Gears of War: Judgment Multiplayer Gameplay Revealed

    December 13, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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Epic Games released several new previews of its upcoming Gears of War: Judgment this week, each featuring unvarnished gameplay from the title. It’s a refreshing break from game trailers that feature dubstep and have nothing to do with gameplay.

While the single player campaign previews are short and show a game that is very similar to last year’s Gears of War III, the multiplayer trailers show a faster, more fluid style of battle. Judging by their combined 30-minute length, they also demonstrate how proud Epic is of its updated multiplayer modes. The combined length of the single player campaign previews is just over two minutes.

The first trailer seen below previews a new multiplayer mode called OverRun. It’s a class-based mode where COG soldiers fight off Locust, who are controlled by enemy players. COG classes include soldier, medic, engineers who can plant turrets, and scouts (snipers). Locust players can take on the role of wretches, tickers, grenadiers, ragers, kantus (healers), giant serapedes, and even maulers. The second trailer shows some classic free-for-all gameplay.

  • juan

    More fluid style of battle? More like downgraded style of battle where any random no skilled COD player can just come hop on the game and get higher points like no tommorow while the ones with true skill get the same points or perhaps even less no? That what they did with the retro and sawed off.

  • Michael

    See, what happened to the original Lancer, Gnasher, Snub Pistol, and smoke grenade combo. This is whats wrong with game companies today. They try to change what isn’t broken. Okay I can deal with the Sawed off, and the Retro Lancer, but seriously this doesn’t even look like the same game. Maybe the company is going for a new look, fine myself and hundreds of other people will look for a new game.

    • shadowpanzer

      I think it looks great, kept the basic elements of GOW 1-3 and added some things. This doesn’t resemble COD at all. I don’t understand the harsh generalizations. Very excited for another installment of gears, GOW 3 was bittersweet as i thought the franchise finished, glad to see another one coming.

  • Xavier

    Dont fix what’s not broken. I have been a fan since gears 1 and now they do this shit I’m sorry but count me out the developers changed wayyyy too much now it feels more like cod I want to play a gears of war game not COD what the hell this really pisses me off and no DBNO wtf I’m done cliify b what happened man

  • Bauer

    Wow really? so is that the new thing for gamers? If the developers make a change we call it COD and cry?

  • Casey

    This game is absolutely nothing like Call of Duty. The only thing that’s remotely like it is button layouts, and to get all uptight over something like that is completely ridiculous. The game has evolved over the years just like all games do. There’s no reason to have a hissy fit and say you won’t buy it just because K/D ratio doesn’t give you the top score every time anymore (even though we all know you’re all gonna go out and buy it anyway). I think the game is way more fair than it used to be, and I love the way Judgement’s multiplayer looks! OverRun is like a fast and frenetic version of Beast and Horde modes put together, and Free for All is just plain chaos. Can’t wait to pick up my copy!

  • Kim

    To the people who are crying out “don’t fix what isn’t broken “- what you’re trying to say is. “make Judgement exactly the same as Gears 3 except fix the things I didn’t like about it or else I’ll use the over-used, overly-dramatic itzjusliekcodnao bullcrap.” If they don’t spice things up, then it’ll be the same game as last year. Hey, jus liek cod lol!

    I swear some of you will never be satisfied.

  • Ryan

    I like how they fixed the slow movements while picking up guns or jumping over the wall for example. More fluid and some cool additions to weapon usage. That said, im not so sure about taking out king of the hill and making many game styles like call of duty. This game seems more rifle based/call of duty style if you catch my drift. What makes gears stand out from all of the other boring rifle based repetitive crap is the shotgun battles and wall bounces/jukes. I really hope this game doesn’t kill this concept because it looks like it is going to.