George Bush: $500 Million Raised For Presidential Library

    April 10, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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George W. Bush‘s presidency will be be felt throughout the world for some decades to come, and now the 43rd president of the United States has also ensured that his presidential library will be the best-funded presidential center in history.

According to a report from Time magazine, President George W. Bush has raised more than $500 million for the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas, Texas. Loosed from the constraints of campaign finance laws, Bush was able to raise more money for the center than he raised during either of his presidential campaigns.

Mark Langdale, the president of the George W. Bush Presidential Center, told Time that half the money will pay for the construction of the building, which is located on the campus of Southern Methodist University (SMU). Other portions of the money will go to SMU and the U.S. government, while the remaining portion will be used to fund the George W. Bush Institute. Landale stated that the institute will contribute to “advancing freedom and the principles that have guided President and Mrs. Bush in their service to their country.”

The George W. Bush Presidential Center is scheduled to be dedicated during a ceremony on April 25.

  • Sarah Simmons

    I’m sure he will be remembered for many years for the fact that he was undoubtedly the worst President in modern history. I have more respect for Richard M. Nixon, a crook. G.W. was a crook with a better supporting cast to help him hide it from the general public. His stupidity was an embarrassment to this country.

  • Jim

    I wonder if this library will have a copy of My Pet Goat in it?

  • Loren Walthew

    Geo. W. Bush’s name attached to a library? It has to be a joke. He even stated that he seldom read books. His ability to speak and his mangling of the English language proved it more than once. His hubris amazes me. The dolt is responsible for two wars and thousands of American soldiers deaths and injuries. I’m sure that the library will have many documents trying to diminish the damage that he and Cheney have caused. Yes, his presidency will be felt throughout the world for decades to come, but in a detrimental way to the U.S.A.

  • Mike M

    @Loren Walthew, Jim &
    Sarah Simmons
    3 Liberal fools representing just what this country is coming to. Bush got us into 2 wars with thousands of servicemen killed?? Are you kidding me–how about all the other wars in history usually started by the dems and ended by the repubs? How about Vietnam? Thousands killed there in an illegal police action started by…you guessed it-dems…with still thousands more POW’s TO THIS DAY. Then those very same servicemen came home only to be spit at and berated by a bunch of liberal anti-American fools, just like you 3. No one, and I mean no one, can be called the worst President in history EXCEPT the idiot we have in the White House now. He’s done nothing but give whats left of this once great country away and has undermined American ideology in full. You 3 need to just go away.

    • Jim

      I love it when conservatives automatically put “anti-American” after liberal. A person can be liberal and not be anti-American. And your argument is “No my guy isn’t an idiot, your guy is” – do I have that right? Do you even know what My Pet Goat is?

      • Mike M

        Jim, you should love it–fits all Liberals since Liberals are anti-American-that’s why 60+ years of Liberalism has decimated this country. There are no Liberals who are not anti-American. We no longer live in a country of FDR Dems-if we did, the joker we have in the White House wouldn’t even be a mayor in some small town. And yes, you have the right to agree, disagree, form opinions, etc., as given to all of us by the very same Constitution that “your guy” in the White House see’s fit to trample and circumvent at will. Lastly, I do know what My Pet Goat is-I’m surprised you do. Perhaps there’s hope for you yet??????

  • jhuff

    and Obama’s librery will cost how much?
    and have a copy of (dreams from my father) chroniacling his drug use
    assualt on women