George Zimmerman Trial Proposed Dismissal

    July 6, 2013
    Sarah Parrott
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The tragic death of Trayvon Martin has gripped the county for over a year, now, with interest at a new high due to the trial of George Zimmerman. Zimmerman is accused of fatally shooting Travyvon after an altercation in February of 2012. Popular belief is that Zimmerman, the head of the local neighborhood watch, followed Trayvon because he “looked suspicious,” and confronted him. Trayvon, scared and threatened, may have hit Zimmerman in an effort to flee, which prompted Zimmerman to shoot Trayvon in the chest, resulting in the youth’s death. The case blew up on the internet and, eventually, on national news networks, as well, spreading Trayvon’s story and Zimmerman’s face (and other information, as well). Zimmerman has received threats and other negative, sometimes maleficent feedback for nearly the entire time. Yet, even with this public outcry and the hoard of backlash against Zimmerman, the court case has taken a snake-like twist; Zimmerman’s lawyer requested a dismissal of the charges held against his client after the prosecution rested its case.

Yes, you read that correctly. The same defense that so brilliantly decided to open up with a knock-knock joke decided that it was also a good idea to try and have their client dismissed of all charges against him after the trial had only just begun. The reasoning behind the request to throw out the trial was because of the “enormous” amount of evidence that Zimmerman had been acting in self defense and the “lack” of circumstantial evidence presented by the prosecution to prove otherwise. The request was quickly overturned by the judge, but not before Rich Mantei of the defense so eloquently phrased what many have thought for a very long while; “There are two people involved here. One of them is dead and one of them is a liar.”

The liar in question is building his case on the basis of acting in self defense. The liar in question claims that he is in the right and protected under “stand your ground” laws that allow for the use of deadly force when threatened. The claims that a liar make are, in fact, known as lies, however, and despite the defense’s accusation of there being a lack of evidence, there is, in truth, a plethora of it. Zimmerman had very few injuries, and all were mild, requiring only BandAids, according to medical examiner Valerie Rao. That puts a mighty big dent in Zimmerman’s claim that he only shot after Trayvon repeatedly smashed his head into the concrete. The fatal shot was also delivered at close range, and there was no indication of much, if any, “defensive posturing” or contact from Trayvon’s autopsy. For a defense based on acting in self defense, the facts simply don’t add up to support the claim; it seems that the prosecution is in possession of “enormous” amounts of proof, while the defense fumbles with keeping even the simplest of stories straight.

What this seems to reveal, then, is a cornucopia of evidence that points towards Zimmerman actively and maliciously approaching Trayvon in a threatening and violent manner, when the young man was simply walking home with his skittles, hood up to defend himself from the rain. The evidence being supports the story of Zimmerman actively pursuing Trayvon with no prompting, of taunting and eventually murdering this young man who did nothing to deserve such an abrupt end to his life. Perhaps this explains why the defense tried to have the charges dropped and the case stopped; if you already know you have no case, why not try even the most cowardly of actions in a bid to hide the fact?

  • Raul Ledesma

    Does anybody see Zimmerman’s side of the story. Maybe just maybe he was being beaten badly and could have been killed, but defended himself. Maybe the so-called victim wasn’t an angel as portrayed by the media. The facts don’t point out that Martin was scared and running away, but that he hand Zimmerman on the floor and pounding him to death.

    • jay

      The story Zimmerman told don’t add up. Period. A broken nose doesn’t give a person a right to kill. When we start doing this? And why do I feel that if trayvon was white and George was black you Zimmerman supporters would feel the same. It hurts that people talk like they don’t know about the dead. Zimmerman’s side? What about Trayvon? Would you want your son profiled and stalked? Smh I guess maybe it should be legal to hunt down black people at night and kill them. Then cry self defense because a dead can’t talk.

  • DON

    That’s pure B.S. !
    The Fact is that Zimmerman sustained a broken nose,3 inch gash on back of skull, back injury + bruises & assorted facial cuts & contusions
    An Autopsy on Trayvon established that other than one gunshot wound ..the only other injury Trayvon had was 2 severely bruised fists
    The insanity is that the Vigilante Mob claims the guy who called 911 was a Murderer & the guy who called his Girlfriend instead of 911 & never asked her to call 911 or never even told her he felt threatened was the Victim

  • Ralph

    Like too many illiterate “writers” today, the socialists and leftists that work for these decrepit and phony “news” sites can’t spell worth a damn either. This is an open and shut case but the socialists don’t care about anything except to have a place to press their ill concepts and unending anger. Nothing satisfies them and their lust for ruination of a country is all that matters to them. Sarah Parrott is only capable of parroting uneducated, but fully propagandized leftist crap. She’s the type of person that is like the hags of the 70s through the 90s who used to use terms such as “macho” to negatively describe a man. Macho is clearly defined as being male. If they find something wrong with being male, then you have to know their minds are driven but the thoughts of others they follow. They don’t have enough education for themselves to think for themselves. Like most leftists, they can’t, don’t and will never think for themselves. They wait to be told what to think, how to think, what to feel after the thought is placed in their empty skulls, then how to react to it all. It’s also part of the disease of the socialists in the self-proclaimed institutions of higher learning.

    • Sarah Parrott

      “Illiterate writer” is probably my new favorite oxymoron. Thanks for giving me a smile, Ralph! c:

      • Dave Smyser

        Wow, Sarah is judge,jury and could be exacutioner!

      • edward

        Sarah, Your article is so ridiculously and completely slanted and biased I am surprised ano, shocked that you call your self a journalist. You should be calling yourself the propagandist of OZ. I am so very disappointed in Yahoo.I am incensed that they would publish such glossed over fiction. It is obvious to most of my fellow readers that your are highly unqualified to be impartial about anything, never mind an important emotionally charged case. May you suffer the same fate as the Brazilian Soccer Ref.

  • ralph

    The simple answer is that if Zimmerman would have died, this would have been a non-issue for the leftist communists that are desperate to control how we think. Note there are few stories and no specifics found about all the many killings in places like Chicago, Oakland, and New York. Why? because they are leftist strong holds. The people there are dying specifically because of the leftists. They want us all unarmed because of their fear of guns, inability to think and reason that criminals just love an unarmed public. Since the public in those cities are being killed by fully armed criminals, then that’s a good thing in their eyes so no stories there. But wherever they can find a juicy “some color” killed a black dude, now there’s a reason for them to justify their lives, existence, and over paid jobs that they can neither reason well at, nor can they spell worth a damn. I noticed that this posting area uses spell check, Madam Sarah Parrott should probably write all her stories via these comment post sections and keep their fingers crossed that their correct usage of a word or grammar aren’t also a huge problem because the comment section doesn’t correct that sad lapse in Ms. Sarah Parrott’s bullet riddled education

    • Sarah Parrott

      I’m terribly sorry! Did I make a spelling mistake somewhere? If you’ll point it out to me, I’d be more than happy to fix it. Hope you have a nice night, Ralph. c:

  • Habeas17

    Poorly written and obviously slanted article by writer who has not taken the time to do proper research on the applicable criminal procedure. The defense made a motion under Florida Criminal Procedural Rule 3.380 for acquittal, not dismissal, and it is a motion made in the majority of criminal trials by defense attorneys who actually know what they are doing. The “public outcry and the hoard [hoard? who edits you??] of backlash against Zimmerman” has nothing to do with criminal law and due process, and “the court case has [not] taken a snake-like twist”. What utter rubbish. When the State rested, it was time for a motion for acquittal. In this case, based purely upon the really half-assed case presented by the State, it should have been granted. But, if it had been, it would have foreclosed any appeal by the State because a granted motion of this type before jury deliberation and verdict does not allow for appeal under Florida law. If you are going to try to be a journalist, learn to do your research. Your bias is showing right now.

  • Don Kerr

    The fact that Sarah thinks she is a journalist is a joke. My 10 year old grandson could do a better job. Wake up Yahoo she is making you look bad!!

  • govskeptic

    The Press has had their own Vigilante Mob throughout this case and even
    after the dismal lack of proof the State was able to prove in this case,
    these so-called journalist at CNN & especially MSNBC and that entire
    network is keeping it going. The Judge should have excluded the 2nd
    degree murder portion of the case upon the defense motion. No proof.

  • Walter Kersten

    This whole thing could have been avoided if George Zimmerman would have listened to the police when he called them. He was specifically told to stand down and not to approach or confront Trayvon Martin. He instead ignored police and continued which led to the death of Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman is guilty for the fact that he ignored police orders and should be punished for that and because he ignored police orders he should be punished for Trayvon Martin’s death!!