Gay DC Character Headed to the Comic Book Universe

    May 26, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Gay DC character: Who will it be? At this point in time, legendary comic book company DC — you know, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc. — isn’t revealing too many specific details surrounding the upcoming reinvention of a presently unnamed hero, though some believe the homosexual superhero will be an existing, established character.

This isn’t the first time that DC had dabbled with delivering gay comic book characters to the masses. After going back to the drawing board with the “New 52”, the company released books featuring Batwoman as a lesbian and Voodoo as a bisexual. Additionally, the Teen Titans franchise features an openly gay character named Bunker. However, despite previous claims that the gay superhero would be a new addition to the universe, DC has reversed its statement, proclaiming that one of its established characters is scheduled to come out of the closet.

This isn’t the first time that a major comic book publisher has tackled the subject of homosexuality. Rictor and Shatterstar of Marvel’s “X-Factor” series are a gay couple, though Shatterstar’s creator Rob Liefield was none too pleased about the revelation. Additionally, Marvel inserted two gay characters into its Young Avengers universe, namely Hulkling and Wiccan. However, DC’s suggestion that the character will be an established one is sure to draw some ire from old school fans and homophobes alike.

So who will it be? Superman? Batman? Robin? Twitter is an excellent source of unchecked speculation, and it would seem that the much-maligned Aquaman is a possibility, as is Amazonian butt-kicker Wonder Woman. A random sampling of the rumors currently swirling around the mico-blogging site have been collected and embedded below.

A DC comic hero is coming out? Hoping they don’t make the character lesbian. Not all gay men are effeminate. http://t.co/xtNe0lWQ
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DC plans on having a “prominent” character come out of the closet and announce they’re gay. Good idea, bad idea,… http://t.co/KzBUkLVF
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@ClericFlash @burmat_ @BrianJamesRobot Thoughts on who DC is going to out as their gay character? I’m betting Booster Gold.
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hahaa Im thinking Robin what you think? http://t.co/07OshXck
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I wonder what ‘prominent character’ DC will ‘out’. Joker and Superman make sense. Truth, justice, and the American gay.
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  • jimmy jones

    i am so sick of gay this gay that..nobody cares-i support the gay’s i’ve no issues ..to each his own,,but gays did you ever think why everybody is so “anti-gay”..you all moan about everything…EVERYTHING
    just be like everyone else-shut up and tow the line,,you all are nothing special-just like everybody else-we are all the same-nobody
    is better than the next person!…just live your life then the haters will tire themselves out-

    • Mike

      Something tells me you’d be moaning too if you were beaten up at school for being straight, weren’t allowed to get married, had insults thrown at you from every direction. Gay people only moan because they’re attacked. It’s not a whine, it’s a retaliation.

      • Mike

        I think they also moan from something else… Butt Sex

        • Mike

          Let’s get it on, Mike. We have so much in common.

      • john

        So gays are the only ones beaten up at school?

        • Josh

          Right. The rest of us who were ridiculed and mocked for many other things don’t through parades or throw it in society’s face. I was relentlessly abused at school and at home and I didn’t turn out to be some crybaby saying look at me. My honest opinion is that no matter gay or straight, if you wear pink feathers, a head dress and a thong in public where children can see, you need to be beat up. Freakin perverts.

          • Chayanne

            No, you didn’t grow up to be a crybaby, you grew up to be a small-minded bigot. My condolences.

          • craig

            Exactly right josh. Many, many people have been ridiculed during their lives. But even the nerds in high school had enough guts to stand up to it as a person. Others, like chayanne here, only need to hear someone speak badly about them and they get infuriated and begin crying for help and throwing insults. Thanks for being such a prime example.

          • Chayanne

            Where am I crying for help exactly, craig?
            And did this lovely gentleman not just call me a pervert?
            Homophones love throwing insults at people and then blaming them for the exact things they are doing. Thanks for being a prime example of that.

          • craig

            He called you a pervert?
            I believe he said perverts in reference to those who “wear pink feathers, a head dress and a thong in public where children can see”…..So now we know how you dress.

          • craig

            And he certainly said “no matter gay or straight”….

          • Chayanne

            You’re right, his post had nothing to do with gay people at all. He just came in to whine about a group of people he hates, call them names and proclaim that they deserve to be physically abused because they dress in a way he finds inappropriate. That’s the way to go. You know, I’d want religious fanatics to be kept away from my kids, but I’m not asshole enough to call for physical violence against them.

        • Mike

          People are abused for various reasons, but when that happens, they should take action, so it doesn’t happen again. Claiming that doing so is “moaning” and shouldn’t be done is idiotic. If you’re abused for being gay, straight, black, white, Jewish, female, male, etc, etc, you should not suck it up, you should fight it. And you sure as hell shouldn’t shut up about your government taking away your civil rights. If you choose to be a nobody and shut up and tow the line, feel free. But if no one ever chooses to be somebody and fight the things that clearly aren’t fair, we’ll never evolve.

          • Peter David

            “They should take action, so it doesn’t happen again.”

            They do. They commit suicide.

            The line of argument of, “Well,people get picked on for all reasons, so what’s the big deal?” so completely misses the point that one would have to consider it deliberate obtuseness. Comic books have been finding ways to empower guys who are picked on nerds ever since Steve Rogers. Hell, the entire core concept of Superman’s creation is, “The guy who everyone thinks is the world’s biggest nebbish is in fact the world’s most powerful creature.” Modern age science nerds have had their poster boy ever since Peter Parker got bitten.

            Hell, mutant hatred in the MU was originally seen as a metaphor for racism. Now many people see it as a metaphor for gays. Whatever. As long as people connect.

            So after eighty years of comics showing that weak skinny guys can be heroes and science nerds can be heroes and people of color can be heroes, now we have comics stating that gays can be heroes. And if that seems self-evident, then keep in mind that it was only last year that “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” an atrocious law that specified gay people could not heroically serve their country, was repealed.

            Oh, and I happen to be a straight guy who got beat up in high school because my best friend was gay and so everyone assumed I was, too. So having had the worst of both worlds–straight girls didn’t want me and gay guys knew I wasn’t interested–I think I can sympathize with all sides.


          • Jake

            What ever happened to “Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me”? Why are gay people commiting suicide as an attempt to get the bullying to stop? They arent the only ones that are bullied. People of all colors and shapes and sizes get bullied every day, and you constantly only hear about gay suicides. What about the nerds that get beaten up? Guess how they solve it. They become rich and have a better life than everyone else. I never hear about asians complaining that theres is no asian superhero, or any releases of middle eastern comic heros.

        • JAWs

          Well they are the only ones who are beaten up because of their sexuality (But as the first poster mentioned it would be their fault for…being open about it instead of hiding it in shame like a good little gay boy or girl should, I guess.)

      • bob

        Being gay is a choice. You choose to live in direct conflict with what is natural in nature.

        • Luke

          Yeah, you know, like being 6’11” is a choice. It’s freaking unnatural, man. Basketball players are all going to hell.

          • Leonard

            No, what he means is that in is not natural for a species to adopt an extinction level action. Homosexuality while not a choice, if followed by the entire species would soon lead to extinction. So here we are left with the point that while it is plainly not a “normal” adaptation for a species it IS something that occurs within that species so it IS fair to say that it is an abberation that occurs in nature.

          • John

            Luke and Bob are wrong here- you know nothing do you? I suppose all those gay animals just chose to be flamers and have sex w/same sex? You’re both ignorant to the effects on hormones being changed through fertilizers in food/water, and vaccines? I suppose you couldn’t possibly think that there are 7 billion people and therefore it would come naturally in a species to prevent TOO MANY PEOPLE- well i suppose you think abortions are natural as well huh? MORONS! It ain’t a choice- you tend towards the natural, and that’s sex w/whomever you find attractive- study those researches b4 spouting your ignorance of homosexuals!

          • Luke

            John…just for the record, I was being sarcastic.
            I kinda thought that was clear.

          • Peter David

            If it’s of any consolation, Luke, I knew you were being sarcastic.

            As for the notion of rampant gayness becoming an extinction level issue…well, I dunno. Seeing some of the dumb ass opinions being expressed here, I’m starting to wonder if mankind is simply too stupid to live.

            If it’s only gays at the end, at least the world will look fabulous.


          • Mose

            Leonard, please take note of my post on May 21, 2012 at 10:42 pm. You and the others will hopefully understand that homosexuality is not unnatural or abhorrent. It’s a part of life in multiple animal and insect species. To others, feel free to pass the information in the post around. There are quite a few people out there who hate gays simple because they think that homosexuality is unnatural. The more people we can enlighten the better for all.

    • anna

      if you think everyone is the same, why don’t gay people have all the same rights as straight people?

      • Jamie

        Gay ppl do. they have the same rights as a straight person. You can vote you can drive, you can call the equal opportunity people when there is a problem at work. A gay couple can adopt. ( even if by nature a man and woman can create a kid.) Dont get mad at straight ppl because nature design does not support your OWN THINKING of this is how I was made….. False. It funny how so many things In nature and society say that this is not right.

        • Jeremy Sikes

          Actually, science has long proven that gay people are biologically made gay. But I’m sure you don’t care about science proving YOU wrong.
          And if you haven’t noticed, gay people can’t get married. Or is that not a relevant right in your book?

          • Michael

            I love how people like you bring up bogus “scientific” evidence that being gay is biological. There is no proof that you can be “made” gay, nor do I have proof to refute it. I’m sure you have the evidence bookmarked and ready to send out because everything you read that fits your narrative is right, correct?

            Argue what can be argued, don’t bring up what you can’t back up, moron.

          • craig

            “science has long proven that gay people are biologically made gay”
            hah. Almost every gay person I know has been married to or has dated a member of the opposite sex before becoming gay through conscious decision.
            But please….inform us of this “study” you so eagerly defend. I’m sure we are all dying to hear proof.

          • Jeremy Sikes

            People don’t become gay, but they hide because of morons like Michael and graig. Yes, they date people of the opposite sex, yes, they get married, because they’re terrified of the persecution. There’s a reason coming out exists. Because people hide and pretend to be straight for the sake of social acceptance and to avoid what may follow when they do come out. No one switches sexualities, but plenty of people hide theirs or it takes them time to come to terms with who they are.
            There’s no point in providing you with evidence that you’ve already labeled “scientific”, because clearly, everything that doesn’t fit your narrative is wrong, correct? What is your evidence? A book of religious fiction? A belief that the purpose of human existence is reproduction and any relationship that doesn’t bring about more humans is unnatural? There’s nothing more bogus than that, but you don’t care. Some people are born gay, some people, like you guys, are born idiots.

          • craig

            In all actuality, you first brought up this “research”, and the term “scientific”. All I did was ask for proof that this study actually existed. You then proceeded to go off on an irrelevant tangent and call names, and in that whole speech, made no attempt to do the only thing I asked – back up your claim. Now you look like the idiot, spouting off ‘facts’ that you can’t back up.

          • Jeremy Sikes

            I realize that your ego doesn’t allow you to notice, but I wasn’t talking to you alone. I was replying both yours and the message above yours. Which called me a moron and clearly stated the author’s complete disregard for any evidence I might be willing to provide.
            Considering that your message was oozing with sarcasm, I did not feel the need to attempt an actual discussion with you, since, obviously, whatever I say or refer you to will automatically be disregarded because in your mind it’s all already wrong and invalid. But if you insist, here’s a couple of links for you:

            However, if you were truly interested, I’d suggest reading medical journals as opposed to links on the Internet. If, you know, you actually cared about the studies and weren’t just trying to be cool with sarcasm.

    • jaime rodriguez

      i am so sick of straight this straight that..nobody cares-i support the straights’s i’ve no issues ..to each his own,,but straights did you ever think why everybody is so “anti-striaght”..you all moan about everything…EVERYTHING
      just be like everyone else-shut up and tow the line,,you all are nothing special-just like everybody else-we are all the same-nobody
      is better than the next person!…just live your life then the haters will tire themselves out-… I think I made a point here Mike.

      • Kasey

        Obviously, this wouldn’t be such a big deal if people didn’t hate on gays. If people were actually treated as equals this wouldn’t even be news. This would be the same thing as Clark Kent going after Lois Lane. Maybe if people like YOU didn’t bitch and moan, trying to put gays in their place this wouldn’t be a god damned issue. Haters will never tire out until they actually understand where gays are coming from.

    • Gio

      Jimmy that is a gay thing to say

    • Sammy

      I love how your just basically moaned for 5 lines about someone else moaning.

    • Kasey

      Obviously, this wouldn’t be such a big deal if people didn’t hate on gays. If people were actually treated as equals this wouldn’t even be news. This would be the same thing as Clark Kent going after Lois Lane. Maybe if people like YOU didn’t bitch and moan, trying to put gays in their place this wouldn’t be a god damned issue. Haters will never tire out until they actually understand where gays are coming from.

    • Trevor

      You’re an idiot.

      People are “anti-gay” because they’re bigoted assholes… or in the closet themselves.

      The same reason people were “anti-black” 40 years ago. Or “anti-Jew” in Germany.

    • JAWs

      “i support the gay’s i’ve no issues”

      I’d bet that some of your best friends are Black too!

      “i am so sick of straight this straight that..nobody cares”

      This is what I like about bigoted whining. It’s so easy to counter.

    • Bambi

      The point of them having a gay superhero is not for you to bitch and moan. It’s because they are trying to have hero’s in comic’s represent EVERYONE!!! we have disabled hero’s and hero’s of different races even ALIEN hero’s so what the heck is wrong with a gay Hero. get a grip.

    • Mack

      The Velvet Rage. Read it. Explains a lot. Gays from as early as 5 know we’re different in an incredibly fundamental way and every single piece of media throws that at us. This isn’t about having another one “on out team” or something, it’s indescribably valuable to have positive gay role models for the youth. Comic characters may not be perfect, but I’m glad they’re catching up. We are part of society and anything that acknowledges that is a great thing.

    • Dave Ayoub

      I used to have no problem w/gays and stood for tolerance and fair treatment. At this point, I outright hate them. They have hijacked the bullying issue, the marriage issue, the military issue, education issue. And now they are hijacking comics. They have gay pride month. What the he||? I am proud that I penetrate rectums?? This is all ridiculous. I say drop them all on an island and let them have their own land.

  • Joker

    We already know it is Robin.

    • Jakobi

      The first three all had at least one female love interest, the fourth was a girl, and the current is too young to officially have a love interest but he has an spparent attraction to girls

  • Bruce

    Will his name be “Buttman”? Will his outfit be “fudge-packer brown”?

  • Don S.

    Catholics who go to Mass every Sunday outnumber homosexuals by at least 5 to one; add Protestants who go to church every Sunday and you get about 40% of the general population, at least ten to one.
    So how many superheroes will turn out to be devout church goers?

    • KryptoniteBalls

      Who wants to read panels with people going to church? There are many openly devout characters in the comic book world, though. The problem isn’t whether characters are gay or not, it’s all about how will their stories be told? Batwoman has been a shining example of how to work in the sexuality of a character, who’s gay, while not letting that element overshadow everything else about her.

    • Ned Nerdman

      There are a few devout superheroes. Nightcrawler, of the X-Men, is deeply Catholic. Kitty Pryde is Jewish. Superman has been shown to be Methodist. It’s nothing new to have a superhero who turns to a god.

  • Jason

    It’s Apollo and Midnighter that are the openly gay ones.

  • Jack

    Jimmy, we will gladly shut up as soon as we actually ARE like everyone else, with the same rights and freedoms. We don’t went special treatment, but for some reason, we’re getting it anyway.

  • J.C.

    Im not against gays/homosexuals but what you do should stay private and personal, not in comic books.

    • Luke

      You’re not against gays, you just don’t want them anywhere near you, right? XD Wow, I’ve never heard that one before.
      In that case, lets not have any straight characters in comic books either, shall we? It should be private and personal, right? Lets just not have any relationships in comic books at all, that will be fair to everyone.

    • Heroes

      THANK YOU!

  • Rodney

    ARE YOU KIDDING???? Who the f*** cares????? What a sad, sad day when comic books have to make an issue about sexual orientation??? Whats next?

  • demonlifehealer

    I am so proud of D.C. Please let it be Batman! (crosses fingers) He and the Joker have some major sexual tension going on!

    • Christopher


  • melanie

    check it out: http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/32539/the-return-of-zsazsa-zaturnnah

    ‘Hold on to your magical stones, Zsazsa Zaturnnah’s back and she’s turning 10. It’s amazing when you think about it, but this year marks a decade since comics creator Carlo Vergara introduced his superstar creation, Zsazsa Zaturnnah… More than just a fantastic comic book, “Zsazsa Zaturnnah” was a clever and hilarious take on gay culture as well as Filipino komiks traditions…’

  • TimmyJV

    All DC characters are gay anyway, except Batman Joker and Superman.

  • Christopher

    Yeah, he’ll probably be able to suck golf balls through water hoses and snap off your penis with his butt cheeks…That and masturbate to young pics of Justin Beiber at the speed of light…Plus he can see through mens clothes with his super Gay vision…I’m glad I put down the Comics a while ago and am no longer supporting this crap..It’s my freedom, my voice, I’ll say what I want. Some stuff should stay in the closet.

    • James

      Seriously… that was so homophobic.

  • bob

    bet they make him ‘flaming’ gay when most bi/gay guys are no differnt then straght guys, you really can’t tell a differace

  • ladini

    And yet…and yet…DC keeps rejecting all my own new superhero character submissions:

    Captain (Simply) MARVELOUSSSSssss
    Camp Thing
    Aqua (with a hint of Teal) Man
    The Lavender Track-Light
    The Fantabulous Four

  • Dave

    Call me what you want but I am sick and tired of gay this gay that being thrown in my face every which way I turn. Like we DON’T know the marxist left wingers have an agenda of pushing homosexuality on our children and we are not supposed to notice?

    • Riley

      Yes, yes. And the government controls your dreams through satellites.

  • pathetic

    I wonder when they are going to come out with a polygamist superhero, I suppose that would be next….

  • http://yahoo Char0571

    After reading this article, I really thought this was a joke. Don’t get me wrong “to each his/her own.” I can not believe this is an open disoussion about , who should be coming out of the closet. A super hero is that a super hero, I do not wish to know about a super hero’s sexual orientation. That is a private matter and it serves no place in comics.

  • lulu

    thats a shame!my kids are done with dc.

  • j.d

    who the hell do u think ur- y would u tell someone else how to live their life style?how would u like it if someone came to u and said u cant live ur own lifestyle? ur not incharge of people on what they can and cant do in their life! y would u go up to someone who,s gay and tell them that lifestyle is wrong! thats none of ur business! one person lives their life as they want and another person goes and lives their life, just like everyone else.other people go and get mad or violent just because someone is gay or a lesbian! who cares! end of question!!

    • Jordan

      People tell me I can’t live my life how I’d like to. I’m not gonna say what they say I cannot take part in, just that it don’t involve anyone but myself, it’s not destructive, no safety risk for anyone. Yet if I’m seen doing it I’m likely to be fined. It sucks don’t get me wrong. But sometimes new things take awhile to be accepted in a culture. We have to deal with it as best we can until it is.

      Go for the gay! The homophobes don’t have to read it.

  • Gary

    Do we really need a gay super hero? If I want to be forced to watch gay material, I will watch Glee or MTV! WTF!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Truth

    I don’t have a problem w/ a Gay Superhero. What I do have a problem with, is all these shows, books, etc., turning straight people gay. Start a new gay character and that’s it! THIS is why people don’t like gays.

  • Char

    This is old news, batwoman’s been a lesbian for awhile now

  • lazydave

    The characters may not be gay but the reades sure are.

  • derrickfoster

    this isn’t the first dc character who is gay. remeber obsidian.
    SexualityHe has a short-lived, troubled relationship with Marcie Cooper, the third Harlequin, shortly before the disbanding of Infinity, Inc. Later, sexual confusion was shown during his tenure in the Justice League, when he told his friend Nuklon that the only two people he could ever love in the world were his sister and him. When Nuklon asked if he was gay, Obsidian did not fully answer, instead asking “Why must there be labels?” After Obsidian’s redemption, JSA penciller Steven Sadowski stated that Todd’s sexuality would be dealt with whenever he returned to that title.

    Todd shares a kiss with Damon Matthews.Todd appeared in Manhunter #18 where he shares a kiss with Damon Matthews, a recurring gay character, and spoke in the fashion of a lover, confirming his sexuality. Marc Andreyko, the writer of Manhunter, goes into detail about selecting Obsidian as Damon’s lover, stating that:

    I didn’t want to make a character gay unless it felt organic. So, the list was pretty short. Then I remembered when Obsidian was in the JLA years ago and Gerard Jones, the writer, danced around the issue. I went back and read all my Infinity, Inc.’s and although Todd dated women, it was always a mess. Andreyko said that DC was supportive, wanting a “visible gay character” and that it was “a general void in the DCU that needed exploration”. Geoff Johns, longtime writer of JSA, also stated his support for the idea.[1]

    When writer Bill Willingham took over the JSA title, there was a great amount of concern among fans about how this would affect Todd (as Willingham is a Republican). Some fans even feared that Willingham would “cure” Todd’s sexuality. In Justice Society of America (Vol. 3)#40, Willingham attempted to address this concern in a humorous way by having the newly restored Obsidian announce that his homosexuality has been cured, only for him to quickly renounce this claim, telling the readers, while breaking the fourth wall for a brief moment, that he was only joking and that he was still gay.

    As of Justice Society of America #43 (October, 2010), Todd is still dating Damon, confirming this in conversation with his father.

  • Pacer_X

    C’mon now, it’s obviously Robin! After all, he’s the “Boy Wonder,” shares a “cave” with another dude and has previously been reinvented as a woman.

    Now that that’s out of the closet, when are the DC creators coming out? Aside from gay people, who else gives a crap if a fake, made-up character is gay or not? This storyline is so very lame, almost as lame as Aquaman. *Yawn.* But good for you for heping out a cause y’all believe in, no matter how played out it is already.

  • Matt D

    Aquaman has got to be the gay one! As for superman i wish him on no one. Cant imagine what he could do to a butthole, but i bet he could take it like a champ!

  • Kaden

    Honestly, its not that big of a deal. So what if they’re gay? It doesnt change who they are and its not like theyre all of a sudden gonna record Robin sucking a dick(Even though we all know thats what he does in his spare time) And I think its a good thing that they’re coming out. Theres enough straight people, there needs to be more gay people so gay people arent a taboo thing and they seem more normal. Plus, it’ll give gay kids someone to look up to and make them realize that being gay isnt a bad thing.

  • Maximus Rex

    Homosexuals have absolutely zero place in the comic book fandom and I’m tired of the Big Two blatantly pandering to a infinitesimally small segment of the comic book reading fandom. If homosexuals are such need of a peter puffers and and carpet munchers, why don’t start their own company with these characters? Because the company would brick and nobody would by the books, so they inflitrate the mainstream companies like a cancer.

    Also what’s next, a character that enjoys menage a trois, S&M, beastiality, or pedophilia? As much as it would make sense for Diana to be lesbian, do we really need to see this in comics? Does DC really want to send that message to teenage readers.

    There’s also the issue of balance. It’s cool for there to be gay chacaters, but concservative or religious characters are no where to be found. I personally have no desire to read about the sexuality procivilities of superheros, and as a matter of good conscious and to set a proper standard homosexual characters should be banned by both companies. No homos in my comics, please.

    • Lacey

      Does DC want to send a message to teenage readers that it’s okay to be gay”?
      Cheers, bigot.

    • Peter David

      “As much as it would make sense for Diana to be lesbian, do we really need to see this in comics?”

      Depends. Do you want to see massive PR and the book sell through the roof? To say nothing of the TV show that would get fast tracked for Lifetime or Oxygen.


  • http://youtu.be/ysNd4QGOgeY TubeSalvation

    Repent of your immoral lifestyle or Perished in Hell !

    • Mose

      Homosexuality is a natural part of nature. You’re on the internet.

      Search for:
      “Homosexuality in the animal kingdom”
      About 417,000 results (0.18 seconds)
      Check out this site:
      1,500 animal species practice homosexuality

      Search for:
      “Homosexuality in the insect world”
      About 17,200,000 results (0.11 seconds)
      Check out this site:
      The surprisingly gay world of insect sex

      • Michael

        so we have degraded ourselves to animals and insects when God told us we were made in his image. OK well, you can be an animal and an insect but me? I choose GOD

        • Mose

          Many religions see God as the essences of all that exist, which includes animals and insects as well. And for your information, ‘YOUR’ classification is also animal so get off the high horse. To be more accurate, man said, God said, he made us in his own image. I wonder what form God was in when God created the rest of the life we’re aware of. And what did God say to these living entities. Or do you believe that the creator of all that exists can only assume one form.

  • Cyclonus

    They should make Booster Gold gay. Because nobody will care. And he can bedazzle his little robot friend and be his life partner.

  • superman

    Why do people have to change established things to make political stances? Comic books are not a place for that. And then using a prestablished character. I don’t agree with that. It is just another ploy to have their stance on the issue out there more predominatly. DC seems to want to change their characters when political items are in the news. First it was Superman denouncing his Amercian citizenship around the time the Republicans won back the House of Representives, and now the annoucnement of a gay character just after the North Carolina issue and Obamas flip flop on the issue. Seems like this is the norm for DC now. Maybe they should take a page from Marvel and just keep your political leanings out of the comics and give people what they want. Their heros as they remember them.

    As for the “school comments” before, both sides have valid points. Gays aren’t the only ones beaten up at schools or made fun of. You have people who are “bullied” at school because of their faith whether that is Christianity, muslim, etc, or any other reason. As far as the gays “moaning” about things, that group does have valid arguments about things, however in the past they have been notorious for “pouting” about every little thing to get attention.

  • TImothy

    I gre up reading comic and if any of those comics had gay material in it im sure it would have raised questions by me and probably gotten me banned from ever reading a comic by my Christian mother.Do we really need this in a fantasy comic?

    • TKJS

      Comics have not been simply “fantasy” since what? The Spider-Man drug issues and the Green Lantern/Green Arrow drug issues that went on sale immediately afterwards? Both of those story arcs did a Hell of a lot of good for kids as far as the drug concerns of the day went and if I’m not mistaken, Stan Lee and Marvel Comics even received recognition from the US Governmaent for the Spider-Man storyline. So it has been proven that comics CAN BE and HAVE BEEN a place to adress social issues for quite some time. PAD, can you back me up on my facts here, sir?

  • Piper

    I don’t care who they make gay, with the exception of Batman and Superman,both whom I plan on marrying and procreating with one day.

  • http://heavenlydaisies o hope jerio

    Sodomy is not gay, not fun, not ok, not a lifestyle. Sodomy is a deathstyle. Massive internal damage causing death, sometimes too quickly to give a person time to call 911, is a result of sodomy (aka anal penetration, aka butthole surfing). Untreated, the consequences of sodomy cause death.

    Medical treatment is necessary to restore ability to poop, but you’ll never be able to poop proper after being sexually abused that way. Your stomach will be distended as you eat too much to try to move along poop from a pooper that can’t poop.

    Our Surgeon General should be warning against sodomy.

    Some males confine themselves to oral sex (sucking and swallowing semen), which is safer.

    Sodomy is not a choice for most. Many males have no choice, having been raped in the back door which should be respected, not violated.

    Sexual predators who label themselves gay activists should be telling the truth about the expensive physical consequences of sodomy. Sexual predators who label themselves gay activists have fun visiting their rich friends who can afford the best medical treatment by caring professionals who attempt to restore function and combat constipation. Many victims of sodomy must have a colostomy, which means they have to collect their poop in a bag that collects poop from a new hole in front.

    The worst consequence is when a male rape victim who marries a lady or visits female prostitutes (hos) demands deadly anal sex, spreading this practice to more and more innocent victims. Rectal tears and punctures cause slow death when victims are too ashamed to seek medical care.

    Vote against Obama, please, who is obviously too innocent to comprehend this problem. He’s such a spiritual guy, a family man.
    Our President should be warning everybody instead of caving for rich donators who think they have a female brain just because they are right-brained and creative. They could marry a lady who can do math and uses her left brain.

    Old traditions of male/female roles confused people years ago. We know better now, that being creative is not feminine, nor is being aggressive masculine, but a career choice all are free to make in America, until motherhood. God bless apple pie, too. Please ask God to bless your fast food and junk food. You’ll feel less guilty.

    O Hope Jerio for President


    Please write me in, as this helps me advocate against suicide and suicidal greed damaging our precious home, our planet, and the precious womb, a home deserving of protection under the 4th Bill of Right. Don’t be wrong for long! Stay alive, survive until i get y’all paid a living family wage, $23/hr federal minimum wage is a plank of my platform so you won’t need to deal with princesses handing out handouts. Let princesses raise funds instead of using tax dollars.

    Hop for Hope

  • rO

    Aren’t they all??????

  • Dave

    Man, comic book fans are apparently a-holes about everything. The comments section is depressing to read.

  • Johnny DoNothing

    What is happening to our society? Thanks Bill Clinton for making immorality ok and thanks Barak for helping the gay movement along. What abomination do you liberal democrats have planned next?

  • Phil

    Duh, it’s Superman. Wanna hear the story? Ok, here it goes.

    How Superman became gay…

    Superman was out flying around one day, when he thought about checking on his other Superhero friends. He said to himself, I’ll use my X-ray vision to look into their houses and see what they are doing.

    The first house he went to happened to be Wonder Woman’s. As he was flying over, he used his X-ray vision to look thru her roof, and what did he see? He saw Wonder Woman naked, and writhing on her bed.

    Superman thought to himself, “Man, I’ve always wanted a piece of that. I’ll bet I can fly down their, do my thing, and fly out at Superspeed before anyone knows I’ve been there.”

    So, with that, he flew at Superspeed down to Wonder Woman, and, bam-bam-bam, and flew out again.

    Wonder Woman, still writhing, said, “What was that?”

    The Invisible Man said, “I don’t know, but my butt is killing me.”

  • Butchboy

    My, use of the “G” word stirs up all sorts of cr@p. I always found the “romance” sub-plot of comics to be ultra boring. Heroes save the world and cool sh!t like that, period. However, if DC must enter the world of sociological ideology (a very stupid idea), then the character will surely be a(nother) lesbian as most straight males I know have some strange fettish to see “a little lesbo action…” so sales would probably not suffer much. Think I’ll go listen to some WHAM! now…

  • Madelyn

    Yeah I don’t mean to be “that guy” but Marvel did not “insert” gay characters Hulkling and Wiccan in the Young Avengers universe Hulking and Wiccan were part of the original Young Avengers team from the very first issue. I know it is picky but the term insert makes it sound like they were just some addition to the original team. But they were in fact the two members of the four member original team.

  • http://cafepress.com/bustedcherry Archie Spires

    Is it Maggie Sawyer (Captain of the Metropolis SCU), Rene Montaya (The Question II), Kate Kane (Batwoman), Terry Berg (former personal assistant of Kyle Rayner) or Hartley Rathaway (The Pied Piper)?

  • JIm

    I think we are all missing the point Gay sells so EVERYBODY has to have a gay character. I am not gay I have cousins who are but I think they would agree they are tired of people using them for their own financial gain. The old saying is sex sells and if people want to buy gay character stuff its their perogitive.

  • Tyson

    If you like this article you might like helping this Atlanta Artist, Philip Bonneau with his Superhero + gay culture photography kickstarter http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1412506312/heroes-villains-3

  • Michael

    And I know what his name is going to be too…Fudgepacking fiasco….The morals of this country have gone down so far it leaves me wondering how much longer before this country falls apart. You throw morals and God out of your country and it won’t be long before he throws you out.

  • Amythest2112

    I have read all the comments posted thus far and have this to say!! Our founding fathers stated that “All men are created equal” and that “we are all endowed with certain inalienable rights, among them are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

    A few decades ago, women were not afforded the same rights as men. They couldn’t vote. They were not paid as much as a man for the same job. They were not respected as much as men were.

    Then came WOMEN’S LIB: The movement to ensure equality for women.

    Not too long ago, especially in the South, Blacks were not afforded the same rights as Whites. A Black person was regarded as less than one White man for voting purposes. Some were lynched and tortured.

    Then came Dr. Martin Luther King and his “DREAM”. Now we have the first African American president in U.S. history. There are blacks in powerful goverment positions throughout this country.

    Not too long ago, Jewish people were discriminated against, not allowed into certain universities or colleges. I know of someone who was beaten up by the KKK and the police turned a blind eye to this!! The same with Blacks!! Now many are doctors, lawyers, professors, producers and directors!!

    Not too long ago, gay people had to be “closeted” for fear of being beaten or even killed. Many were afraid of how family and friends would react if they “knew” of their sexuality and would reject them or disown them. Many married and had kids out of “conformity” to societal norms and out of fear of losing their jobs, etc. A few bold ones came out and the Gay Movement/Stonewall began and things gradually changed. People became more tolerant and accepting. They also gained through the disclosure of family and friends that were gay that there are more gay people than people one thought. the interested thing about one’s sexuality is that it is often times not obvious. A person of color would have a hard time keeping their skin color a secret. A person’s religion may or may not be disclosed to friends and co-workers any more than their party affiliation. The same can be said of ones sexual orientation. I have met some effiminate men that WERE NOT GAY. Conversely, I have met many masculine men that were.

    We humans are so apt to judge “a book by its cover” that we delude ourselves!!

    As for those who pontificate the Bible or God, etc. does it not say in most teachings that “do unto others as you would have them do unto you??” or “judge not lest ye be judged”??

    A few decades ago, interacial marriage was illegal. Those who even dated outside of their “race” were often outcasts in the eyes of their own race and their families. My how things have changed. Has anyone noticed the percentage of interacial couples and their offspring?? Not so clandestine or scarce as in the past is it??

    As people “evolve” as a species there comes an epiphany of sorts that what was once considered the norm or acceptable has changed over time!!

    Sexuality is the “FINAL FRONTIER” of “leveling the playing field” for humanity.

    It truly amazes me how cruel humans can be to each other. There is no other species that I am aware of that kills or hurts it own kind except for protection of itself or it’s family, food or mating purposes. Not over money, jealousy, hatred, property, a vehicle or other material possessions. Perhaps someday we can all “rise above” our petty grievances and lust for power, money and material wealth and come to the realization that deep down we’re all the same.

    Hopefully, that day will be in my lifetime!!

    Peace to all and to all a good night!!

  • steven morrow

    Call me anything you want I don’t care but making a 60 yr old comic book superhero finally come out and say he is gay is the worst idea of horrible ideas known to man. The gay community cries about well we are judged, beaten up, ridiculed over our life choice, here’s an idea fold up your rainbow flag, put your clogs away, and stop forcing your beliefs down our Freakin throats like its gay lovers and keep your crap to yourself. I don’t want superman to come out of the closet and say I’m gay which wouldn’t work by the way he is the man of steel and I’m sure anything up his back door would be lost forever with one clinch, don’t screw up baseball by making them wear something stupid to show that they support queers. That’s it I am running for president and passing a law now more gay shit you want to live that way move to Mexico where most the Mexicans are only a shot of tequila away from being gay.

    • Leah

      Take offense to you talking shit about Mexicans!

  • Leah

    It would make total sense for robin to come out already!!! Maybe even batman, altho batman is a womanizer!! So that would b a little weird!!
    It better not b superman!! Because he already has an established relationship! I would hate for them to ruin that!

  • TKJS

    Anything that DC or Marvel can do to give gay kids, teens or young adults positive role models to show them that’s there’s NOTHING wrong with them being gay and stop their depression and rampant suicides is fine with me. I pray that the close-minded people who have children will never have a gay child simply because I fear for what that child will go through in such a household. THIS is why we need gay characters in comics, on TV, in movies, etc.: to show the children of such parents that even though they can’t talk to their close-minded parents, it IS ok to be gay and they DON’T need to end their lives over it.

  • http://martelljt.wordpress.com J Martell

    The character may have been leaked already!? Someone as a strong source at the Phoenix Con let it slip…

  • Kentucky Fried Horse

    Cat’s outta the bag: Alan Scott. Why did DC have to pick such a longtime character? Like others have stated, introduce a new character for the concept, don’t cheaply pander by suddenly rebooting such a longtime character.