Giada De Laurentiis Accidentally Slices Finger During Live Thanksgiving Special

    November 24, 2013
    Jasmine Allen
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On Saturday during Food Network’s live Thanksgiving special, Giada De Laurentiis had an unfortunate mishap while on set with Ina Garten, Alton Brown and Bobby Flay.

The Italian-born American Chef happened to cut her finger after her knife slipped while cutting a slice of turkey. By the look on De Laurentiis’ face, the injury was pretty bad.

“She seemed to go pale and got very quiet putting pressure on it and whispering to Ina that it was bad…She looked like she was about to faint,” an eyewitness reported to RadarOnline.com.

During commercial break, De Laurentiis went to seek medical attention, in which Brown shared with the viewers after the show had resumed.

Soon after, she returned on set with a bandaged finger.

On Twitter, De Laurentiis posted an Instagram photo link revealing just how awful the cut was. However, to make light of the situation, she even added in a cheerful remark.

De Laurentiis has been on the Food Network since 2002. Her Emmy Award winning daytime show, “Everyday Italian,” features some of her best Italian dishes and recipes.

A a celebrity chef, De Laurentiis is also known for other media involvements, partnerships and humanitarian efforts.

Other accomplishments include:

  • Cooking products and tools available at Target.
  • A number of cookbooks like “Giada’s Family Dinners,” a #1 New York Times best-seller.
  • Past appearances on the “Today Show.”
  • Helping international relief organization, Oxfam America, as an enlisted celebrity Ambassador.

In her most recent TV series, “Giada at Home,” she provides tips on how to prepare meals and successful parties for family and friends.

As far as we know, this is her first and hopefully her last accident caught on live TV.

Image Credit: Youtube, ViperVisor

Image Credit: Instagram, @giadadelaurentiis

  • tutti.fruitti

    This “Live” food network broadcast was THE WORST thing I’ve seen on TV in awhile. The participants constantly interrupted each other, did not properly address the questions from viewers, and went at warp speed through the various “recipes”. Yes I did put the word recipes in quotes… there really were very few actual recipes that you could follow, and many of them sounded icky. One other comment… cooking a good traditional Thanksgiving dinner isn’t that hard… you just need to follow a few simple rules… the chefs on this program made everything too complicated. One example, I have been cooking turkey with a simple herb butter rub at 350 degrees for many, many years. It’s simply DELICIOUS. Why brine?? Why rub your turkey days before?? Anyway, bottom line, this program was a total failure. P.S. I admit that I like Ina, Gaida and Bobby Flay… but they must be hitting themselves at this point for participating in this stinker of a program.

    • Wayne

      Yeah Food Network used to be about cooking. I was hoping they would repeat food tips over and over so new cooks will keep getting the knowledge need to make good eats.

      One would brine meat that has a tendency to dry out during cooking, mainly large poultry and Pork. The moisture in the meat moves out of the meat into the salty water of the brine and then back into the meat, carrying salt and flavor compounds, until the meat and brine solution reaches an equilibrium. Then when the meat is cooked the salt deep in the meat will help keep the water from cooking out.

      • Jeanne

        Wayne I agree with you. Having watched the entire show, I ended up frustrated that you never got any answers to anything. All four of them kept cutting each other off and trying to get center stage. Watching Ina and I felt she came across a bit frustrated with the confusion. It was a mess of a show. I think I could have done a better job directing!

    • http://Yahoo Irene Hammond

      I just love to watch anything with Ina Garten, since she is my all-time favorite person in the world; but this particular Food Network’s live Thanksgiving special could have been a whole lot better! I was so disappointed.

      • Buck

        It would have been MUCH better if Paula Deen had been on it. I would have watched it if she had been there.

        • Ray

          Since the banishment of the deep fat fried Queen I watch this channel so much more. Some of us eat things not covered in lard

          • Kevin

            Ray, have you been living under a rock the past year and a half? Paula Dean is a diabetic and doesn’t cook with lard or tons of butter anymore!!

          • Ray Sucks

            Ray, you are an idiot. Carry on.

          • Moon Cricket

            Ray is probably a Moon Cricket.

      • clazzy

        Why on earth would Ina Garten be such an idol???! She turned don a Last Wish of A Dying Child to MEET her.. oh yeah, I just think she Is an inspiration! NOT! FAT PIG her and WIMPY gay JEFFREY!

    • http://FoodNetwork Judith Johnston

      Maybe her cut was a result of the glasses!!!! Why were Bobby and Giada wearing glasses??????

    • Brandi

      I started using a simple brine and Alton Brown’s roasting method a few years ago. I always like my turkeys before and had tried injecting a few times. After having a brined turkey, I’ll never go back. Incredibly moist and it somehow speeds up the cooking time. It’s also a hell of a easier than it looks.

    • http://yahoo martha

      tutti.fruitti. you are right it was horrible.and now they are making a to do just because Giada cut her finger. cooks will have mishaps in the Kitchen now and then.Food Network is no like it was before. I never ever brine anything and I have been baking this birds like 40 years.and NO BRAINING- this people wants to make things to fancy and to tell you the truth the ruing it.

    • CajunChef

      You are correct about the warp speed and the frenetic pace. That seems to be the way this Food Network kitchen stadium works. Producers tell the chefs/actors to do this for viewing excitement and all that schick.

      However, the brining is something I have done now for over 20 years. I have various brines…the most versatile is my Cajun brine. I use it for all poultry, and pork. For beef, I use a stronger brine and longer brining time. I almost always slow smoke my turkeys, though sometime fry them. I prefer the slow smoking over pecan, oak, and cherry woods.

      This year, we will do also a huge open pit razorback roast to celebrate the coming of the Arkansas Razorbacks to town to get beat again this year.

    • mary lou mccowan

      I have to agree with these statements. I was so disappointed with the Live program. It was difficult to hear much of it, as they (especially the women) were constantly talking. They interrupted & were talking repeatedly. Didn’t get much new info. I enjoyed it more last year. More organized then!!!!!

    • Karen

      You are among the very few that likes Gaida. She was totally obnoxious. Bossy, ruda and acted like a know it all. What was with the flirting with Bobby? I was embarrassed for her and finally just turned the show off.

    • Karen

      You are among the few that like Gaida. I watchedt he first hour of this show and was embarrassed for her. Flirty, mouthy, tipsy and obnoxious.

      • LISA

        I watched the Thanksgiving special. All I could think of was that Giada was greatly seeking out attention. She was constantly pushing herself in front of the other cook when it was their turn to talk. You can tell she is used to being the center of attention….it is no wonder she cut herself. When you are not paying attention to cooking and only trying to steal the show…sometimes these things happen.

      • Dianne

        I had a very hard time watching this. Giada was out of control. Constantly eating and talking (interupting others)with her mouth full, picking up food to make her plate with her fingers, and then eating with her fingers off Alton’s plate. I wish he would have stabbed her hand with his fork. Please food network, get someone else next year.

    • LISA

      I thought it was just me….I did not enjoy it at all and I was so excited it was going to be on.

      In the future, Food Network….don’t put these chefs together. It was worse than watching THE VIEW !!! Too many…”LOOK AT ME…LOOK AT ME” and not enough time spent on cooking.

      Giada was by far the worst in showing off. After seeing this today, I am not surprised she got cut.

    • Bill

      I’m glad someone else noticed. When Giada cut her finger, I missed when it happened and I actually thought the producers had removed her for constantly interrupting. I love all these chefs separately and slightly scripted. Togeher and live? Disaster!

    • Diane

      I agree with everything you say… Also, Giada was the main problem… She was constantly grasping for attention.. she interrupted the most… talked over everyone in a loud voice, didn’t have anything great to offer… Painful to watch… Best part of the show was the @10 minutes we got without Giada while they were off bandaging her finger… Sorry she came back…

    • donna marsico

      I turned the channel after one-half hour and watched my taped food shows. Giada was a glory hound – over the top. Mild spoken Ina Garten couldn’t complete a sentence.

  • Wayne

    Yeah, that’s going to take some stitches. Not really deep enough to get all bent out of shape about.

    • WHO


      • buzz

        Dude, stop yelling you douche, she’s just a hot chick that can cook

      • Husky338

        Wow, what bitterness. I agree, Giada gets on my nerves with her big white teeth, but at least she was smiling. Alton Brown picked on her without mercy. After she cut her finger, she was trying to put that big smile on her face, and Brown addressed a question to her (and had to comment “if you have any blood left in your brain”), and she just deflated. I felt really bad for her, and Ina Garten (who I always thought was kind of snobby), was so nice to her.

      • sheryl dodd

        Dude your such a HUGE a**hole , im guessing your food tastes like s**t . By the way… this is america , so try typing and talking in ENGLISH . Most of what you typed was just jibberish.

        • sheryl dodd

          I bet i know why your screen name is Who ….. You think people know your name as a ” chef” but all they are saying is … Who?? lol ….. jerk!

      • http://yahoo martha

        Why are you so angry you been at the sea to long.
        but calling names is just not cool.I jut to like Giada until.
        the low cut boobs showing started and the fake smiles.
        and all the trips and grand life that they been showing over and over. don’t Food Network realize that must people have never left this country, because they can not afford a gallon of milk for their children. please take my advice you need to relax and do some Yoga it will do you good.I’m not been critical of you but this world is for that Have and the have not.

        • BaybeK8s


      • J

        Lol, all caps makes you look so smart!

      • Mary

        I don’t understand why you would even watch the show or let alone read this article as bitter as you are. Remember we all make choices and you I can choose not to watch something you are not in agreement with. Just as the rest of us have made the choice to watch, some for the learning aspect some for the entertainment value.

      • CajunChef

        Several years ago she was bragging about her authentic Italian dishes. Paula Deen quickly put her in her place, by telling her that she challenged her to an Italian cookoff anytime and any place.

        Now, Mario Batelli lived in Italy for several years, working at a small Italian eatery there to learn how to prepare food in that tradition. He has great history behind him.

        I learned under Graham Kerr, Paul Prudhomme, and Emeril Lagasse. I don’t normally watch Food TV but happened to for this one. Normally, I am too busy.

      • BaybeK8s

        We get it, you don’t care for Giada nor Mario. Giada is not worth busting a blood vessel over, it is not that serious. Relax. Exhale. Think happy thoughts. Do you need a hug?

      • Rob

        Hey you “phonie” I have an idea. Why don’t you learn basic grammar and spelling in order to be taken seriously. I’m not sure there was even one complete sentence in that whole rant. Truth is can some of them come off douchy at times? Yes, but they also have immense talent at the same time. How you went about things just made you sound bitter and jealous. Have fun on your boat bon voyage!

      • what

        you are drunk….

  • Sherry

    That HAD to hurt. I did the same damage slicing on a mandolin. It bled for the longest time. Hope it heals quickly.

  • Kim

    PLEASE FOODNETWORK stop cramming Giada down our throats.Her constint talking over everyone else is getting annoying. This LIVE show was worst then last year.I agree about the recipes, too complicated.When the question about desserts was asked Alton gave it to Ina, who answered? Giada!! give us all a break and find a different “star” for next year

    • http://Yahoo Irene Hammond

      I SO AGREE! You can tell Giada has been spoiled her whole life! I can’t stand the way she talks over everyone! She and Bobby Flay are my least favorite Food Network personalities, and that is because of THEIR “personalities”!

    • http://FoodNetwork Judith Johnston

      That has been my complaint for a long time – she is not a team player and always has to be front row, center. It would also be nice if Giada would cover her “upper torso” – she said once that her grandfather wanted her to go into movies, wish she had followed his advice. Felt sorry for Ina – she is a class act ALL the way!!!

      • Buck

        If she stands behind Ina, nobody will see her.

        • allyn triemert

          Buck get a life, Ina ia one of the best cooks, and you are not

          • CajunChef

            Ina has written some of the best cookbooks ever and has made a fortune even more than her Ivy League and greatly accomplished husband.

      • Velcro

        I feel Giada ought show more “upper torso”, perhaps as consolation for every recipe of hers containing mascarpone cheese. {Giada is to mascarpone cheese as Emeril is to essence as Guy Fieri is to agave nectar}

        • Velcro

          No one mentioned that Giada easily could have shared the “oyster” with Ina, yet chose to hog it all for herself. Kudos to Alton for calling her out all night. Ha!

      • Patty

        I agree with you Judith…Giada was certainly out of character.Was she drunk or on something?…guess we will never know. I think the Network should give the viewers an explanation!!! I just shut it off…she ruined the show for the viewers. Why did they let her return after she cut her finger? Eating with her fingers and talking over the other chefs…Come On!!!! They went after Paula for something she that happened years ago.

    • Buck

      Then? Than?

  • http://Yahoo Irene Hammond

    It’s going to be very difficult for Giada to do ANY cooking over the holidays with a cut that bad to such an integral finger!

    • Eric Wilson

      Thank God

  • John

    FOOD NETWORK! In an effort to keep this from happening again in the future here is a suggestion…Terminate your contract with Giada. She is annoying, fake, and boring. She is easily the worst on-air “talent” on the network. I change the channel every time she is on.

    • hunch

      the most FAKE smile ever on TV and
      now that she sliced her finger she can do the same to the other ones!!
      wouldn’t miss her FAKE marscapone a$$.

  • Hugh Jorgan

    I would kiss her boobies… I mean boo boo.

  • http://Yahoo Irene Hammond

    FOOD NETWORK: Please read our comments about Giada and think about replacing her with someone more genuine, warm and interesting! This live Thanksgiving special was ruined by Giada!! The show was horrible!!

  • Nicole

    I’m so pleased to see so many others who are on the “I can’t stand Giada” band wagon. She is so rude!!! (and her recipe’s aren’t even that original!) I stopped enjoying food network due to her. If she is on…I’m watching another channel. End of story. I ‘attempted’ to watch the live program because I adore Ina….needless to say I didn’t get but a few moments in before Giada was ruining the entire show. ( oh and hitting Ina due to talking with her entire body and slinging her hands around …so annoying!!!)

    • elissa

      Wow! I get and respect everyone’s right to their own opinion and feelings about different people on t.v. but a lot of these comments are just mean. Did we all forget that it’s Thanksgiving? Why not be thankful for what is good in your own life and stop bashing someone else. Don’t like it/her, don’t watch…your solution was only a remote control away ; ) Wishing Giada, Bobby and all of you a Happy holiday.

  • Michelle

    Well, at least were not the only ones who don’t like Giada. Her smile is obnoxious! Why does she show so much teeth? She comes across as a spoiled brat!

    • Eric Wilson

      It’s because she was raised a “spoiled brat”.

  • JewelsC

    Stop being so critical, it was supposed to be a fun and informal informational show. I know when my family gets together we all want to have our opinions heard. I am thinking maybe that is what Food net work wanted a family atmosphere.

    • Eric Wilson

      “Fun and informative”? Are you KIDDING me? As much as Food Network hyped this show for a month, it fell flat like a Giada DiLaurentiis souffle. Ina isn’t much of a step above a “chop and drop” cook, either. As a trained chef having graduated in 1978 from the C.I.A., may I say that those two need to STOP being referred to as “chefs”. It’s degrading to our profession.

    • http://yahoo martha

      If the Food Network wanted a family atmosphere they should have put a real humble family.

  • Debby

    This was the worse and I mean worse live Thanksgiving show I’ve seen. I also watch each year, I live Giada and glad she’s ok but I seen a side of Giada I’ve never seen, first of all I think she drank way too much wine and she wouldn’t let Ina, Bobby or Alton talk. She acted as though it was her own show. I was so disgusted I turned it off:). Giada was all over the place, she should watch the tape to see how foolishly she looked and acted…NOT GOOD!! eberytime Poor Ina;) when it was her turn to explain how she prepares her dish Giada took over the conversation, sticking her finger in the food instead of using a fork. I spoke with other people who tried to watch and said it was terrible.Shame on you Giada!!!! 😉 you owe your colleagues and the television viewers an APOLOGY!!!

  • Vicki

    I have tried many of Giada’s recipes with out much success. Every one of Ina’s is a real gem. Ina is our favorite Food Network personality. My husband (62) wants to be “Jeffrey” when he grows up! Will not watch anything with Giada. Too much about her own ego and little about everyone else. Get the hint, Food Network. MORE INA.

    • fran

      Agree!! Love Jeffrey and Ina!!! Great couple! Ina is a fabulous cook!

  • Marie

    Giada was the 1st person I’ve heard associated with the term “food porn”. She doesn’t translate as genuine Attempting to relate to her through recipes they fell flat. Lacked flavor! She’s certainly one I don’t watch. Ina is and always will be my favorite. If we’re choosing!

    • allyn triemert

      I have many cookbooks by Ina Garten, I love them all. I do not have any by Giada, my sister has one and it was full of pics of giada not the food. what does that say?

  • Caroline

    Poor baby, I’ve cut my finger like that once and never got attention from it. I just ran cold water to stop the bleeding and bandages it up. Such a wus. buck up girl, accidents like this happen everyday. Never hear women complain for cutting a finger. Happens all the time. Baby, such a baby.

  • Keeper of Chloe

    So what. News: a cook (she is not a chef — she doesn’t know how to properly hold a knife) cuts herself. Wow, happens everyday in the real world. Oh, she’s cute and she cut herself and it’s news. Come on.

  • Sandra

    I watched this yesterday and Giada was so obnoxious….she was very distracting and always seemed to claim the limelight! I was a wreck with her overtalking Bobby, Ina and Alton……who cares about the glasses she was more concerned about her friggin hair……who edited this show? I will never watche her again…..

    • Eric Wilson

      It’s ALWAYS about Giada….cleavage sells! (UGH!) I hate the fact she claims to be a “chef”. Giada DiLaurentiis is a CATERER!!!

  • Anne

    I agree with you all the special yesterday was awful..as far as Giada I always change the channel when her show is on. The best part about Food Netowrk these days is Pioneer Women ..Ree Drummond is a “real” person and I can relate to her. Her shows are always interesting, the food she makes is delicious and she makes it all look so easy. I love love love her show!

  • Eric Wilson

    Had to be THE dumbest and WORST rendition of a live special I have seen since Geraldo went into Al Capone’s vault. They all walked around like zombies who really didn’t give a damn about being there. It was like watching an episode of “The View” with everyone talking over each other. The aspect of taking EVERY cue for the show based upon (UGH!) “social media”, was horrific! The world does not give a damn what Ina Garten’s husband prefers for dessert. And WHY was “Skype” invented?


    As for Giada’s injury….that’s what happens when you let a CATERER pose as a chef. She’s simply happy that her fake boobs are bought and paid for. I hope her massive teeth are, too. I’ll go check with Mr. Ed and have him check to see if his are missing. On Thursday, here’s a suggestion Giada…..EAT SOMETHING !!!!

    The best product placement had to be for the vision center from Wal-Mart. The only other positive thing I could take away from this is the fact that it WASN’T another cooking competition show. STOP WITH THOSE !!!!

    • Ray Appenzeller

      Wow! You talk about tearing into someone so viciously. Why such disdain and nasty comments about Giada? How has she affected your life so directly and personally? If you do not like her or anyone in life you ignore them, change the channel, and find something or someone else. Eric, you are very loathsome and nasty towards Giada. Do you treat everyone this way? Do you have any friends or loved ones that you treat this way? It is kind of shameful the way you addressed the topic and Giada. For me I am concerned, I think she is a beautiful young woman, who has done well for herself. And she does not need people like you saying such nasty things about her in the manner that you did! What if she was your sister or wife? Shameful behavior! If you do not like a show because of the show’s content or the person in the show, change the channel. Let the ratings speak for themselves!

      • Jazzy

        If My Family Acted Like Giada Did i’d Bash Them Too. Nobody Likes Her Because Some Producer Thought She Was Attractive And Put Her In The Lime Light. Its Even Worse Because She Delusionally Thinks Her ‘Hard Work’ Got Her Success.

  • Paula

    Agree with most about Giada. She is clearly all about Giada. From the constant cleavage to the ridiculously fake smile. Get her off the network. PLEASE. She’s a detractor. We don’t care about her family. Just make her go away. Thanks for listening!

  • Wendy G

    I watched the show on my DVR. It was okay, nothing that I bothered to save though. I enjoyed watching the personalities together. I do love Alton Brown, as I am a scientist, I love how he explains the science in food. I was a bit surprised to see Giada, whom I sat next to on a flight to Miami 2 months ago and was very pleasant, roll her eyes when Alton was explaining exactly where to place the thermometer in the turkey. I instantly thought that wasn’t very professional and rude. I noticed tension with her in regards to Alton throughout the show. Not sure Alton noticed until he watches the show back. I think it was obvious she doesn’t care for Alton very much. The others were fine, didn’t learn much other than the chefs on the show don’t like to brine their turkey. Something I learned from Alton and really think it makes the turkey moister. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

    • craftynanny

      If you have seen any of the other Thanksgiving specials on the food network, you would also have seen the tension between Alton and Giada. I don’t think much of Giada. Alton Brown however is my favorite personality from the network. I am a cook (well I like to think so anyway) and I love how he explains everything because unlike you, I am not a scientist, so it is very fascinating to me to understand why you should or shouldn’t do something. I wish they would bring back Good Eats, it was my favorite show.

  • http://yahoo.com fastracker

    I’m glad she ‘accidentally’ cut that finger. You left out some letters in this word! You didn’t need the word, period. That is a very nasty cut and hope she treats it carefully.

    • http://yahoo.com fastracker

      Before I get in trouble, let me say I am NOT glad Giada accidentally cut her finger! I meant that we know she didn’t do it on purpose, so I was commenting on that.

  • Della

    I agree with most posts here. Ina is a true cook! Giada is a spoiled brat, rude, talks too much, and her dishes aren’t special. I wouldn’t try her recipes for company but I sure would use Ina’s recipes. Ina is classy! Food Network needs an overhaul!

  • http://WebProNews mary Jones

    I was anticipating a calm, enjoyable, informative program, but I knew there would be a personality clash. Ina is composed, charming, informative, and kind. She was stepped on in this program by Alton, repeatedly. I hope he apologizes to her. There’s a sexual tension between Bobby and Giada, thus a slipped knife, eyeglasses to ward off the vibe, etc. Alton wanted to make his “mark” on the program. He talked very quickly, found SOMETHING , like brine, to focus upon, and talked over the others. Bobby is cool, has been on Throwdowns, competitions, informative programs, devoted to his craft, put up with the whole thing. I don’t believe for a minute he enjoyed it. I know too many guys who watch Giada for her cleave more than her cooking. The program needed a sccript, direction, and a pace for those who like to watch and learn. We don’t ALL yell and talk over each other in the kitchen.. Thank you.

  • Heather

    What is wrong with some of you??? A person got hurt! All you care about is how she sucks. Email the Food Network. I can see how humankind has gone down the toilet. Who care about her finger as long as we all know that she is not good on Food network. Wow!

  • Sandra

    When reading the headline about Giada cutting her finger during the show, did anyone else instantly think of the SNL skit about Julia Child cutting herself? I couldn’t help but go there mentally:)

    • proofking

      Julia Child, master chef that she was, had more than a passing affection for the fruit of the French vines. But Giada simply needs some retraining. She’s more worried about giving “the girls” some room than getting the food into an edible state. If Mario Batali ever cut himself like that while he was training in Italia, the demanding master chefs guiding him would have finished the job in the neighborhood of his neck.

      • Ray Appenzeller

        Really now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????? Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kim

    Giada has to lay off the booze!

  • http://google sheila

    How could Giada cut herself, she wasn’t making anything. After her 5 year old spoiled brat not getting enough attention actions yesterday I will never watch her again. Ina, you’re the REAL DEAL and were so gracious in spite of Giada making an ass of herself. Every one of your recipes is fabulous, Giada, not so much. Amazing how insecure Giada turns out to be. Never believed those nasty rumors about Giada but I sure do now…..attention STARVED. Food Network….lose her!

  • Delicious

    After Giada cut her finger, she squeezed lemon on it, wrapped it up in prosciutto, sprinkled it with parmesan cheese and baked it for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. Mmmmmm … now that’s Italian!!!!

  • Lynne

    Ina has never referred to herself as a chef – it was the skypers and Alton Brown who kept addressing the group as “chefs.” Giada was extremely rude and this show seemed to be less controlled than previous live shows. Won’t watch it again if Giada is on…oh, and get someone other than Bobby Flay too.

  • ML Payne

    I used to love the food network until it became the Giada Network. Her show was stuffed in the limelight 20 times a day and had absolutely no content except a low cut top on a super skinny body. My mother told me that when you hire a cook always go for the fat woman/guy; as skinny people have no idea about food. In this case I have not watched food network for two years and counting because I might see Giada – the most offensive host on TV anywhere in the world – ever.

    • CajunChef

      Give me Paul Prudhomme.

  • Jason

    Ow! .. that sucks!! …. is that a nipple trying to get some air on the left-side(picture side) of her shirt?

  • ray

    It wouldn’t have stopped Julia Childs! “Oh I’ve cut the dickens out of my finger!”

  • http://Yahoo Sue

    I stopped watching Food Network when they dumped Paula Dean.
    Altho the one person I will watch is Ina. Who wants to watch
    Giada with her boobs always hanging out and horsey smile chop
    garlic and onions every day?? Too bad, get wise FN.

  • http://bellsouth.net unique

    I hope you are doing well.
    Happy Holidays to all.

  • Dr. Wayne S. and Victoria Blocker

    We are very sorry this happened to you. The same thing happened to me some years ago while cutting some flowers.

    God bless you and please be careful.

    Dr. Wayne S. and Victoria Blocker
    Brandon, Florida

    P.S. Thank you for your show. I love it !

  • Ray Appenzeller

    I am sorry that Giada got hurt, it does look bad and requiring stitches. In time feeling will come back to that finger, nerve endings will heal and redirect themselves to be a functional finger once again. Many people one time or another has done something similar and survived. Again sorry that it has happened to you and on TV as well, maybe those glasses were a distraction and thru your perception off some. Get well, you are such a beautiful woman. I admire your talents and beauty!

    • Ray Appenzeller

      Wow! Once again so many nasty spiteful people out there especially during the holiday season! People are happy someone got hurt, is basically what everyone of the negative responses to me are saying. Are all you negative people that great and holy? This is what is wrong in America today! Look in the mirror at yourself each and everyone of you! Deeply look at yourselves, look into your hearts and souls. Really you get what you deserve out of life when you treat others with so much disdain and hatred. Hypocrites come to mind during this holiday season! Look at yourself and pray for your own forgiveness. She or anyone else does not deserve to be treated in such a cold-hearted manner! Disgraceful the lot of you are!

  • Ron P.

    PBS has (or had) the best cooking shows that actually teaches cooking techniques. In addition to the originals like Julia, Jacque, etc I have come to love America’s Test Kitchen and Cooks Country. They know what a true cooking show is about. Food Network went down the drain when they introduced reality segments and when there chefs started having more to do about nothing rather than cooking! I have not watched Food Network in years. I do miss Ina.

  • Al V

    I think Giada should cover up her breasts!This isnt a beauty contest..

    • http://yahoo martha

      You are right now wen she is on television I change to Jerry Springer. sorry Giada.

  • Dave

    What a bunch of jealous, loser, haters. Uneducated and can’t even spell properly. You need to be able to read and write to follow recipes correctly. Giada has some excellent recipes. I don’t like all of them, but I don’t like ALL of anybody’s. Food network wouldn’t have survived without those FOUR. They’ve said hundreds of times over the years that Giada and Rachel Ray and some others aren’t chefs, and they don’t care because you don’t need to be a CHEF to be able to cook great food. I really don’t care if they are a cook or a chef if they cook good food….and look good doing it.

  • Wanette

    I stopped and boycotted the “Food” Network right after they “fired” Paula Deen. However, I watched the 20th anniversary special just to see if they included her….to my utter amazement and chagrin NOTHING was said about the queen of southern cuisine when SHE MADE the food network what it was right before the idiots fired her!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And no one can deny that. The “live” show had three of the most IRRITATING personalities from that channel so no way would I have watched it anyway. And that Giada De Lau..whatever.. and her HORRIBLE, FAKE smile is enough for me to NEVER watch her in ANYTHING. Hate she hurt herself and hope she’s okay but she is the most UN real personality on ANY network.

  • Janice

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who found Giada’s behavior childish and rude. The show got immediately better when Alton announced that Giada had cut herself and had left, but chaos returned when Giada came back and made sure the show was all about her again. When Giada’s show comes on the Food Network, I switch to the Cooking Channel. I would rather watch old Iron Chef shows than Giada, and now I know why. Grow up, girl.

  • eddie

    KARMA…..for a pretentious bitch……..

  • Avril Abril

    Wow,… I thought I was the only one annoyed with this chick. Giada’s cleavage is always on display!! I’m surprised she covered up yesterday. Although I did feel bad that she sustained an injury, Alton was kind of laying into her and she seemed to have taken it extremely hard. First the comment about “blood loss to the brain”,… then when he snatched & threw away some decoration she had created, it seemed to have knocked the wind out of her, you can tell she was pissed. I must admit Alton’s comment about Ina not being able to exist outside of the Hamptons was hilarious!!!! LOL. But yeah I had to turn when they kept talking over each other. Not good,… hope they have better preparation next year.

  • KKW

    I have never brined a turkey but have used a cooking bag for over ten years…best turkey ever! I still get it to brown on the top and it is the most moist bird ever! I have received many compliments from it and won’t ever go back to any bird I have to baste anymore. The live program was much better last year…nice try FN.

  • angie

    I cannot believe the hate. She may have had a different life than you-but she has made her own name with her cooking. The smile is real. GIADA keep on doing shows because more people watch than these people that sound like they do not like their-self.I know your finger had to hurt – so I hope you feel better soon. I watched the show yesterday as many more that would say keep up the good work.

    • http://yahoo martha

      Angie people are not critical of her as a person.
      is just that food Network is jamming her down our.
      throats. and to tell you the truth any cook on that program is a chef wish they are not. I have an admiration for Rachel and Ina.
      they have never say they are chefs they have always say that they are cooks, and they are good at what they do.

  • Jay

    I’d let her cook for me … in bed

  • jodee

    I agree with most comments. Giada didn’t shut up. She was so annoying, Iv’e always found her to be disingenuine, not warm and friendly. Better then thou attitude. The way she pronounces spaghetti and other Italian items in English grates on me. We know your Italian and your Grandfather was famous. Totally different impression of her now. Poor Ina she couldn’t get a word in. She handled it like a lady yet you could often see her frustration. Viewer questions were good. I liked the idea of a casual, friendly atmosphere, but they didn’t pull it off. This is probably a first and last. I am sorry she cut her finger and wish her no harm.

  • Hoss Chisom

    She should have cut off 1/2 her forehead. You could project a drive-in movie on that skin screen.
    A horse walks into a bar, orders a drink. Bartender makes the drink, brings it to the horse and say, “Hey, why the long face.”

  • sheryl dodd

    Why is almost everyone on here being so awful? If you dont like who or what is on tv, change the ch, lord knows there are plenty to choose from. I dont understand all the nastiness . You dont like her, fine just say you dont like her, but as far as i can see she has done nothing to anyone, or any of YOU, to be demeaned like this. Theres to mush hate in this world now, you should be ashamed of yourselves, its only a tv show for petes sake.

  • Dick

    She should’ve taken her top off. That would’ve diverted attention away from the situation.

  • http://yahoo margaret E.


  • Zombee

    Get well soon Giada. You are the hottest babe on Food Network.

  • colleen renshaw

    I too watched that fiasco. I was waiting for Mr Know It All…..Alton Brown to put a cork in it for half a second. I have no doubt this is why Gia cut her finger, trying to get out of there.
    Who’s hair brained idea was this anyway?
    Bring back Paula Deen, period!!! The pioneer woman is about as real as it gets now adays, I love her.
    Ina seems like a nice lady, but I agree I think she was overrun with that group. I don’t care for her cooking, it’s always kale or rhubarb or some other weird veggie.

  • cora

    A very disappointing two hours. There ought to be rules for the stars to follow, however it’s obvious at least one of them wouldn’t EVER comply! I just hope Food Network execs consider these posts as meaningful feedback and rethink the planning of special shows in the future. BTW: I don’t think anyone is happy there was an injury, just that it seemed almost inevitable.

  • Sandy

    I also believe that Giada was very rude to her fellow chefs. She talked over everyone that took part. She was very hungery for attention. She needs to growup some and be respectful of other peoples comments, and be respectful of the viewers. I’m sorry she cut her finger. I did not see it, by then I turned the channel. I do not watch her show anymore. I used to. I get the feeling that as long as the food looks beutiful that it must be good. Not always the case. I felt sorry for Ina who is one of my favorites, she is a beutiful lady. This “Thanksgiving” show was a complete disaster.

  • ♪★♥Granola♥★♪

    Hmm, watching it late Sunday(recorded) and very surprised at the relationships and how the chefs are interacting with each other. Not a fan so far. Very childish behavior and it seems to start with Giada and a dash of Alton. Some egos involved here. Ina must have been taken back by such antics. Suggest next year- drop Giada and bring Ree Drummond back with Ina and Bobby. Maybe they can act professionally and be nice to each other. The knives shouldn’t be the words and actions thrown at each other, but the tools to prepare dishes to share with the viewing public.

  • jazzlvr1211

    Giada’s ego has simply gotten too big, just like all the other FoodNetwork stars. For goodness sakes, they are just chefs, not rock stars. Giada acted unbelievably childish; and I cannot stand Ina’s nervous giggle. I still watch FN for shows like Restaurant Impossible, etc. But I just don’t watch the instructional cooking shows anymore. ALL of the network personalities have simply annoyed me to the breaking point! lol No wonder why Alton Brown seems to hate them all, deep down inside…..

  • DeeDee

    Giada – keep your fingers out of the food!!! And please do not pick food off of others people’s plate (Alton) with your fingers! Unsanitary and classless. You might want to try talking less and listening more. You’d think she was raised in a barn for goodness sakes!

  • JudiB

    The show was awful as most have mentioned. I saw very little of it before quickly turning it off because Giada just did not know when to keep her mouth shut. She did appear very “high” and and rude and egotistical. First I think when I heard her remark about whether to wear her glasses because her husband had called and told her to remove them, I pretty much felt at that moment I wanted to turn just her off off off. I had feeling that none of those personalities wanted to be there but were forced to per contracts. Food Network is really about $$$$$$$ and not any,more about cooking as evidenced by the crap they put on as shows. We, all on this page must realize this because our writing about quality of this show is evidence of that. Most of what this network puts out is geared to be on Comedy Central and not anything to do really with cooking or food. Game shows. Ina cooks, Bobby does some cooking (by the way I have followed some of his recipes…very good), Rhea Drummond cooks but as a whole Msybe one needs to find Javques Prpin, Ming Tsai and look to find real cooks somewhere, somehow other than the awful Food Network which is in place right now. What a disappointment it has become. And to those defenders of FN and Giada..that is your choice to continue to watch them as is many of our choice not to. So ultimately FN needs to be about food again and not corporate food network, I.e Food Network Game Network .

  • Don Feliciano

    I like Giada; her menus are certainly interesting and tasty. I’m not at all offended by her cleavage. Rumor has it that when she originally joined Food Network, her ratings were awful because she was so reserved. Supposedly she was told by the producers to start wearing clothes that showed her cleavage, as well as to be more animated. The rest is history.

    For the Thanksgiving show, however, she was a bit too chatty and tried to dominate. Poor taste. I’m sorry that she didn’t amputate her finger. Am I the only one who thinks she may have been drunk or consumed too much wine or champagne before the show?

  • http://Foodnetwork Holly

    Wow, so glad I’m not alone! Tried, honestly, to watch the show live last week-couldn’t take the tudes, frenetic energy, nor Giada’s teeth & glasses! I pretty much stopped watching FN all together-except for Chopped! Love Lidia Bastonovich; jacques Peppin, Cook’s Country and of course, the mamma of them all, Julia Child. Notice none of these true chefs shows are on FN? Curious!! And thr Next FN Star–/OMG-the ‘sandwich guy’, Melissa D’Arabian-snc her teeth, too, and their biggest ‘star’ DDD Guy – his Grocery Game show has got to be one of THE cheesiest shows ever created! Right up there with Beat the Clock! (Sorry, my age is showing! Lol) Please someone, created a cooking channel that actually has shows that teach how to cook! (Rachel Ray and her raspy voice has been banned from my house forever: horrible voice, let’s give her a TALK show.. really?!?!