‘Gate to Hell’ in Turkey Could be the Famed Pluto’s Gate

By: Sean Patterson - April 2, 2013

Though not as fiery as the Google Maps “gate to hell” spotted earlier this year, Italian scientists believe they may have found the famed “gate to hell” known as Pluto’s Gate. The site was believed to have been built on top of a cave that emits toxic gas, which was believed by the Greeks and Romans to be the entrance to the underworld, where Pluto, god of the underworld, resided. The temple at the site is thought to have been destroyed by Christians in the 6th century.

According to a Discovery News report, Italian archaeologists at the University of Salento believe they have found the cave in Turkey. After retracing the route of a thermal spring, the scientists found a cave with ruins – including columns bearing inscriptions referring to the gods Pluto and Kore.

Ancient texts place Pluto’s Gate in the city of Hierapolis, now present-day Pamukkale, Turkey, where archaeologists found the ruins.

The scientists told Discovery News that a number of birds died during the excavation process, killed by carbon dioxide fumes that emanate from the cave. Researchers state that worship ceremonies at the site in ancient times involved animal sacrifice, in which animals would be thrown into the cave. Pilgrims are also reported to have slept near the entrance to the cave, where they would experience “visions.”

(Image courtesy Francesco D’Andria/University of Salento)

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  • Micale

    I just read a book about a “Gate of Hell” in Turkey, which came out a few weeks before this article was released.

    It’s called “Night Will Be No More”.


    • yo

      Not really

  • dave


  • Mr.Obvious

    What else would it be? Of course it’s a coincidence. Do you even know what a coincidence is?

    • butbuttbut

      Small coincidence, or large coincidence?

      • Knobend

        Grande Latte Coincidence

  • Bob

    The temple destroyed by Christians in the 6th century. So typical of Christians. Their belief is you only believe in thier God and no other.

    • Matt

      you mean any religion ever, christians just got there first

      • No6655321

        No. there are some that say its okay to have other beliefs as they are merely another means to the same end

        • Jacque

          Your comment betrays your ignorance. Haven’t you heard of the Babylonians destroying Jerusalem’s temple? How about the Anglican Church having other Christians killed for not converting? It seems to me that you have done absolutely no research into factual material, and have thus based your claim on pure emotion and personal prejudice. Please reconsider your personal beliefs.

          • Archer

            He is right, though. Bahá’í is one of those religons.

          • Philip

            the key word in the comment you’re replying to is SOME. in the Sikh religion, for example, it’s a sin to force your religion upon others, and there are other religions that feel “all paths lead to god.” so. uh. “It seems to me that you have done absolutely no research into factual material, and have thus based your claim on pure emotion and personal prejudice.” believe it or not, some religions actually are tolerant towards people who believe differently. and since i know you’ll just jump to the conclusion that i’m a religious fanatic, this is coming from an atheist.

          • Jacque

            I’m sorry. I accidentally made that comment in response to No6655321 instead of Bob. I was reading the thread and was irritated by his obviously ignorant statement. I’m sorry everyone. I placed my comment in the wrong spot.

          • Jacque

            I’m sorry everybody. I placed this comment in the wrong spot. Now that I read it, I sound like the uneducated one in the conversation. I meant to place this comment in response to Bob. I have no particular love for Christians and I’m not trying to defend what they did, I’m just tired of seeing them ignorantly bashed everywhere I go on the Internet. Sorry again for the misplacement.

        • Joe

          No, he’s quite right. The Minoan matriarchy had a pantheon, and the Greeks chose to demonize some of these goddesses. History of demonization and defilement of x’s beliefs when y becomes the predominant culture is a well established human tradition. Christians are humans.

          • Jacque

            I’m sorry. I attempted to respond to Matt’s comment. I only realized just now that I clicked the wrong one to reply to. No6655321’s comment is correct, the operative word is SOME. I have no issue with his comment, and no great love for Christians either. I just am tired of people ignorantly bashing them. Sorry about the confusion.

      • Chris

        Maybe they destroyed it because it was release deadly gas. Oh, no it must be tea-bagger fundie republican Christians being ignorant!

    • Roger Waters

      So brave.

    • Charlie

      Well, if it was believed to be the gate to Hell, it only makes sense that Hell-haters would try to destroy it.

  • me

    pics or it didnt happen