George Zimmerman is Out of Money and Living in Hiding

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George Zimmerman is in hiding and nearly broke, his lawyer, Mark O’Mara, said this week. In a statement to the Orlando Sentinel, O’Mara stated that Zimmerman’s legal-defense fund is down to around $50,000, with around $20,000 in payments due. Zimmerman was able to raise over $200,000 in donations through a website he set up earlier this year. O’Mara stated that a declaration of indigency would likely be needed for Zimmerman, meaning the state of Florida would pay for his legal defense. “The money is not coming in all that strongly right now,” said O’Mara.

According to what O’Mara told the Orlando Sentinel, Zimmerman and his wife are currently jobless and living “in hiding” somewhere in Seminole County, Florida. O’Mara said that the couple fears for their lives and that Zimmerman is living “as a hermit” and “not doing well.” O’Mara intends to ask the courts to allow Zimmerman to move out of the county.

Zimmerman is standing trial for the death of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed 17-year-old that Zimmerman shot in late February. Zimmerman claims that he shot Martin in self-defense. Prosecutors claim that Zimmerman followed Martin before the shooting because of Martin’s race.

The fact that Martin was black has sparked racial tensions in Central Florida and throughout the U.S. The shooting has inspired rallies and protests in which participants wear hoodies, which are symbolic of the clothing Martin was wearing the night he was shot. Also controversial is Florida’s “stand your ground” law, which allows a person to use deadly force in self-defense without having to first attempt a retreat.

O’Mara also announced this week that he intends to appeal Judge Kenneth Lester Jr.’s decision to stay on the case. O’Mara had requested that Lester be taken off the case after the judge called Zimmerman a “manipulator” for trying to hide money before a bond hearing.

O’Mara estimated it will be at least five months before a “stand your ground” or self-defense immunity hearing can commence.

George Zimmerman is Out of Money and Living in Hiding
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  • robby barnes

    Good hurry and get broke go to jail and do your time.

  • Mari

    You went from A to Z with Zimmerman and Martin on the ground. Martin was innocently walking home, and Zimmerman’s choices got him to the fight which ended Martin’s life and ruined Zimmerman’s life.

  • Mari

    to sick of afrocrap
    You are a miserable “person” full of hate and ignorance

    • http://yahoo Kevin

      The real issue here is there may have been no crime at all if he shot Trevon Martin in self-defense. I believe in the presumption of innocence. I find it the height of hypocracy when the same civil rights leaders who came to OJ’s defense are the same condemning George Zimmerman before he has a chance to put on his defense.

      • meno

        afrocrap is mad beacause he is a little gay man,nasty

  • Jasmine

    Wow people get over the whole race issue. People of all races commit crimes. It was a white man who shot up that movie theater in CO. It was a black man who was the DC sniper. Mexican men kill, lie, cheat, and steal. Indian men, asian men, EVERY RACE, EVERY GENDER, EVERYBODY COMMITS CRIMES. George Zimmeman killed Trayvon and he needs to face the time. End of story.

    • Samuel

      Blacks are 12% of the population and commit 50% of serious crime. Why? I do not know! Do you? But do the research. I am sure there are plenty of liberal buffoons who will offer excuses for this behaviour!

      • Wonderwoman

        Samuel, actually you are wrong.. Whites do more crimes such as white collar; rape; burglary; arson; and auto theft. When dealing drugs they are more at the top of the chain than being the actual sellers. African-American’s and Hispanics do more drug related crimes to include auto-theft; as well, it seems to be a difference here that Asian’s have moved up the ladder to auto-thefts; because it works great for them.. Its not about race however, because crime is crime; rather you are at the top or the bottom.

      • meno

        what do you call serious crimes beacause the last time i checked the white man is a serial killer.child molester.i am not making this up sorry little white man.they kill and eat people jeffery dahmaner,john wayne casey etc.do you research before you blame other people for your crimes.the most insecure people are the most judgemental



  • http://yahoo co.girl

    it is mighty nice of his lawyer to led us pay for his defense. You’d think he would reduce his costs, after all he will make a windfall in publicity from this case!!!!!!

  • Parker

    Zimmerman’s hispanic, even talks spanish on his website, why all the black people explode with hate on whitey over this????

    • rex arnold

      It will be a great day to see this racist child killing piece of shit in jail where he will get a foot long up his ass for the rest of his miserable life

      • Gustyj

        The kid was a drug sealer and Thief and they show him in a photo that is 10 years old, too bad Zimmmerman could not have killed a could million of them.

        • Ellie May

          Kid was a drug sealer ?? did he work at Eli Lilly doing this? minimum wage sealing the drugs … lmao

    • george z

      maybe cause he looks more white than hispanic to some blacks…

  • paul

    I wonder if Zimmerman has been living high on the hog with all the donated money? They say he is out of money. I wonder if he is a spend thrift?

  • Girard T.

    After Zimmerman is likely acquitted, he will have a book and maybe movie and make millions. Sad, but that’s how things work.

    • Ellie May

      George is going to prison and will never make millions at anything, this guy is a loser a liar and a criminal.

      • Samuel

        George Zimmerman is innocent. He will remain innocent up to the day that he is ever convicted.Do you morons not know of the presumption of innocence. It is fundamental. None of you were there, so your reports are based on rank hearsay. His guilt or innocence will be resolved by a jury listening to competent evidence not by you clowns and buffoons. By the way folks, if the jury has a reasonable doubt as to his guilt, they are required to find him NOT GUILTY!!

        • Wonderwoman

          Samuel, you are 100% correct. The only problem that I see with this entire case, is finding a jury of his peers who will listen strictly to the evidence… It is important that this case is done right; and for me that means he must be held accountable, but on the right level; no pre-judgment, but listen for the evidence…

  • Sierra11

    Zimmerman murdered this teen, he used a semi automatic gun that requires pulling to c *ock the gun. How did he accomplish this task in the “postion” he claims he was in?

    • frednc

      Good point, did not know that

  • Jack Webb

    All George Zimmerman did was waste another homey /future thug of america.

    • Wonderwoman

      Mr. Webb,

      How do you know this? Just because a person looks a certain way, does not mean they will never achieve anything in life.. I wonder how you would feel if it was a young “SCHOLAR” he had killed instead….

    • meno

      what are doing on here anyeays go back to work at mcdonald’s.but don’t rape no child on the way.scum

  • ozzie mitchell

    Part 1 of 6

    Our family has two parents and grandparents that are white and our children are white. Criminal Defendant George Zimmerman is not a white person, he is a half Peruvian and half white which makes him neither and not deserving of any money from either group, especially because he cold-bloodedly killed a kid when he could have simply stayed in his car or went home. With a Peruvian hothead, Zimmerman was a bully who arrogantly stalked that unarmed kid and then tried hide behind a self-defense claim. The Stand Your Ground self defense law was to protect people like the victim, obviously not the stalker who had all of the time in the world to leave the scene. However, he tried to play cowboy, and tried to stir up trouble that never existed in the first place because the kid was headed home with snacks talking to a female friend.

    Thank god the kid (victim) got a few licks in before he was murdered. I would wa nt our kids to do the same thing if they were fighting for their lives at night against a crazy stranger with a gun stalking them. The Stand Your Ground law nor the 2nd amendment is on trial here. Only Criminal Defendant George Zimmerman is on trial for arrogantly interrupting the free constitutional right of an American teenager to return home to his family without fear of being accosted.

    As for the kid being black, white, or blue, he did not deserve to be stalked by an adult bully and killed when he stood his ground against a person not legally authorized to stop them. Even a police officer has to follow the law for a stop and frisk search, and that is only when immediate probable cause circumstances existed that led to believe that a crime had been committed and the suspect stopped carried out the crime. There was no immediate crime of a break in that tragic night, so really we cannot speculate about the defendant was talking about from previous incidents. That had absolutely nothing to do with this teenage kid headed back home.

    George Zimmerman, not being a police officer or federal officer, had no legitimate police powers and legal right to pursue anyone that night. He was not even a vigilante because that night and hour was not inside the scope of an immediate crime. Zimmerman simply took it upon himself to play hothead with a gun, arrogantly dove into a situation that did not threaten his or anyone else’s safety, created a dangerous situation…to justify using his gun. When the bullied Martin kid in self defense protected himself from the bully—who realized that the kid was not just going to let the defendant beat and shove him around—Zimmerman exaggeratingly screamed out for help and then shot the kid.

    Even at that point he could have shoved that kid away, stood up, drew his gun and walked away safely. Obviously, an unarmed kid or adult would not pursue him. No, it appears that the defendant want to prove what a big man with a gun he was and that

  • ozzie mitchell

    Part 2 of 6

    was why he arrogantly and ignored the police when they told him to stand down. But for George Zimmerman playing an arrogant man with a gun, refusing to follow police instructions, and stalking an innocent unarmed teenager, none of these tragic events would have occurred.

    However, they did occur and defendant Zimmerman must pay that price for hotheadedness and deliberately instigating/provoking a fight that he—alone set in motion.

    As responsible parents we always tell our children, if stalked by a stranger to run away, hide, and if cornered fight like hell to protect yourself, especially in a society where millions children have been stalked and killed and end up on milk cartons. Victim Martin was on his cell phone, told a friend on the other end that someone was following him from a car, took his friends advice and tried to run away from the stalker. The stalker chased him, the kid got away from him, but the stalker re-emerged, and the kid protected himself and stood his ground, just as parents we want our kids to do. The kid’s mind being stalked must have been racing a thousand miles a minute when accosted by the stranger, especially with a gun. He had to be freaked out. Even an adult would be.

    The bottom line, victim Martin was in his right place visiting with his father and Zimmerman deliberately refused to obey the instructions of the police—and did the wrong thing.

    Zimmerman, self-appointed himself with an official authority to police—stop and frisk/inquire even greater in constitutional powers than the powers ordinarily give to police and federal agents, when there was no crime, and no probable cause to believe that the teenager Martin was engaged in any thing of that nature. He was just “a black kid” who happened to be walking home after buying snacks, which means he could have been any other black kid, and Zimmerman still would have racially profiled him and did the same thing he did that night.

    If there had been a crime of a break in that night, a witness saw the victim running away from that crime, and if Zimmerman had been a police officer, there would have been probable cause to, at least, stop and make inquiries to make sure the suspect was correct. However, none of this was the case.

    Zimmerman self-appointed himself judge, jury, and executioner…and stalked and killed a teenage kid for no other reason than he was black
    and the defendant Zimmerman that he could game the Stand Your Ground laws and his judge father to get away with a crime of bullying with a gun, just as he did in the

  • ozzie mitchell

    Part 3 of 6

    past to game the system and get away with assaulting both a policeman and ex-fiancee.

    Combine those events with the perjury lies he told surrounding the collected donations and the fact that he slickly duped his wife Shelley into trying to game the judicial system with lies, and even a judge can rule during a hearing that George Zimmerman has proven to be an escalating and recidivist menace to society in both Virginia and Florida.

    Furthermore, his lawyer, seems to be coming dangerously close to the textbook definition of unethically violating bar rules on coaching his client on gaming and cheating the judicial system and the American public out of donation money by telling lies and half truths.

    The public should not be required to pay the legal bills of any person who murders another person—especially kid. Zimmerman got lucky that he quickly set up a website and duped the money out of the public before they started hearing evidence and allegations of trying to hide the cash donations, violate the bail and escape the jurisdiction, sexually molesting a family member, and a long list of other criminal activities.

    Now Zimmerman is realizing that the American public is seeing through the website scams and his possibly trying to jump bail and flee to another country, the public is stopping their donations.

    Honest and decent people obey police instructions to stand down. Honest and decent people do not kill people when they (themselves) have a gun to protect themselves while they are going to a place of safety. Moreover, they certainly do not leave a car of safety to walk towards danger—if there is real danger—unless they are intentionally looking for trouble.

    Honest and decent people do not lie to judges and slickly conspire with a wife to hide funds from the court.
    And usually, honest people, horrified that they took another life, do not usually have the presence of mind to think up a website donor scheme, they never trying to make a lot of cash from an unsuspecting public—only told a few or half the facts, that makes the defendant look like he was “genuinely acting in self-defense”.

    Even how Zimmermann carefully phrased the website words to ask the public if they were attacked, would they not defend themselves? It was a deceitful way to design the question, because anyone would answer yes to exercising their right to defend

  • ozzie mitchell

    Part 4 of 6

    themselves—even the parents of the victim. However, when all of the facts were in they would obviously not do what Zimmerman did. That was precisely why Zimmerman, almost with lightning speed, created a website to dupe the public before they knew ALL of the facts about his past assaults, racially bullying others, sexually molesting a female relative, etc.

    Given the lightning speed and adeptness of the website wording or solicitation for donations, a reasonable might conclude that George Zimmerman was “guided” by a family member in the legal profession (i.e. his judge father Robert Zimmerman) or his present lawyer O’Mara who stands to “benefit the most” from these public donations—which in and of itself is unethical and strong conflict of interest that should lead to disbarment.

    In addition, legal defense funds should not include security because most defendants do not need daily security. And if Zimmerman feels that threatened then perhaps the FBI should investigate and arrest threatening callers (if there is credible evidence). However, if the defendant is hiding then “who” could know where he is living?

    And if it is discovered that Zimmerman is instructing “those few black friends” he said he has or other friends or family members to “intentionally make threatening phone calls to justify the payment of security—or moving out of the county, then the judge and DAs office should immediately and permanently revoke his bail, throw him in jail again—along with those who aided in the deception, and add additional counts against him and them for felony criminal obstruction of justice with a mandatory 5-year sentence.

    Just like Zimmerman created the circumstances of leaving the car and safety zone that provoked the murder of the Martin kid, gamed the system with perjury to create the illusion that he had no money, it is extremely likely that Zimmerman or his judge father is having people call to make threats against him to create the illusion that he has to be allowed to escape to another jurisdiction outside of Florida.

    His father-judge may be pretending to be estranged from his son, but really helping him to escape the payment of justice just like he did several times before over the years.

    Judge Lester needs to speak to the press and have published, again, the conditions of Zimmerman’s bail, as well as a strong warning of many years of imprisonment for anyone that aids or abets George Zimmerman to further deceive the court, flee the

  • ozzie mitchell

    Part 5 of 6

    jurisdiction, and perpetuate the lie that he is being threatened by people in the public, and make sure that former Judge Zimmerman, too, will not be allowed to use his former relationship with judges and law enforcement to game the system or he too will find himself in prison.

    Lastly, if defendant Zimmerman is running out of money, he should turn himself to stay in jail until the trial. Or ask his judge father for the money. That estranged story seems to have been cooked up to justify why his own father and mother are not using their money if they believe their son is really innocent.

    Furthermore, his lawyer can do the case pro bono, if, again, he believes in the innocence of his client which he has touted so often in the press.

    And if Zimmerman is too indigent then he should agree to turn himself in to await trial in jail and accept a public defender to represent him.

    Moreover, any and all websites for donations should be shut down and only reopened after the verdict of the criminal case is in—after the public gets to hear all of the facts and witnesses. Right now, they do not know what the defense or prosecutors know and should be allowed to protect their money—even if 5-10 bucks.

    After a verdict is in, the public can donate money. However, if Zimmerman is found guilty then the public should have the right to refuse to donate their money to any legal defense fund or to get their money back from Zimmerman with interest from the date of the arrival of the donation.

    Again, if Zimmerman needs security, the best security is in jail. If the victim is inconvenient and uncomfortable, then certainly a jail cell, as Spartan as it is, is still more comfortable than a coffin where the victim is.

    Zimmerman is a criminal defendant in a murder trial, not sitting and waiting for Christmas Day or waiting to go to prom. He is waiting to be judged for the very serious crime of murder.

    No new judges whom the defendant can lie to or game. No criminals on trial for murder like their judges, so complaining about Judge Lester being gratuitous with his negative critique of defendant Zimmerman is not compelling, wrong, or appealable, especially given the conspiratorial lie told between the defendant, his wife, and parents to get a low bail.

  • ozzie mitchell

    Part 6 of 6

    Furthermore, there should be to changes to another jurisdiction so he can escape with hidden money to another country. This case has become so noteworthy, that only mummy would not have heard of it, so Florida courts and jurors are just as good as those in other jurisdictions. No timely slick firing of this defendant lawyer and selection of last minute new lawyers to delay the trial time indefinitely.

    I do not believe that there has been an orchestrated ruse on the part of the judge or DA’s office to give the “appearance” of being judicious and diligent in prosecuting George Zimmerman—out of nepotism because his father is a judge. Because the DOJ and the FBI hate crooked judges/police and DAs, as well as murderers and would not hesitate for a minute to put them all in federal prison for decades for egregious civil rights violations and criminal conspiracies.

    Judge Lester has done a fine job and so has the DA, so we only pray that they remember the spirit of the following maxim of law:

    Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum
    (“Let justice be done though the heavens fall.”)

    Even if murderer defendant George Zimmerman’s world must crash…justice must prevail….because the world of the teenage victim is already gone simply because of the ego of a hubristic man with a gun….
    That is a dangerous ego that American society and young teenagers have to be protected from and precisely why…George Zimmerman must pay for his crime of murder in the 2nd degree….

  • ozzie mitchell

    Part 1 of 10

    Shellie Zimmerman, this is your time to get your own lawyer, go the state prosecutor and cut your own deal. Your husband and defendant George Zimmerman is going to prison many years (20-years to life) for killing an innocent kid he had more than enough time to avoid killing. Despite the police ordering him to stop, he left the safety of his ca, stalked the kid, provoked a fight, and when the younger kid defended himself from a stranger (not a policeman) with a gun, your husband George Zimmerman shot and killed him. Who knows whether he did not like blacks and Mexicans, had a hot-head, or a combination of both, the bottom line George Zimmerman killed a human being because he was too arrogant to stay in his car.

    Obviously, he displayed the same arrogant hot headed pattern of violence by beating his ex-fiancee and assaulting a police officer who will all be called to testify against G. Zimmerman at his

  • ozzie mitchell

    Part 2 of 10
    trial. The court and the jury will not care anything about him being an altar boy, or attending a religious school as a child, or that he tutored black kids because all that matters in the eyes of the law is that he arrogantly stalked someone, used a dangerous weapon, and killed them.

    Any human being accosted on the streets by a stranger/stalker (and not a bona fide cop) is going to behave just like the teenager Trayvon Martin and try to physically defend himself from being shoved around and bullied by defendant George Zimmerman. Therefore, any beating that caused George Zimmerman to shed blood will be dismissed because HE WAS THE ONE WHO STALKED THE BOY, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.
    Your husband George Zimmerman is lying to you about the Stand Your Ground Florida law. Even the State Senator who wrote the law went on public television and said that the intent of the law was to protect someone who was stalked and threatened on the street (like the innocent teenager who was going home and talking to a friend on a mobile phone), not the person who did the stalking and killed someone. You do not

  • ozzie mitchell

    Part 3 of 10
    have to be a nursing graduate to understand that English. The law was designed to protect someone like Martin who was killed, not your husband. Again, he and his lawyer are both lying to you. The lawyer wants to get paid, and your husband is paying him to keep him out of jail, even if that means twisting the truth.

    It was not important that the boy, Trayvon Martin was black and that a small group of black crazy kids broke in to some homes in that community before. Latinos men and women have committed crimes before, but that does not give people the right to shoot them, or anyone else that looked Latino, such as yourself. The KKK is a white racist organization that wrongly killed tens of thousands of blacks, but blacks have not gone throughout the streets of America killing whites because they shared the same color with the KKK. So clearly George Zimmerman racially profiled the Martin kid, because he was black. Accosted him, provoked him, and when the boy legitimately in fear for his life from a man with a gun (Zimmerman) defended himself, and Zimmerman killed him.

  • ozzie mitchell

    Part 4 of 10

    So, Shellie Zimmerman, if you were walking the streets tomorrow night, and someone approached and shot you because you were Latino, or just because you were married to G. Zimmerman or associated with him, how would you feel? Wouldn’t you feel that it was unfair to you? Just as Trayvon Martin would feel that it was unfair for armed George Zimmerman to accost him because he just happened to be the same color as some kids in the hood who broke in before? Clearly, George Zimmerman was wrong—dead wrong…and given the decision in the recent Texas case with the defendant claiming self-defense and being found guilty, can’t you see that George Zimmerman in all likelihood, is going to prison for a very long time. No court judge or senator can allow a defendant on the street to stalk or provoke a fight and then cold-bloodedly kill someone. The greater good must protect society, not someone who stalked, bullied, provoked and killed.

    So ask yourself, what are you going to do for 20-years or longer if a federal hate crime trial follows this first criminal trial

  • ozzie mitchell

    Part 5 of 10
    of guilty? And do not forget, even with an unlikely not-guilty verdict, George Zimmerman (and his wife and family) will still be sued in civil court for wrongful death by the Martin family (as well they should just like any other white parent), which does not have to meet the same criteria of intent.

    They only have to prove that a wrongful death occurred, that could have been avoided, but G. Zimmerman acted so reckless and dangerous by provoking the fight that led to the death that he must be held liable. It is guaranteed, that the lawsuit will be in the millions of U.S. dollars and as you and your husband will be jointly and separately liable to pay those damages, you will be wiped out financially (including any future children needing grants or loans for college), especially because a legal judgment will screw up your credit—forever, even if you declare yourself bankrupt the financial judgment will stay on your credit report.

    Shellie: No matter how you slice it, you are in the worst possible nightmare of your life. You married a killer and a liar, who is already dragging you down and having you face criminal charges for lying to the court and aiding and abetting his trying

    • http://www.yahoo.com d martin

      sorry you screwed up disobeyed officers command hardhead makes soft assssss

    • http://www.yahoo.com don martin

      sorry hard head man did not obey officers

  • ozzie mitchell

    Part 6 of 10
    to hide money to escape with. These are the clear words of the judge. You are facing five years in prison for perjury. That is a very serious matter that you had better consider.

    The smart move would be to go out by yourself without telling anyone, find your own criminal lawyer, go to the Florida prosecutor (who can also get you private protection for federal marshals and a room away from the Zimmerman family) and cut a deal (by giving them evidence of George’s desire to threaten and kill blacks, and his hate for Mexicans and Arabs, and to trick people out of their donation money to the legal fund) to prosecute and convict defendant George Zimmerman for murder and then for the federal hate crime charge.

    And for God’s sake, please do not let George Zimmerman slickly get you pregnant and stick you with a baby that you will have to take care of for many years while he is in prison. There is nothing worse, than a child visiting a parent in a prison. Just watch the news and topics about that very horrible situation for kids with parents locked up. So get on the pill, and don’t let him

    • http://www.yahoo.com d martin

      sorry hardhead man

  • ozzie mitchell

    Part 7 of 10
    sexually touch you until it’s working, and forget about condoms he can put a hole in them so that they don’t work. If you are already pregnant, you get out of that Zimmerman house and abort that child because if not that child and you will be stuck with a jail bird father the rest of your life. Because when he gets out of prison, his life will be ruined, but not yours. Be smart, and listen before he dupes you again. You know how George Zimmerman thinks he is slick and even tried to pull the wool over the judge and prosecutors eyes, until they caught his lies, and unfortunately yours.

    Do not screw up. Before your perjury trial/hearing, get out of that Zimmerman house and say you have to stay with a relative or friend. Do what you have to do to protect yourself. Do not tell George Zimmerman where you are. Find a criminal lawyer, and if you do not know one, contact the Office of the local U.S. Attorney office working on the Trayvon Martin case and ask them do they know the name of a good criminal lawyer that is not friends with the defendant’s lawyer. That way they will protect you from George Zimmerman and the tricks of his lawyer.

  • ozzie mitchell

    Part 8 of 10

    And once you leave the house, never call or return again, so that the Zimmerman’s cannot track you by phone, and advise your lawyer not to make calls from his phone so that they cannot track you there. And if the U.S. Attorney’s Office helps you they will give you armed federal witness protection marshals who will keep you safe. And if judge Robert Zimmerman attempts to use his crony friends who are jurists and in the government, the U.S. Attorney will put him in prison, too, for obstruction of justice and other related crimes, especially those involving a conspiracy by the ex-judge to help George Zimmerman.

    So do it Shellie Zimmerman, get out of the Zimmerman house and find a very safe place, and contact the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the state of Florida and they will help and protect you, immediately. And when you get your own lawyer, preferably a Mexican female lawyer, immediately seek a divorce from George Zimmerman because once the final criminal verdict of guilty comes down, and even worse the multimillion dollar lawsuit, you will be financially responsible for George’s debt.

  • ozzie mitchell

    Part 9 of 10
    Get your own lawyer through the U.S. Attorney’s Office (only). Give evidence to the prosecution to help the conviction, do the right thing and join forces with the Martin family’s lawyer, get divorced, change your name, protect yourself, and when the trials are all finished move away and start your life over again. And never look back.

    Later, you can even sue George in court for extreme emotional distress for pressuring you to lie and damaging your image with a reckless murder. That will even entitle you (and the Martin’s) to collect most or all of the payments and royalties, if George Zimmerman and his conniving father tries to get a book, TV, or movie deal.

    Additionally, if your own parents and family disagrees with this plan then, to hell with them, because only you are facing prison and a huge civil lawsuit debt as a spouse, not them. And forget the racist KKK commenters because they are not going to prison

  • ozzie mitchell

    Part 10 of 10
    and getting their credit reports destroyed…you are.

    George Zimmerman’s life was over the minute he foolishly bought that gun that he did not need and then killed that boy. Just think, you could have had a good 4th of July eating delicious food and not worried about anything but your future as a nurse. However, George Zimmerman and all of his arrogance and foolish pride, and racist words, ruined your 4th of July, and if you don’t secretly get out of that house and protect yourself, he will destroy many of your future 4th of Julys.

    Too many women have gone down and lost everything because of foolish men. Do not be a fool for George Zimmerman. Good men do not go out and hunt down teenagers to shoot and kill them…but bullies do…and that is why they go to prison.
    Stay safe Shellie Zimmerman…and Godspeed.

    • cori t

      ozzie mitchell the entire world is dumber for reading your post

  • d martin

    he should have did what police said he was not the police all he was a neib-hood watch he screwed his life up ”could have been laying up with his wife bottomline he disobeyed authority ”

  • dleonard

    so i guess this scumbag douche lawyer doesn’t take high profile cases probono he needs to castrate himself

    • Raw

      They need to and should had taken his money and gave it to Trayvons Parents,zimmerman wanted to be a cop so bad he finally got a liscence and tried at any cost to use it n someone black the proof is in the pudding of all the phone calls he made to the police it was always a black person he was calling about,when he called they told zimmerman to stand down and he still took it upon him self to take matters into his own hands.Trayvon did what anyoneelse would of done try and defend himself this wasnt a stand your ground law they should be using this is a law they need to look into zimmerman stalked and killed this young man and tried to use his gun liscence to back him up.I hope you rot in prison with bubba Zimmerman,

  • tom

    could it be he’s out of money because he has paid it all to his lawyer? just askin’.

  • Bob

    So in Ozzie’s logic….If I feel I am being followed but not confronted,threatened or provoked in any way; only followed, I have the right to turn around and deliver an ass kicking? No, I would be in the pokey with George for that with a nice felony assault tacked on. Sad fact of the matter is, they both succumbed to stupidity, pride and arrogance and the poor kid had to pay for it with his life. Zimmerman by his continued surveilance and Trayvon thinking he is tougher than he was, confronting and starting a fight and being on the wrong end of a 9MM……… End of story, Crazy Ozzie. If I turned around and beat up everybody that followed me, looked at me wrong etc during the day I would be in prison for 50 life terms…..

  • Sick of Afrocrap

    To Deborah and Mari. FYI I hold a Master’s Degree in Psycology. I’m so happy I’m gay and I’v EARNED so much money that misery is no longer in my vocabulary. Facts are Fact. So maybe take a good long look in a mirror…observe you family members or Homies and get your own grip on reality. ANNND..yes it was the African Cheifs who pointed out the “merchandise” to the slave traders when they arrived on the west coast of Africa. Eventually the business of selling of their family and friends got so lucrative to these Cheifs that “they” built a prison on the beach to hold their stock til the traders arrived. SOOO…look to yourselves for the plight of the black man!

    • Wonderwoman

      @ Sick of Afrocrap… Holding a Master’s in Psychology, doesn’t mean that you know personally the plight of the black family, man, rather they be a slave or not. You understand what books have taught you, not what you know for (FACT) you were neither there nor given direct information from the source… meaning a former slave-trader or slave… Until you know and understand the plight of a black man you have no clue… As for being gay, I applaude you for acknowledging who you are as a person, because it does not mean you are any less of a person… So, that there is a better understanding; its truly not about “race” for me concerning Mr. Zimmerman; its about did he have the right to take a “LIFE”… You are sick of Afrocrap; but walk a mile in a blackman’s shoes and I am sure you will feel different.. Being Black, Gay, and Educated… See how long your opinion matters to those who make the rules,sanctions, and laws… It won’t matter…

      • Sick of Afrocrap

        To Wonder Woman..I grew up innercity, had and still have black friends and yes we have had talks about the following topic..The difference between a black (person) and a n—–. Yes in racially mixed company we have used that word. We also know the definition. As for the black people who have been in my life (all the way back to Kindergarten) most are sucessful respected contribting members of society and some of them are in prison. It’s what the black individual chooses to make of themselves!

    • meno

      you are going to hell sleeping with men you nasty piece of crap.don’t you got the nerve to judge somebody.every one was a slave one way or another,you stupid little bald white man.i rather be someone of color than no coloy.the most insecure person is the most judgemental.

      • Sick of Afrocrap

        Tom Meno What, are you with the Westboro Baptist Church or something. Re-read what you just posted. But who’s judging.

    • john

      that explains it all. show me one phycologist that is not a nut! lol. and your post proves my point. you could have simply been honest and said hey america ” im a rasist” end of story.

  • Lucie D

    But he’s living!

    • bob

      lucie d he’s living in HELL on EARTH because he carries the MARK of CAIN for KILLING HIS BROTHER!

  • Gbree

    what a whiner, he’s walking this earth he could be under it.

    • bob


  • floydhowardjr

    This is part of the last ditch efforts of the Obama Democrats and their criminal press and their (lL)Legal Ambulance chasers. They will stoop to any subterfuge, fabricate any slander and murder by proxy, physically and ethically. Zimmermans response should be how can I get my life back and 2 billion dollars that the liberal press owes me for bringing horrendous, egregious defamation of character that may be terminal for him. Shame on the (In)Justice Department for their renegade political hits. To all people I say we have to hold responsible those who use this to foment race war. War it is. War it shall be, unless responsible citizens stop the madness. Is this the country we leave our progeny?

    • day


  • meno

    if he was so innocent he would not be going threw the hoops.GOD IS ALWAYS ON HIS WATCH.

    • bob

      floyhowardjr. Screw zimmerman’s race yes he is himself a man of color…………….BUT he is a PHYCHOPATH & a SNAKE ……SNAKES come in ALL COLORS! ….zimmerman is SLITHERING & HIDINDG!………… That is his REPTILIAN NATURE! ….Were you one of those IDOITS who sent him money?…………EMPTY your pockets and let SATAN ROB YOU BLIND!…………A-HOLE!

    • bob

      1000000 THUMBS UO MENO!

  • letemhaveit

    There are other people who need $$ but they do without …….why does someone have to help him……he is a man get out and work…….don’t quit your job before you get another……..GZ has conned America…….give to the Colorado victims and let George figure it out ……..that’s what real men do……..If this were Travon would we start funds and give ……no Travon would have to seek a court appointed attorney and work at McDonalds……..

  • Leroy M.

    Now let me get this right. I’m a 6’4″ Black Man from California. We(my family) travel to Flordia for a Disney World vacation. I get lost alone the way. I stop in a small town and approach an elderly couple in a car with a map rolled up in my hand. I’m shot dead six feet from the car they were in. Can this really happen in Flordia?
    Next time the family and I go to Disney World I’ll be packin just let that Rat come running up to me trying to touch my kid I’m shooting it. Hey I’m standing my ground

  • roguesmoker

    Good he needs to be in jail and get gang raped until he no longer exists.

  • biggbull30


    • http://Yahoo Edmonia

      Take one to know one and since you spoke on look into a mirror
      you idiots keep on send zipperman your mother money.

    • john

      l o l send him some money then tard. ohyea post your real name so your friends know who you really are. si ssy

    • john

      oh yea ! fu ck you and george zimmerman!

  • Margaret

    ozzie mitchell needs to get a life

  • http://Yahoo Edmonia

    Out of money…. Tuff titi get a job like the rest of us, then go and find out where your sister and wife hid the money remember you told them to put in secret account and paid off your car ,rent and charge cards guess you forgot now you begging for people to give you more , you took a life hope when you close your eyes everynight you see Trayon still think your top flight security.

  • john

    are we seriously reading this? didnt they just pay off cell phone bills and credit cards with the 100k they had? so as i would tell my child its time to grow up. life is not free. and now the fact that even his suporters relise he is a duch e bag. he gets what he deserves. ask his fbi buddy to help him out.

  • Gregory Smith

    If a donor gives you money then they may as well give money to James Homes too. I wish you would have used the STAND YOUR GROUND DEFENSE, then you would have had to take the stand. Taking the stand in your bail hearing was a CHEAP SHOT, the same kind of shot you use to kill Trayvon. Using self defense due to a broken nose, your present defense, is a dud too. We all know the only reason you decided to go to the docotr is because, your job told you, you needed an excuse for your absence. As far as needing money, you and your wife can stay with O’mara’s family or on one of his properties and for your defense, O’mara will get his wages in publicity. You have some nerve asking the public for their cash! Donations can better be given to charities involving children and the elderly, but you and your lawyerwouldn’t understand that. I hope your wife gets the five years she deserves because she lied to the judge’s face intentionally. And wow now you want another judge because he’s not what you thought he would be. I personally wish you a life of misery! If I thought you had human qualities my wish would be different. To me you are just an arrogant, selfish SOB, just life Mr. James Holmes.

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