marinucci

    Let it go .It cant help what it is or its size.Where it lives is its home people in that area need to be careful of crocodiles.A normal size crocodile will still kill you its part of the danger of living there.We have tornadoes where I live .Its part of my part of the world .Let it go or put it out of its captured misery and make boots and belts for the village .It looks unhappy.

    • Avi

      Yes well crocodriles always look unhappy and I am sure he disagrees with your boots and belts suggestion.

  • Scott Day

    Send me a picture of a happy looking crocodile?

  • http://internetexplorer audrie raap

    Eat him! That monster would feed alot of people! Then they wouldn’t have to eat dogs and cats! This beast would have no qualms at all about eating humans!

    • Chris

      Animals don’t really like the taste of human so he would attack if you are in his territory or if you are his only bite to eat.

      • Skyler Lancaster

        Hey Chris. Fuck yeah animals like the taste of human. What ’bout that fuckin tiger that was in Asia that ate like 300+ people. Or that lion from born free ( It was based on a true story ). Or the shark jaws is based on that ate 6 people. Face it that thing eat enough people it’ll like them.

    • Mark

      They’re Filipino, not Chinese. Get a clue before you run your mouth, idiot.

  • craig

    i don’t know if the swamp people would want to fool around with that thing.chootem lizbit.

  • Skyler Lancaster

    It’s not real. I saw it on Fox news and all their stuff is bullshit.