Giada De Laurentiis Cuts Finger On Live TV


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When you are watching live TV, you never know what you might see and if you happened to be watching the Food Network's annual Thanksgiving Live special, you may have seen Giada De Laurnetiis come close to cutting her finger off when she had a slip while using a knife to slice turkey.

While it's common for chefs and cooks to get cut while using a knife, Giada's cut seemed to be more than just a nick, and she immediately started bleeding after the accident. Other Food Network stars, Ina Garten, Alton Brown and Bobby Flay, who were part of the live broadcast, tried to help keep Giada calm and she was seen whispering to Ina that the cut was bad.

Giada managed to stay professional throughout the whole ordeal and left the stage where she saw a medic who was able to stop the bleeding and bandage the wound. She returned to the live show several minutes later where she was teased by Bobby Flay and her other friends. Giada later tweeted photos of her cut finger and joked about the accident with fellow Food Network stars.


As a professional chef, Giada has likely had other and possibly more severe cuts, even if they didn't happen on live television.

Image from Instagram.