“Gangnam Style” Death: Dancer Has Heart Attack

    December 14, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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A man attempting to do the “Gangnam Style” dance–created and made popular by Korean superstar PSY–keeled over and died of a heart attack at his office Christmas party recently.

46-year old Eamonn Kilbride, a former IT manager at his company in the U.K., was celebrating with everyone else when he suddenly collapsed; attempts to revive him failed and he passed away at Royal Blackburn Hospital.

“We were having a fantastic time at the Christmas party and Eamonn had just finished dancing to ‘Gangnam Style,'” his wife, Julie, said.

The energetic dance has become something of a craze here in the U.S. and abroad over the past several months, with PSY earning accolades and fame where he least expected it.

  • http://Yahoo Pamela Bunting Lewis

    He went out in style. It was his time. And, he was doing something he loved to do. No pain. No suffering. God Bless his family and friends. I am sure that they will miss him. Pam. 12/14/12

  • wendy

    vanilla ice

  • Bobbie

    The article says nothing about his health,in other words, he might have had a bad heart.Seemingly perfectly normal peeps have died from heart attacks, during exercise, because there was no overt evidence that there was heart trouble. Condolences to his family and friends. May God be with them.

  • wtf

    WTH… He could have been drinking and other stuff..
    he should have known his body… don’t do something you can’t handle!!
    what are they trying to do? blame it on the singer now??

    • buddha

      It doesn’t say they’re going to blame the singer. Calm down.

    • Jimmy

      Your a meatball……..you can’t always tell when a heart attack is coming…could happen to the healthiest person

      • Hi

        Heart attacks can occur randomly but usually happen to people with preexisting conditions.

  • http://webpronews anna m

    at least he went out in style! and we cant change destiny!:(

  • dan

    umm let’s see who will blame PSY for this one…haha people can be so stupid at times. Maybe Sue PSY also? idiots.


    Poor guy! well at least he died dancing with no suffering and yet happy!

    • SmarterDinU

      I agree -banned for EVER ! and all its derivities too..

  • Rob

    I think we need to put a ban on the Gangnam Style dance.

    • NorsKenR

      Try to do that, at least in America, and all the result you’ll get is an uproar about free speech and increased notoriety for the dance – probably just when it is about ready to peak and decline and eventually be forgotten. The late Ravi Shankar pointed out that things older than twenty minutes were looked down upon by Manhattanites. The people most likely to follow the “Gangnam Style” fad are those most likely to forget it and move on.

  • rayon

    so sad

  • Jimmy

    So when is the family doing to sue Psy? I mean this is America and that is what they’re suppose to do right? Messed up!!!

    • Blesha

      It’s in the UK, not in America, Jimmy.

      • NorsKenR

        True, but just because Americans are reputedly the MOST litigious doesn’t mean you can’t be sued in the UK too. However, he chose to dance and there were probably other people in the room who didn’t and I doubt you can prove PSY compelled him to do it. I don’t think the suit would get anywhere in the UK or the USA.

  • SmarterDinU

    OK – so this song is not ONLY STUPID as FUCK, it can also kill you… But there are too many dumb people in the world that think this song is cool, or good…. it is the DUMBEST song of the eternity –

    • l

      I couldn’t agree more.

    • “Smarter?”

      Ummm the song doesn’t tell you to jump off a cliff or have a heart attack. The guy probably had some preexisting conditions and the dance was considered strenuous exercise.

      And believe me, there are dumber songs in this universe. Rebecca Black’s Friday, for example. At least Gangnam Style has social commentary.

  • shawna

    Actually any true American that is a fan of Psy and happily supports him should do a little background check. A few years ago he did a song about how all Americans/Yankees should die. The lyrics refer to how other countries should kill all american women and children. So before you go sticking up for this man do a little research on him. He is very anti-american. He says it was years ago and that he didn’t really mean it..but being as hateful as he was I find it hard to believe he didn’t mean it.

    • andy

      he hated america until he saw that he could make money here. just ignore the guy and he will have to go away. I agree with you

      • NorsKenR

        Andy, fame is a Red Queen’s Race, (per Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking Glass”): “…one generally has to run as fast as one can just to stay in the same place, and to get anywhere else you have to run twice as fast as that.” Lots of people who have made it their job to become famous today will be forgotten in record time.

    • Mike

      Any true American would actually not judge him for it. He was angry that American soldiers killed innocents in his country. How many of us were angry and wanted to go kill anyone associated with those who perpetuated 9/11? I recall quite a few. And he also wasn’t referring to any child or women in the US, just those of the soldiers (still not ok, but if you’re going to accuse someone of something, make sure it’s the right thing). I am not trying to defend him, I’m just trying to say don’t judge him, when the country you live in is guilty of worse. He at least apologized.

      • Hi

        Agree w/Mike.

        Also, if you think what Psy said a few years ago was bad, you need to get out of the country or read an unbiased account of American history. A LOT of people hate the US and it’s for pretty good reasons.

      • NorsKenR

        How was America guilty of killing “innocents” in Korea? We sent our soldiers and still have them there to keep the North from invading the South and killing or enslaving far more “innocents” than we ever did, or could have. Let him vent his passions on the Japanese. If their conduct when they occupied Korea is anything like it was in China, especially Nanking, he has lots to resent. He may have been born in South Korea but he sounds like a tool of the North Koreans to me.

  • andy

    I was very disappointed to hear it was not psy or whatever his name is that had a heart attack. I want this dance and song to go away like I want the kardashians and any other celebutard to go away.

    • shawna

      I can’t agree with you more Andy.

    • shawna

      I can’t wait for the day in which I don’t have to hear about this guy or the stupid dance any more. The day won’t come soon enough when the Kardashians are no more as well.

      • Rosemary Washburn

        what a BITCH!
        we all wish you well with YOUR heart attack.
        Jealouse that Psy has a better body?

    • Amy

      You’re an idiot. Why would you ever think to wish a heart attack on someone like that? Grow up.

  • l

    He is an artist and artists make dumb statements and write songs that they regret later in life. Get over it people. Get on with life, even everyday people make ignorant comments, every second someone in the world is saying something idiotic. So people enjoy this song. This article is about a man having a heart attack after dancing to it. This has nothing to do with the artists political opinions. If people are going to argue and and put a hissy fit about some unrelated subject, go find an article or make one up pertaining to it. God damn the hostility in everyone. The world should just implode so the human race will no longer exist we are a parasite on this earth that cannot get along with our own kind. I am ashamed to be part of this race.

    • M

      A lot of Americans could be categorized as living like those Gangnum style Koreans.

    • Christopher Niakian

      you need to smoke some weed bro

      • http://www.youtube.com Catherine Witmayer

        I agree. Smoke a little, dance a little ! LOL

  • King

    Damn people are stupid, if u dont wanna hear the song turn it off or leave the place that’s playing it, or just change the fucking channel god damn no wonder these fools dont get success and wealth cause they hate on the people who do.

  • Amanda

    Well holy crap. Has anyone ever tried to actually dance to this? I have and I can tell you that it’s definitely not for people who aren’t physically fit. I can’t believe Psy isn’t thinner with as many times as he does that dance.

  • twila

    I am 61 and I love that song and love to dance to it..good excercise..whe nits your time to go….nothing u can do :-)

  • Scott T.

    Gangnam style is nothing new. It is 8 to 15 seconds copies of previous artists such as, MC Hammer, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, and Angkorian dancers, etc. Once you add all the copies together, you get this style. The style is nothing new. It is funny to watch him doing it. That is what the world is appeared to catch on.

  • Alex

    Remember the Macarena, this is worse… it will go away too.

  • Tisha

    Well I was doing the dance in the club with a group of people; I have asthma and couldn’t breathe, so I sat down. Too much activity at one time, I did recover easily. I just know my limits. God Bless him and his family!

  • Stacy

    I understand that when it’s your time to go, you’re going. But, man, it’s got to be harsh to die while dancing to a fad song. So sad. I don’t support those who are anti-American. No wonder Obama shook his hand.

  • j

    alot of you don’t understand music. I called this a week before this man had a heart attack. you can ask my friend. i introduced him to the song and i started lightly dancing to it. and was telling him that someone is going to have a heart attack to this song. it’s not that you have to be physically fit to dance at all. it’s in the beat itself that will literally kill you. listen to it. your heart can explode to the sounds of this music and how it builds up. they know what they are doing who produced it.

  • Michelle F.

    I disagree with the people who say it was his time to go. Most people don’t expect to die at 46 years old.

    Dancing can be hard. I can’t keep up with those dance exercise videos — the moves are too hard. I guess I’m uncoordinated and the moves are too fast for me, especially when you have to move your arms and legs at the same time in different ways. Zumba could probably kill you too, but so will lack of exercise.

    • http://Gmail Sujith

      I feel sorry on him…but the song was so amazing that i used to hear his songs daily.even my friends also enjoyed it.let us all pray for his soul….

  • http://Yahoo Max

    Well its an awesome dance but how ever old he was i dont know why the fuck he would do the fucking god damm dance! I do feel bad for him but he was an asshole for doing it

  • lee

    “die yankees”? americans listening to this need to recognize who this clown is. yes the song is hilarious, b/c its a joke. this is a poor man’s version of lmfao.

  • Tyler Davis

    Who died

  • lavada

    Damn I luv his personality