George Strait Farewell Tour Doesn’t Mean End Of Career

    September 27, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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George Strait may be bringing his touring days to an end, but he wants fans to know that it doesn’t mean he’s ready to stop making albums.

Strait, 60, has decided to call it quits when it comes to criss-crossing the country, saying he’d always had a stopping point in mind and that he wants to quit while he’s ahead in the game.

“I think I made the right decision. In 2016 I might say ‘What a dummy,’” he said.

The country crooner doesn’t want his fans to think he’s deserting them, however, and is fairly itching to get back into the studio to record. He’ll do so in a couple of weeks and says he has zero plans of giving up that aspect of his career, insisting he’ll make records for as long as his label will let him.

Strait, who holds a record 59 number one hits, has been closing out his concerts with “The Cowboy Rides Away” for several years. Now, it’s the name he’s bestowed upon the last tour he’ll ever make, which will encompass 40 cities and features Martina McBride as the opening act for about half of the dates.

“This is going to be a very special, emotional tour for me,” Strait said in a statement. “Everywhere we’re going holds fond memories and I’m looking forward to paying my respects.”

  • Penny

    Oh Wow !!! George is my favorite country singer, with 51 No. 1 hits …what more can you say !!! Enjoy your break from touring, but keep the albums coming. Your songs really touch the hearts of so many fans, and we don’t want to loose you all together. God Bless you George………

  • http://yahoo.com Jennie Madeleine Hebert

    I’ve nvr seen him in concert but he will ALWAYS be my Favorite ARTIST!!!!!!!!!

  • Donna Bailey

    George I’m a fan of yours although I never had the chance to see u in person. you r fantastic and love movies you have done and of course I can’t even think of a song I ever disliked. you r an amazing man of all for your talent. hope to see u yet on your final tour. keep it up recording and love all your albums. I’m 70 and still working but not sure what I want to do once I retire. the economy has stalled my thoughts of being able to. sucks but staying in shape. lol
    always Donna

  • Clifton Hall

    I did not about George untill when I was stationed in Germany in the early 90s.I asked a buddy of mine, “Who is that singing?” He is bye far the best the best country singer ever, female or male!!! Do not stop singing George!!!

  • Virgie

    I am very truly a loyal fan and love George Strait from way back from the beginning of his career. I have a picture of young George Strait performance at old “Mr Lucky’s from 1980. I love all his songs and love the roping events. As a member of a rodeo family, I have decorated my home/house of George Strait memorabilia. By doorway sign has “Take off your boots unless you are George Strait.” Tons of autographs that were signed for me when every chance I got. And they are displayed & framed on my walls. So King George, you are welcome to stay in George Strait Lane (bedroom) too. Truly yours (as you signed) your loyal fan from Phoenix, AZ.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Dalia Gordon

    OMG!!! I’ am in shock can’t believe George Strait is going to stop touring, George you are my number one country singer. I have been your fan since I was a child :( God bless you and hope one day you can come back and tour :). I love you and god bless u :)

  • Andrea

    george strait is my favorite singer i am so glad that he’s not quitting for good

  • http://www.ticketwood.com/concerts/George-Strait-Tickets/index.php GeorgeStra

    Strait said in a statement. “Everywhere we’re going holds fond memories and I’m looking forward to paying my respects.” Great stuff!

  • brandy

    George strait is one of my manyyyyy favorite country singers, Ilove him. My daddy himself fell in love with country with the first song of george it’s heartbreaking to hear himretiring because i’ve been dying to see him live here in TX nereby my city. it’s okay though he does need a rest!!! God bless country king best wishes!!!!!

    • Chris Kujawa

      I Love george’s music:)I Think he is a Beautiful Man because he is so deicated to his wife an family:)Love him:)Beautiful man inside an out:)

  • joe smith

    Greatest artist of all time! I recomend him to anyone who loves great country music of a legend!