Galaxy Nexus Release Date: November 21st, Online Only?

Leaked documents suggest web only

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Galaxy Nexus Release Date: November 21st, Online Only?
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Today, one much-anticipated Android phone is hitting the shelves – the Droid RAZR. But some people are still holding out for the Ice Cream Sandwich-loaded brand new offering from Samsung, the Galaxy Nexus.

The release date has been officially announced for the folks in the UK. Users overseas will be able to get their hands on the device on Thursday, November 17th. But everyone here in the U.S. is still waiting for Samsung to give them a date. While Samsung has yet to peg an official launch day, Droid Life has gotten a hold of a leaked Verizon roadmap of release dates. And what do you know, the Galaxy Nexus is on the list.

According to the document, it will hit the shelves on November 21st in the States.

Maybe just the virtual shelves, however.

The roadmap puts the 11/21 release as a web only event. As Droid Life points out, this wouldn’t be entirely out of character – the original Nexus One went live in a similar fashion. But the 21st falls on a Monday which would be a little strange in terms of history.

In terms of general timing, the 21st makes sense. It is the during the week of Thanksgiving and that shopping day to rule all shopping days – Black Friday. Check out the list for some other product releases:

Like I said before, Samsung is still silent on an official release date. When asked about the U.S. launch on Twitter recently, here’s what they had to say:

@metalcated #GALAXYNexus for sure! We will post an announcement when the release date is confirmed. Thanks for your support and patience. 1 day ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Do you plan on making the Galaxy Nexus your next phone? Let us know in the comments.

Galaxy Nexus Release Date: November 21st, Online Only?
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  • Tyler

    I’m tired of carriers saying, oh, it will be coming out sometime. I’m buying the RAZR today because the wait for the Nexus is just irritating me. And I’m not alone on this. Samsung just lost themselves a lot of customers due to their games.

    • Bryan

      I pre-ordered the RAZR, it came last night in the mail, and I hated it so much I returned it within an hour to my nearest Verizon store for a full refund. The phone also gets hot quick. I’m holding out for Galaxy Nexus.

      • Tyler

        I have the RAZR now and I love it. Beautiful design, flawless movements, and it feels great in my hand.

    • lambs

      It is not samsung, it is Verizon that is holding the date. The phone is ready to go but Verizon is playing the marketing game as they have 3 phones (Razr, Rezound, Galaxy Nexus) all coming out soon. If your going to bitch, bitch about Verizon

      • danny

        I hate Verizon too, but there’s nothing I can do as its network is better that of stupid AT&T. We don’t live in a perfect world. If we did, Verizon would be the first to have exclusivity on the iphone, and the iphone itself would have NFC and a bigger screen. As for Motorola, I will never get anything from that stupid company. If the Galaxy Nexus is bad, I would have to settle for the disappointing iphone 4S. F**k Apple for not releasing the iphone 5, and f**k Verizon for playing games.

        • Crabby

          Let me get this right…

          Verizon = hate (and F’em for playing games)
          AT&T = stupid
          Motorola = stupid
          Apple = maker of disappointing iPhone w/small screen and no NFC that you will settle for if you think the Galaxy Nexus will suck?

          I’m no shrink, but given your sunny outlook, you may want to save yourself some time and grab that iPhone so you can begin your rants in earnest

          Maybe you should become an industry consultant so you can help get all these folks on track.

          • danny

            LOL. I am leaning towards the iphone as of now.

      • Sal

        You hit the nail on the head. Verizon is holding out on the Galaxy Nexus release date, because they don’t want to lose out on potential sales of the RAZR and Rezound. Total BS, but this is how it goes. Don’t be surprised if the release date is the week of Nov. 28th, so folks who do buy the RAZR and Rezound today won’t be able to return within Verizon’s 14 day return period. This is all a game.

        • Brently

          If someone wants the Galaxy Nexus they should wait for it and not go out and buy a different phone just because they’re impatient all while planning on returning it to trade in for the GN. This costs the company so much extra money for nothing. Verizon won’t wait that long to release GN but if they do, good for them. People are way to impatient.

          • Sharon

            I agree! I have been watching and waiting for this phone to be released. Almost broke down a few times, but I knew in the end I would be disappointed with my decision! Have some patience people….if you really want the phone, wait for it. Otherwise, you will be whining over what could have been!

    • noyfb

      The Razr will not get the “pure ICS 4.0″ motorolla always messes with updates before passing it on to their phones and screwing it up. I’ve owned motorola droids and they always mess with updates for some reason. And motorola is like 3rd or 4th to get updates too from my experience, so people who get razr won’t get ics 4.0 till may or june if their lucky.

    • Chris

      Samsung Galaxy S2 ring a bell??? I’ve been able to upgrade since Feb and was holding out for this phone only to be let down. Don’t want an iPhone simply because it is not 4G. Please Samsung, get this phone out on the floor ASAP so i can finally spend my hard earned money and get rid of this outdated blackberry!!!!

      • Chris

        I mean, Verizon get this phone out!!! lol

  • Skeptic

    Firstly, w/o may stand for “week of.” Normally, Verizon launches on a Thursday or Friday, not on a Monday.

    Secondly, “Razr” “Rezound” and “G’zOne” are underlined in red, because the spell checker doesn’t recognize those words. Looks like someone just created this on Word and took a screenshot. I call B.S.

    • Aaron

      Good call. Why would words be underlined on an official release. Leaked BS. Both phones look good though.

  • corwin1681

    The one single reason I’m not getting galaxy nexus, is because it doesn’t have physical keyboard. I also hate samsung and their stupid touchwiz, good thing they are not allowed to put that crap on the nexus. (Oh, and they never release upgrades)

    • Liam

      You’re kidding me. Do you know what this phone is? Have you ever read about it before?

      You mentioned three things that you hate about this phone, and only one applies to it. Why mention them?

    • Johnny Z

      There is no Touchwiz for this phone. It’s purely Vanilla Android.

      • Duderskibrah

        he acknowledged the fact it doesn’t have touchwiz (“good thing they are not allowed to put that crap on the nexus”). He said the _one_ reason is because it doesn’t have a physical keyboard, and it’s a completely valid reason. The Samsung bashing is simply an aside.

  • Pat

    This is not news for today. Why would someone regurgitate an article from almost a week ago?

  • blow

    Verizon doesn’t really want to sell this phone because they are not allowed by google to include all of their bloatware. This phone will take away sales from the Razr and other phones that have tons of bloatware and all the added verizon crap.

  • Trunk

    I knew the right phone would come out and my patience it looks has paid off with this one. (Many of my friends can’t believe i have stuck with this Blackberry Pearl for so long.)

    • Camille

      I love that you have the Blackberry Pearl with me. Cannot wait to throw it out the door for the Nexus Galaxy!!

  • Mike Madrid

    This is soooo my next phone. Running low on patience!!!!

  • Erick

    I’m waiting for the galaxy nexus as it seems to be the best phone coming out. I went and looked at the razr and played around with it in the store and didn’t really like it. Come on stop pushing back the release date of the Nexus!!!!!!!

  • http://www.spray-it.net Latex Spuiten

    I really like the google phone, its a great product and i wil buy it !

  • peter

    Why would someone want a iPhone when it only has 3g . That is f***** stupid

  • noyfb

    been waiting since july when i found out about the nexus, had an upgrade since august and finally it will be coming out.

    The Razr will not get the “pure ICS 4.0″ motorolla always messes with updates before passing it on to their phones and screwing it up. I’ve owned motorola droids and they always mess with updates for some reason. And motorola is like 3rd or 4th to get updates too from my experience, so people who get razr won’t get ics 4.0 till may or june if their lucky.

    • Chris

      Id normally agree with you having owned many motorola droids in the past, but this is the first time android (google) is launching a new OS with Motorola under their wing, (motorola mobility was acquired by google in August 2011 for 12.5b), now granted they are supposed to be separate entities, but I highly doubt there wont be any intellectual property share between the two.

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