German Zoophiles Sue Government Over Potential Bestiality Ban

    November 29, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Since 1969, zoophilia has been legal in Germany. Animal rights groups and mostly everybody else don’t particularly like that it’s legal, but it’s legal nonetheless. Now the German courts are looking to reverse that decision and ban zoophilia, but practitioners are fighting the proposed change.

The Guardian reports that the Zoophile Engagement for Tolerance and Information group is leading the lawsuit against the state to keep bestiality legal. The proposed law states that it’s in the animal’s best interest to ban the practice, and that engaging in sexual acts with animals is tantamount to abuse. Michael Kiok, chairman of ZETA, says that is just not true, and that they “don’t do anything that the animal doesn’t want.” He also adds that “animals are easier to understand than women” as a reason to keep the practice legal for the reported 100,000 zoophiles in Germany.

Animal rights groups are understandably happy with the law, but its reported that they are not happy that Germany is still refusing to address reported “animal welfare struggles” within the agriculture industry.

Kiok reiterated this feeling by saying that zoophiles are being used as a scapegoat to draw attention away from abuses within the agricultural industry. He feels that the state’s insistence on punishing zoophiles, but leaving the agriculture industry alone is a double standard.

Regardless of the lawsuit, it’s likely that zoophilia will be banned in Germany. The practice is illegal in many countries, and is at least frowned upon in those where it’s not. There’s still hope, however, as these German citizens can move to the US. The practice may be against the law in many states, but other states have no laws regarding the practice whatsoever, including my own state of Kentucky.

  • http://Yahoo Dolores Fabian

    Gross, gross, gross. Who is so desperate to condone bestiality. Never mind the animals have no say so, BUT who thinks of this crap? Which cop goes looking for offenders anyways – whether it’s legal or illegal? Does these people who condone this practice show there faces? I bet these people are the ones who are against gays!

  • Jacob

    I am purely amazed that this is even an issue ! Holy cow paddy – who in the world but a very strange individual would even consider such a thing ? My god, what do their families and friends think of them – what if their close associates don’t know and they are caught in the barn with their pants around their ankles ? Brings the term “Just horsing around ” a new meaning. What if someone is described as “sheepish “. When someone messes up it is referred to as “screwed the pooch “so in Germany this is LITERAL ? Yikes !

  • Louise

    These zoophiles are a serious health threat to the human race – people catch sexually transmitted diseases (zoonosis) from animals and it can spread across the globe. Gonorrhea and chlymedia are examples of this (cow diseases became human illnesses). Under this lawsuit – the same can be said of pedophiles as “their right” to sexually molest children.

  • Kathy

    They “don’t do anything the animals don’t want”….roflmao. How would they know that? Also noted the quote that they are easier to understand than women. Duh. So maybe this is part of the reason they don’t have a woman. Too busy in the barn. On the other hand, this is no different from the creeper who sits in front of a computer watching porn all of the time! Both disgusting.

  • Melanie

    I just read that many of the states in the USA are still allowing this… gag. In 2006 my home state of Washington just banned it. Why has this not been banned ages ago?? I hope Germany bans this sick and perverted practice.

  • Edi

    This is the most disgusting thing. There has to be something wrong with a country that has to address this issue or even think it’s ok to have sex with an animal. Geez.

    • P.Freyer

      I know what you mean.Just totally mind boggling. Woe to them.

  • P.Freyer

    Just 2 days ago in my state a man was convicted for having sex with a two month old, beating and then burning baby.I searched for the article online and a dozen or more stories of similar acts on infants came up. This kind of stuff including having sex with animals unleashes the wrath of God.Kingdoms have been destroyed for allowing this stuff.Half animal half human,sounds like in the days of Noah.(Matt 24:37)This is an indicator of his return.

    • James

      Of course!!

      The all seeing all knowing being in the sky, with the intergalactic zombie son, who doesn’t care about poverty, disease, famine and war but who does care about what part of your penis you chop off will be outraged.

  • Gail Carroll