Gaming Beats Dating Websites When it Comes To Love

    March 28, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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The stereotype that gamers are all male “neck-beards” who never leave their parent’s basement – and so can never get laid, is already outdated. But could gamers have surpassed their non-gaming counterparts when it comes to seeking love? Online University compiled some statistics that points out gamers might be having better luck finding partners than those using traditional dating websites.

The most surprising statistics, to me, came from a survey of World of Warcraft players. Only 14.9% of WOW players are single, compared to 43% of Americans over the age of 18. Also, over 75% of WOW players who are dating each other traveled over 100 miles to meet.

Though it could simply be that gamers are younger and outnumber those on dating websites, my sense is that coming together and working hard to accomplish a common goal is what brings people close enough for sparks to fly.

Below is a nifty infographic the site created to demonstrate their point:

Gamers Get Girls
Created by: Online University

Have a story of epic gaming love? Let us know all about it below in the comments.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/author/mike-tuttle Mike Tuttle

    Would love to see this study continued into the first IRL date.


    • jason

      its funny because i think it has with the whole traveling to meet statistic

    • No One

      back when I first started playing WoW I knew a couple that had their first date in the game… not an RP thing, it was a pre planned honest to god date in their eyes.. evidently it went over really well cause they got married about 6 months later. I have heard other stories of people having dates in WoW, some just RP others actual dates.

  • Pamela

    I found this to be pretty cool. My fiance and I met on WoW and we have been together for a while now.
    We met in Dalaran while fishing for the giant sewer rat. He randomly started talking to me and I honestly thought he was just some egotistical weirdo since he kept mentioning all his achievements. I almost put him on my ignore list actually. I’m glad I didn’t though. We ended up talking more and soon it turned into a relationship. A few months later he drove 14 hours from West Virginia to Alabama to see me. He’s come down every 2-3 months ever since and we are now saving up to get a place together :)

    • Sean Patterson

      How wonderful! I wish you two all the luck in Azeroth on your future raids life together!

  • TK

    I actually met my (now) husband on World of Warcraft. We were friends for about a year before starting to ‘date’ in game and in email, etc. He moved from Cali to Idaho just to be with me, and we’ve been together ever since, which is about six years.

  • Vang Pao

    Ridiculous. I know a girl that hooked up with some COD addicted guy. They met in-game and started playing together every day. Eventually they met and became a RL couple. Only to break-up a few months later because in her words “All he does is play that stupid game!” Yeah, well no duh. It’s not as if someone that spends 8 or more hours a day gaming has an actual life much less a job.

  • OM Vinegar

    Noone on WoW dates anyone that lives 31-99 miles away?

  • Holly

    I’ve played the game pretty casually (other than a few stints of 3 day a week raiding) for 5 years, and I’ve seen a lot of WoW couples. Those who meet in the game and move in together, and some who were together and use the game as a way to do something together. But they all become real life couples.
    A few months before I went to uni I was talking to someone I knew on the game, he had gone to the uni I was going to, and told me his brother was applying for the same one. He introduced us and we got talking about the university/courses/accommodation/etc, and said we’d meet up in Freshers.
    Got to uni, met on the first day, spent loads of time together getting to know one another, he broke up with his girlfriend… we’ve now been together for 2.5 years. Neither of us really play the game any more.
    Some times you can meet great people on the game. It shouldn’t be laughed about because it’s an only role playing game. Bonding with someone before you know what they look like makes it a lot less superficial than meeting someone on a dating site.