Gene Simmons: Fox News Fan; Republican?

    July 2, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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Gene Simmons, The Demon, singer and bass player in KISS, is a shrewd businessman. His unique attitudes about marriage, rock and roll, and his band are the stuff of lore. But Simmons has been saying some things over the years that lead some to wonder if this “rock and roll all night, party every day” legend is lining up more with conservative Ted Nugent than with liberal Eddie Vedder.

Gene Simmons once said on Fox Business, when asked if he thought President Obama’s credibility was shot, “We’re all in trouble when you ask rock stars what they think about the political climate … I voted for [Obama], and I have a lot of concerns … I believe government should stay out of my way … the government doesn’t even know how to run government.”

Simmons said then, and at other times, that he did vote for Obama in 2008. He has since said that he regrets that.

“Because I voted because the man that was running was a moment in history. I, in the back of my mind, I wanted to show the world that America – the land of slaves, the land that tortured its black population for hundreds of years – is also the place of hope that could give an African-American a chance to lead the most powerful place on the face of the planet. However, if you take a look at the resume, you couldn’t find somebody, in retrospect, more unqualified – two years in public office, never ran his own company. So, I’m, after the fact, I was questioning the qualification.”

Recently Simmons tweeted about Fox News’ market share, particularly compared to that of CNN.

Gene’s partner in KISS, Paul Stanley has said that he is embarrassed by Gene’s outspokenness on political matters.

“It’s absurd that a celebrity could speak out on the economy or politics with no more justification than a hit album or a movie. Not to deride Gene, but I just think he’s part of a symptom of absurdity where you’ll see somebody on television whose only criteria for being there is success in a field far away from what they’re being asked about. I really don’t know who is more ridiculous, the celebrity answering these political questions or the person asking them”

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  • Dawn Riggs

    Who really cares what a has been musician really thinks? He known for his music not for his opinion.,,,,Always thought Gene thought more of his self than the people do

    • Theresa

      I agree with you 100% Dawn. He thinks very highly of himself. I don’t give a damn what he has to say about anything.

      • HemiCuda

        Then why did you read it.

  • Moi

    Mr. Simmons is entitled to his opinion. Obama, while the first, won’t be the last black president. To think that everything should be gotten right with one man, is short sighted.

    • Dawn Riggs

      Yes he is entitled to his opinion but dont have to go around thinking his opinion is always right because he is well know.

  • Pseudoanonymous

    Paul Stanley nailed it.

    • Jacob Abate

      I’m glad he finally commented on his bandmate’s readiness to speak out on his political opinions.

    • JEREMY

      I HEAR YA!!
      Paul is the only real levelheaded one in the band. He didn’t let stardom go to his head. In fact, Gene was pretty arrogant in the early days, too.
      I feel sorry for Shannon and his kids.

      • Theresa

        He’s always appeared to be an arrogant asshole who thinks more highly of himself than ANYONE ELSE.
        I bet Shannon only married him because his dick is as big as he is.
        What I meant to say is, he is one big dick.

  • dallasdawg2010

    Gene Simmons is right about our country giving an opportunity for all of its citizens no matter what race, creed, color, age or sexual orientation. America voted for President Obama. The Republicans (from the very start) are hell bent on making his job as difficult as possible. The level of hate and false accusations launched at the first non-white male to serve in this office is reflective of a future where they don’t see themselves as “visibly in charge” of the country. With the rise of the Teaparty, which didn’t exist when Bush2 & Cheney(both draft dodging chicken hawk cowards) took an economic surplus and plunged us into unsustainable debt. The ignorant, the hateful & the uneducated who could care less about the art of statesmanship and are merely avatars for the Koch bros., have been empower to undo the progress that my country has paid for in REAL blood and treasure. That constant and unending hate is what the history books won’t leave out, even though Gene Simmons did.

    • Bob Noel

      AMEN to dallasdawg’s comment! Spot on!

    • HemiCuda

      you better do a bit of homework to see who has really run up the ‘unsustainable debt’.

      • Theresa

        That would be dubya – Doug – your last name fits.

        • HemiCuda

          Any objective observer would know that it fits you better. Fat, ignorant slob.

          • Theresa

            Ignorance is bliss – Doug must be quite blissful

          • HemiCuda

            You’ve got the ignorance market cornered. A typical, nasty, mean spirited, put upon liberal nutcase, w/ the typical liberal gutter mouth. A perpetual victim of those mean old conservatives. I’ll go get you a tissue.

          • Theresa

            So sorry to hear about your itty bitty penis Doug. You must have lots of guns to compensate.

          • HemiCuda

            You’ve seen them in pictures. Got it.

    • Donald Maddux

      You are wrong on so many levels.

      • dallasdawg2010

        Just because you think I’m wrong makes you right I suppose?

        • Donald Maddux

          I don’t think you are wrong, I know it. Clinton never ran a surplus There was
          NEVER a surplus. Bill & Hitlary would spend $170 Billion less than what
          they anticipated, as they depleted the military to dangerous levels, and they
          would call that a surplus. Even though that money was being deferred to the
          next calendar year. But stupid people actually believed they ran a surplus.
          Look at the US Budgetary Office Reports from every year, and see for yourself. Available
          at any public library. They could have sold you a Ford Pinto and told you it
          was a Rolls Royce and you would find some reason to believe it. “Well the both
          do start with keys, and both do have tires, so that’s pretty close.” Cheney had
          a blood pressure problem, and couldn’t even enlist. Bush had a college deferment
          and as soon as his bachelor’s degree was finished he enlisted in the Coast Guard
          where he was a pilot. After his service was up, he took the same test for
          entrance to an Ivy League Business school as Al Gore took the EXACT SAME TEST.
          Bush passed it his first time. Al Gore took the same test although worded
          differently each time after the first test that was EXACT and failed it SEVEN more times. So he went to Vietnam as a
          photographer. Taking pictures of sunsets, creeks, lakes, wildlife and
          occasionally battle fields long after the battle was done, and he would be
          brought out of his Red Cross Safety position. Gimme a break. Walking through south
          Chicago or midtown Kansas City is much more dangerous. Now you could ask Vietnam, Korean, or World
          War II veterans if the Coast Guard is unneeded, or exists for the purpose that
          it’s the last defense before reaching our shores. Now Bill & Hitlary Clinton
          depleted the military to dangerous levels during their fraudulent time in
          office. And if you looked at real recent history and not history cleansed in
          the Huffington Post, MSNBC, CNN, etc. you would know that Sudan offered Osama
          bin Laden to Bill & Hitlary on a silver platter twice, including agreeing
          to take him into custody and hold him. Two other times Sudan gave the Hitlary
          administration bin Laden’s location. Each time, they didn’t see the necessity
          to capture a man who killed many people in the WTC bombing in 1993. Killed many
          Americans in the 1998 bombings of US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Then
          killed a few more Americans when the USS Cole was bombed in 2000.

          9/11 never
          happens if not for Bill & Hitlary Clinton. They go after bin Laden and take
          him from the Sudan, and then Al Qaeda is crippled. But no, their idea of
          diplomacy is “Let the next administration deal with it. As long as we can get
          out of here, and have fooled these idiots likedallasdawg2010, then we are fine.” And of
          course, “Whether it was an organized attack or if some people were out one
          night and decided to kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it
          make?” Which had to be the same attitude about all the people who had died in
          terrorist attacks, “It doesn’t matter how people in our embassies died. They
          are dead.” You have your head so far up your own butt, you can probably see the
          back of your own teeth.

          And you
          must be jealous, because the Koch brothers have nothing to do with anything.
          They donate money to both parties.

          • dallasdawg2010

            Really. Your head is so far up your butt to believe that the TeaParty is actually “grass roots” with billionaires such as the Koch Bros. whose money supplements the elections of those who do their bidding. About Gore, at least he WAS there. Cheney wasn’t diagnosed with any cardiovascular issues until age 37 years old after smoking for 20 years. So far as the lie of high blood pressure, I happen know for a fact that five deferments for someone with high blood pressure JUST DOESN”T happen. Besides, Cheney’s deferments were STUDENT DEFERMENTS the first 4 times and one hardship deferment due to his wife’s pregnancy. His deferments, as Cheney himself said, allow him a 6 year college career rather than 4, in addition to him having stating he had “other priorities ” in the 1960’s. Your need to LIE in order to justify the worst behavior and treatment of this President-our President Obama, merely demonstrates the lengths you and others like you would go to in order to believe your own bullsh*t. As an Army medic(91A10) and then LPN (91C20) who did serve, do you consider my service less worth less because I treated soldier- patients or is this simply your way of “swiftboating” Gore? In this age of information, you attempted to SELECTIVELY change A CHICKEN HAWK COWARD like Cheney’s history of avoiding service in uniform. You have no sense of honor, only a duty to your political agenda and are therefore DISQUALIFIED to give me or anyone else information on what is currently happening in this country. The lies you just told merely make you a NON-BELIEVER in the greatness of my country. Which will only become greater when old souls who believe in the “old ways”, like you and Cheney, simply just die.

          • Donald Maddux

            I’ll have someone look at your last statement as a possible, “Terroristic threat.” to a police officer. It probably isn’t a death threat, but some lawyers have a way at looking, and finding real meanings behind words. A partially retired police officer, but an officer nonetheless. 1958 – 1960, Cheney was given blood pressure tests that came back inadequate or negative. His blood pressure was abnormal from birth. Blood pressure is different from heartrate, which was not diagnosed until the early 1970s. Al Gore was too stupid to pass the business school test that Bush (43) passed. Gore was in a Red Cross station in Veitnam as a photrapher and in much less danger than someone flying a plane, (a fighter jet) along the coast to make sure his section of the coast was not attacked and that this country wasn’t hit.

            But where real stupidity shows is anyone who believes Bill & Hitlary were not responsible for 9/11, when if they had taken responsibility for bin Laden, it never happens. And then even more stupidity to believe they actually ran a surplus. They did not.

            I am right, you are wrong. Anybody who doesn’t agree with me is wrong. I have facts to back me up, you have opinions and “hearsay.”

            I’m going to a baseball chat-room now to talk about my passion. We sometimes bring up stats and other facts in there. Some of them are told by memory, but people there do bring up stats and facts, just as I do. They don’t allow links on here, so do not take my word for anything. Look it all up yourself, and you will see, I recite facts, you give opinions and hearsay.

          • dallasdawg2010

            You can have anyone look at anything and interpret it any way you choose.THAT”S WHAT YOU DO. You sit back, trash talk and spew out lies to make points about the way you believe history actually went, and when you’re caught lying outright, you make little suggestions with the hopes of scaring those who oppose you. I will also save this conversation and have it “interpreted” by my attorney, should the real need arrive. He will examine the substance of our conversation and the best part about your threat is that your background and my background will be examined and compared. Once there is no validity to what you attempted to have perceived as a “terrorist threat”, that’s when things get really interesting. To threatened the reputation of someone with a false suggestion “terrorism” does have legal consequences for the offender and I’m pretty sure that this isn’t the first time you’ve attempted this. So stop threatening and do what you feel you must as I’m going to do as I must. Your last post completely demonstrates behavior along that comes close to lunacy. Or is this simply all you have? Or is this your way of having fun? Whatever your motive, you crossed my line with that threat and as of now you-OTTOMADDUX, do not attempt to contact me again. This is a forum for adults, not for children who can’t face historical truth. NUTBAG!

          • Theresa

            The teabaggers are not grass roots – they are ASTROTURF.

    • WarDog

      dallasdawg2010, your statement is so full of B.S that it isn’t funny. The Republicans are trying to stop this P.O.S from destroying the country. Calling Bush a draft dodger is beyond inaccurate, He was in the reserves and VOLUNTEERED for castle duty. Bush did not inherit a surplus you simple minded pig. The so-called surplus had tobacco lawsuit money counted in to it. That was money that did not exist. Sooner or later, you will need to come to reality and see that the left ruin everything they put their grubby little paws on and they are so full of hate and bitterness that they cannot even see straight.

      • dallasdawg2010

        Simple minded pig? Thanks for the illustration. Just a little background. I’ve voted for republican candidates in the past and consider myself a moderate democrat. It would take more than the election of one person and their policies to destroy this nation I’ve served and owe everything I have to that service. Bush 2 wasn’t in the reserves, he served as a pilot for the Air National Guard and avoided serving a tour in Vietnam because of President George Herbert Walker Bush’s (a real war hero who I voted for twice) political connections. I never called Bush2 a draft dodger- only a CHICKEN HAWK COWARD by having the orders for a tour in Vietnam canceled and then opting to work on a U.S. Senator’s campaign. So, what you really feel is that because Obama is President, this country is somehow being destroyed? Well, when Hillary gets elected, the whole universe will be at peril then, huh? And you speak of hatefulness and bitterness and not being to see straight? Your whole paragraph let’s everyone see you clearly.You and those who are as vocal as you will guarantee that a Democrat stays in the Presidency for years to come.

        • HRguyJW

          @dallasdawg2010: Just fyi, you DID, in fact, call Bush2 a draft dodger in your first post, “…Bush2 & Cheney(both draft dodging chicken hawk cowards)…”

          • dallasdawg2010

            Again you’re right. Apologies. WarDog got me going with the simple minded pig comment.

        • CWD1

          You indeed called him a draft dodger, sir. Check your original post. Obama never served in the military, yet I don’t hear the cowardly name calling from you on that fact.

          • dallasdawg2010

            Apologies, you’re absolutely right. Bush was not a draft dodger, only Cheney was both. Again, apologies you are right. As for Obama never serving in our uniform, first, it’s not required since the draft no longer exists.Secondly, why do those who don’t have the courage and conviction in their youth to serve in uniform when called, somehow make the case for war, and then label themselves “patriots”?

  • 1rdd

    What the heck is that stuff on Simmons’ head? It can’t be real hair because it looks like brillo.

  • Hoppytoo

    Voting for a candidate simply because he’s black is as dumb as voting against him for the same reason.

    • dallasdawg2010

      I agree.

  • Bob Noel

    I, for one, couldn’t care LESS what Gene Klein (Simmons) says outside of the world of hard rock. As a businessman he has excelled; spreading his worth over numerous projects. I disagree with him vehemently though when it comes to politics. His comments about the economy, politics and culture in general are comments that one would expect to hear from a Conservative. I am glad he voted for Pres. Obama and appreciate his help getting him elected. Otherwise, I couldn’t give a damn about what he thinks. I don’t know how his lovely wife stands him though!!!! LOL

  • Donald Maddux

    Paul Stanley is right. But people take things that Barbra Streisand, Rosie O’Donnell, Alec Baldwin and George Clooney say as gospel. When you say very liberal things in the entertainment industry, it seems more acceptable. The fact that he has spoken out on the conservative side of a few things the past few years doesn’t really matter, because “Gene Simmons” is seen as a person, and the character he is in KISS, “The Demon” are seen as two separate entities’. He’s always considered KISS cartoon characters. That’s why he never said, “We’re bigger than Jesus.” Or” We’re bigger than politicians,” instead he says, “We’re bigger than Mickey Mouse.” And he say’s it smiling and trying not to laugh. He says if you take KISS seriously, you’re missing the point. “We’re entertainers. We are really good entertainers or we wouldn’t still be around. You come to see us to have a night off from your life and have fun. You can have flash bombs, make-up and blood, but if the music weren’t solid, people wouldn’t keep coming back. 40 years now, so we must do something right. Fans worldwide are too smart to fall for pyrotechnics and other flashy antics, but with no substance it wouldn’t last 40 weeks or even 40 days let alone 40 years. Our music keeps people coming back, but they know we’re not just going to stand there and play the songs. You see us, you get the music and the knowledge that fans are the boss, and shouldn’t settle for less. Fans don’t want a few guys who just stand there. You pay to be entertained. Fans don’t have to settle for less. Fans are our bosses and we know it. We’ll get better live on every tour, because our bosses also known as Fans demand it.” But the conservative things he says do overshadow what he says that’s liberal because it’s against the norm for entertainers. He doesn’t walk down either aisle. He’s very unique in that he’s outspoken, but not towards or against liberal or conservative ideologies. That has to be why he’ll say liberal things that don’t get attention, because it’s just another entertainer speaking the same lingo. When he say’s something conservative, it makes news and people post about it online, because it’s not the norm. He says things both ways and doesn’t care or probably even think about the consequences. So I think the difference with Simmons over any other entertainer is first, he’s 65 or so, and the money he makes in KISS is a drop in the bucket compared to what he makes on other businesses. Plus, I think he probably has some, “Senior Moments,” now.

  • Devin Gray

    He must have a great show cause dude can’t sing or write. Only fitting that he ends up with dead Ted on Fox.

  • lylejk

    Already knew he was a Conservative leaning libertarian kind of guy. For those that did, why does this news surprise you? I will also tell you folks a secret. Most folks on the left like Fox News better then the other channels too. :)

    • Joe Vaish

      No, they don’t.

  • Danny Szklanecki

    Anybody who thinks that any news station is totally independent then you are the crazy one. Fox is hard right and Msnbc is Hard left and that is a fact. Follow who you like but news is dead. Its all how do I spin it to make it Entertainment to keep people watching. Fox just has better writers and actors.

    • sammmym

      Better writers and actors???? How about watch the news for how honestly and accurately they present it???? The news isnt a sitcom it is a place where we should go to inform ourselves not have the people that write skew it with their writing…. Way to show you think on your own….

      • Danny Szklanecki

        What are you 18 years old. News back in the 50-80’s was real news. Today it is always spun to make it more interesting. Walter Cronkite would be spinning in his grave to see the news today.

        • sammmym

          That is why i am saying get it from many different sources so you can form your own opinion rather than always only going to the same place so you can keep getting the same one sided spin on the news.

          • Danny Szklanecki

            That is what i was saying in my original comment. “Anybody who thinks that any news station is totally independent then you are the crazy one.I dont watch one news channel however Fox is the one that to me seems to spin the news more then the others.

  • haf

    I think Gene Simmons made a lot of sense with his explanation of why he voted for Obama. I did the same thing. So did a lot of Americans but many would not admit to it! Are you REALLY happy with the outcome………………?

  • blackylawless

    He’s not even a great musician either. Quite awful, actually.

    He is a shrewd music business fellow, though.

  • cissy

    Votes are not to be used to make up for past sins. Vote for the most qualified. As a woman, I will not vote for a woman JUST because she is a woman. Don’t vote for a person just because of their skin color, heritage, religion, etc. We now know what we get when voters do that. Exactly how effective was he as a community organizer? Are there standards? Expectations that have to be met? Or do you only have to be well liked? Who holds you accountable?

  • Theresa

    Paul Stanley has gone up a notch in my view – his remarks about Gene Simmons are spot on. Who gives a shit what this freak has to say?