George Zimmerman Spoofed on SNL Cold Open


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George Zimmerman made headlines once again this week when he was released from jail after posting his $9,000 bail. SNL decided to capitalize on Zimmerman being back in the headlines this weekend by opening its show with a spoof of Piers Morgan Tonight (with a spot-on impression of Morgan by Taran Killam), interviewing Zimmerman's girlfriend Samantha Scheiebe (played by Kate McKinnon).


"I just love it when it looks like a man's features have been sucked right into the middle of his face," Samantha (McKinnion) says in the sketch.

Next, Piers (Killam) talks with a not-so-bright Florida Police Chief brought to life by staple cast member Bobby Moynihan. When asked how it's going down in Florida, Moynihan says, "I'm a police officer in Florida, how do you think it's going?"

Finally, in arguably the funniest bit, Piers speaks to George Zimmer, the founder of Men's Wearhouse, about being confused with the other famous George. "I do not like the way he's making me look," Zimmer (Beck Bennet) says. "He's dragging the first two-thirds of my name through the mud." Bennet, a featured player this season, holds his weight in the sketch, delivering the Men's Wearhouse famous slogan "I guarantee it" as a perfect punchline.


Saturday Night Live is currently in its 39th season.

Image via Hulu