Genevieve Cook: Obama’s Ex Kept A Journal

By: Amanda Crum - May 3, 2012

The most famous man in the world is still a mystery to most of us; as most presidents are, Barack Obama is the object of interest for so many–for good or bad–because of his position of power.

While we know a bit about his early years–some from his book “Dreams Of My Father”–he didn’t quite reveal everything readers thought he did. Obama told Washington Post reporter David Maraniss that he merged several of his ex-girlfriends into one within the book, a clever way to keep from singling anyone out.

Maraniss, who has written a book about Obama called simply, “Barack Obama: The Story”, managed to get his hands on some journals kept by a former girlfriend of Obama’s named Genevieve Cook, the daughter of an Australian diplomat. Excerpts from the journals are included in the book, which will be released next month. The two of them met at a party and quickly became close, finding solace in one another because of their shared sense of not belonging anywhere.

“That wasn’t my world,” she said of her family’s social status. “I was through and through infused with the sense of being an outsider, like Barack was.”

One of Cook’s journal entries reveal a truth perhaps more profound than she realized at the time:

“Thursday, March 22
Barack—still intrigues me, but so much going on beneath the surface, out of reach. Guarded, controlled.”

A theme that runs throughout the journal entries is the fact that Obama continuously battled his feelings about his race and was constantly trying to find where he fit in.

“…He felt like an impostor. Because he was so white. There was hardly a black bone in his body.” A later entry says, “…In his own quest to resolve his ambivalence about black and white, it became very, very clear to me that he needed to go black.”

Maraniss says that while Obama’s book “Dreams Of My Father” is a fairly truthful expression of his past, it is “a remarkably insightful exploration of his internal struggle but should not be read as rigorous factual history” because he changed around a few things in order to protect the people he was writing about, out of respect. “Barack Obama: The Story”, however, gives actual accounts from the people who were closest to Obama during his college years, making it highly anticipated by those who are interested in what our president went through before his rise to office.

Amanda Crum

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  • Sam Skousen

    The book Obama wrote is “Dreams From My Father” not “Dreams of My Father” as he made the dreams of his avoid Communist, anti-colonialist father his own.

  • Joyce

    I think if the truth came out about Barack Obama people in America would be asking themselves, “What have we done”? Here is a man not even born in America “acting” as President, and all the time he is doing everything in his power to turn this nation into a Socialist Communist America. If the truth was to come out, he would be “Fired” with none of the benefits a Presidents receives as they leave office.

    • margaret

      Don’t you think we would all be shocked, if we could go into the lives of all the presidents, see in their marrriage, their lives, some of the things they have done in their lives, what they really feel, how far they would like to go ? Are their any differnce in this president and any others? OOOOOOOOh yes, he is black, OOOOOOr is he white ? oh, he’s no more one than the other, but their is the mind set of some, he is black.(why?) because U have issures.

    • Barack FAN

      Joyce, Your comments a so far from fact that one can only assume you must be consuming some type of drug and assuming that you drug dream is reality. All of us know, even Donald Trump that President Obama is a US Citizen and will remain president for all of the terms that he is elected to be president. If you ask me he will be in office for 8 years.

    • matt


    • Susan

      I guess he was not born in WHITE AMERICA because of his skin color. You are so ignorant.


    I think the constant ugly rumors verbally and in the books are rediculous. Pres. Obama is a human being as all of you are and all of us. Perfect, I hope not becuse he would be walking on water and we would all be in trouble. Don’t believe anything you read or hear and only half of what you see. Poeple will write anything to make a buck and sensatonalize it to draw the public. Why do pople like bad things about poeple and ignore the good. All you hear from the so called Christian Republicans is critsism and put downa of the President and government. If they absolutely will not support him how can our country turn around.?This government is about me and you not power of the party. The rich get richer and sure by pass us and their country no matter how much trouble we are in. Get it together Republicans and think of everyone not what”s best for the republicans. Obama is trying to look out for the mid to poor income poeple because the rich don’t need helpand dont’s tell me they work harder than our factory workers, railroaders garbage pick up men and all othe workers. Pursuit of happiness and prosperity? Huh We aren’t given the chance.

    • http://Yahoo Carol Alvarado

      After reading your comments about Mr. Obama ‘helping’ the middle and low class, I can see you are a candidate for allowing a communist government into the United States. I’m not wealthy but certainly don’t see why the rich shouldn’t get richer if they are making the investments and have the intelligence to do so. All throughout history have you not noticed the land owners and the surfs, the factory owners and factory workers? Each person is entitled to EARN his or her own living, but not suck the rich for their money because they have been blessed. Democrat or Republican, rich or poor, black, white, or purple, I sincerely hope we get a President in office that really cares about this country. This one is trying to ruin it.

    • rich

      I think what you fail to realize is that what is being written about Obama’s past, is coming to fruition, only you are too nieve or ignorant to see this! True, you can’t believe all that you read and hear on the T.V., case in point, the proverbial “good” news about the economy and the fictitious 8.3% unemployment rate! Anyone who knows about the truth, would realize that 8.3% is NOT the actual unemployment rate, but more closer to 20%. Reason being, when you have only 20,000 “jobs” created in the private sector, then you hear another 300,000 just filed for unemployment, you don’t have to be a math whiz to realize that the figures don’t add up to a NET INCREASE in jobs, but a NET DECREASE in jobs! As for the economy, it still hasn’t felt the massive increase in debt, the Obama stimulous plan and his foolish and never read, “Obamacare” is going to impose on this nation and the entire economy!!! The truth is out there for you to read, if you choose to do so. The FACTS are being presented to you in the economy, unemployment, and political unrest, that has been exascerbated by this terribly weak and ill-prepared administration! So stop complaining, stop whining, stop believing in false information you may have read! Start using that very important organ called your BRAIN, and put it to good use, in finding all the REAL TRUTH you need to know about the current potus, Obama! He isn’t what you have stated him to be, or even close to a good president! He is an abomination and will ruin what is left of this country and the people looking for a job as well…maybe even you or your own family! Remember always what a once great and former TRUE PRESIDENT once said, “Trust but verify!”…President Ronald Reagan. No truer words have ever been spoken by a President since then and it’s time we listen to thme before it’s too late, and this very terrible “president” is elected again!!

  • Frank Norton

    The President of these United States of America and of our Territories, should should be one of the most respected and trusted of men, and acknowledgable persons of an American family. Instead what do we have? A family of lawyers who have been disbarred fron the Chicago Law Board A man who has said that he was born in Kenya, the Hawaii registeration Board who said that they do not believe that Dunam and Obama Sr. were married, the suposed birth hospitals in Hawaii do not have any record of Dunam ever being admited to either hospital, and the Kenya Intelligance Agency acknowledging Obama’s birth in Kenya, and some $1.3 million dollars was spent relocating Obama Sr’s grave to a memorial for the President of the United States who was born in Kenya.

  • hizi

    fom me i do not see any new adventage refusing His Excellence President Obama,
    to grab the second turn as US President elected. He already made it so what. No one has right to change it !
    I could make for the second term or not , but He will be a first born black to read a Star Country in the world. I can assure that it will not be the last one you have more …

  • george pearson

    I’m so sick of hearing the conspiracy theories about Obamas citizenship, that he’s a socialist, a muslim, and on and on they go. If you have legitimate disagreements with his policies fine. State them and you or your candidates alternatives. I dont agree with everything he does either. But really, you make yourselves look like total idiots and make it impossible to take you seriously with the conspiracy theories. Oh, and pleeze peepull lurn hou two spel befoar shairing yore deap thawts inn riteeng.

  • jamesco

    do dat talking sence, yes we can.

  • Susan

    I guess he is BLACK so he was not born in WHITE AMERICA