Gene Simmons Guest Stars on ‘CSI’

By: Alexandria Sardam - February 1, 2014

Gene Simmons is comfortable being on television. He stars in the A&E reality series Gene Simmons: Family Jewels, and has appeared as himself on hit shows like Castle and Ugly Betty. So it’s no surprise the KISS superstar is guesting in the 14th season on show CSI.

“We’re really excited to have Gene Simmons guest-starring on CSI, playing himself in a rock-and-roll-themed murder mystery,” said executive producers Don McGill and Carol Mendelsohn.

Simmons will appear in the 17th episode tentatively scheduled for March 12.

The Israeli-born rock star played bass for the band KiSS. He co-founded the metal/rock band in the 70’s. With them, Simmons has sold over 100 million records.

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  • Hmm

    I hate CSI and it is so unrealistic. People actually believe the techniques they use on the show and then go to real courtrooms and convict innocent people because of this. CSI is nothing but fiction. Pure fiction. Real courtrooms and real cases are nothing like they depict.

    I am sensitive to this issue because I have been involved with over 5 people that were wrongly sent to prison and the root cause was jurors not knowing how the real world works and using what they saw on TV as a bases for understanding.

    Gene Simmons is interesting though. I don't mind if people watch CSI. Just realize it is pure fiction. Maybe 10% of what you see is really accurate.

  • JT

    All tv is fiction and is for entertaining purposes only. Love Gene and will be watching the show.