Garth Brooks Releases New CD-DVD Box Set

    November 29, 2013
    Courtney Wills
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Garth Brooks, the 51-year-old king of country music released a new CD/DVD box set on Thursday, just in time for Black Friday shoppers. The new set, “Blame It All On My Roots” is only available at Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, and walmart.com, and can be purchased for a mere $24.96.

Brooks was in Los Angeles on Tuesday to promote his new box-set release, as well as his “Garth Brooks, Live from Las Vegas” CBS special airing Friday night. The special will be broadcast from 8-10 p.m, live from the Encore Theater at the Wynn Las Vegas resort.

Playing at the Wynn should feel like home to Brooks, who came out of his retirement in 2009 to play at the Wynn for three years. The singer’s shows were more of a success than anyone could have dreamed; every single show for three years was sold-out.

The 8-disc box set will include 77 songs, 33 music videos, the November 9 performance at the Wynn, and a 68-page photo album.

For anyone wanting to buy the set, you will find a vast assortment of music and music videos and concert DVDs. Encompassing all of the music and videos are 8-discs, including 2 CDs and 1 DVD to feature Brooks’ “Ultimate Hits.” There are also four discs featuring Brooks’ own covers of songs that have influenced the singer throughout his life and career. The four “cover” discs are titled, “Country Classics,” “Classic Rock,” “Melting Pot,” and “Blue-Eyed Soul.” They feature everything from Haggard to Jones, Simon and Garfunkel to Elton John.

Main image courtesy billyjoelVEVO via YouTube.

  • Christine


  • Bo-jangels

    Here he comes to sell us the same music he’s sold for the last 10 years; nothing new since the release of “Chris Gaines”, and it sucked! So, lets sell them another Box Set…they’re just dumb enough to buy it!
    Really? Come out with some new music, try that!
    King of country…Did GS go some place?

  • John’s k

    I like Garth, but hate Walmarts. Guess that’s one of his I won’t buy.

  • Tom

    critics are just that,,,the only opinion that matters is the listeners, if you like,you like,,if not you don’t. Garth just shows where his music soul comes from,heartfelt and real. Like he really cares about the money,,,really?