Galaxy S III Gets More Colorful With 4 New Colors

    August 29, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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One of the reasons the white iPhones were so highly sought after isn’t that white smartphones are necessarily more aesthetically pleasing. It’s that they were simply different. Although Apple’s monolithic designs are great for ensuring the quality of their products, even Apple users want a little something to set themselves apart. It’s no surprise then that Apple’s largest competitor is beginning to set itself apart by offering its flagship smartphone in a wide variety of colors.

This week Samsung announced that the Galaxy S III will soon come in four new colors: “amber brown”, “garnet red”, “sapphire black”, and “titanium grey.” The only current colors widely available are “marble white” and “pebble blue.” The new colors will have the same brushed metal-like “Hyperglaze” finish as the current ones.

Samsung is obviously sticking with the “inspired by nature” marketing that the company unveiled at the announcement of the Galaxy S III. Consumers shouldn’t be expecting a neon pink version of the smartphone any time soon, though an “emerald green” or “amethyst purple” phone wouldn’t stray too far from the formula.

“Every inch of the Samsung Galaxy S III has been created to reflect the natural elements that inspired its ergonomic design, from the softly shaped curvature to the minimized bezel,” said Minhyouk Lee, lead designer of the Galaxy S III. “By expanding the color range of the Galaxy S III we are continuing to evolve the “Minimal Organic” design theme of the handset. The color options we have added evoke the phone’s emotional and natural aspects in a very simple but effective way.”

Mock-ups of the new colors provided by Samsung can be seen below. The red case has already been announced for the U.S. as an exclusive for AT&T, presumably to make up for that carrier getting the Galaxy S III weeks after other U.S. carriers. Samsung specifically stated that the availability of these new colors will vary by country and wireless carrier.

Red Galaxy S III

Black Galaxy S III

Grey Galaxy S III

  • Derek

    Does anyone know if there will be extended batteries with backs in these colors? I only found white and blue [HLI-I9300XL]

  • Tanner

    My friend does iPhone repair and customization. There a ton of different colors that you can get for your iPhone. Color matched on both sides, or different front and back panels.

    Take that, monolithic “two color only” generalization.

  • barbara smith

    That red is really nice (much better than the Nokia Lumia’s ugly pink!). And I”m on At&T, which is great. VEry tempting. The Galaxy is simply the best, especially on 4G LTE. The red also matches the decor of my salon in atlanta; very cool!!!!!

    • lynda

      I’m glad someone else hates that Lumia pink. It’s just so “off.” This is a nice red they’re doing for AT&T. I use AT&T (love the 4G LTE) and might have to switch from my HTC One X to get this in red. As a graphics designer, I find the phone really handsome.

  • HayJay

    I like the light gray one; it is sweet! Like the first two commenters, I have AT&T’s 4G LTE for my graphics design work in San Francisco and this phone would put my current phone to shame!

  • http://www.indonepaltrips.com Rupesh

    Though I have been using iphone, I am thinking of changing my phone. I like the red one..beautiful !! :-)

    • Flossie

      I would stick with the iPhone – you can get whatever case color you want and can’t really even tell what color the iPhone is. Color has nothing to do with functionality which is what you should truly consider.