Gabrielle Union Heckles Dwyane Wade, Gets Banned from Courtside Seats

    April 20, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Gabrielle Union may look innocent and sweet, but beneath those incredible looks and charming smile beats the heart of a true heckler. Her professional basketball-playing boyfriend, Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade, is frequently the target of her zingers, though she isn’t above talking some smack to opposing teams and referees.

So loud and frequent are her heckles that Wade has asked her to sit a few rows back from the court. Her usual seat is right behind the Miami Heat bench.

While promoting her latest motion picture, director Tim Story’s romantic comedy “Think Like a Man”, Gabrielle opened up to Conan O’Brien about her unpopular courtside habits. When asked if she went as far as to ridicule her own boyfriend, Union wasn’t ashamed to admit the truth.

“Oh sure, I feel like who’s gonna tell him if not me?” she replied. “I’m like dance mom. … I’ve become like Bobby Knight and like the Great Fettucini, it’s bad. I scream like ‘brick!’ and ‘air ball!'”

Her attacks don’t stop with just the players. Union has been known to toss a few choice words towards referees, young and old alike. “Recently, like maybe last week, there was an older ref, perhaps it was Dick Bavetta, and I said ‘you’ll get your Viagra if you just make a call'”, the actress explained.

The couple met while co-hosting a 2007 Superbowl party. Although public scrutiny of their relationship has been particularly brutal, the pair remain dedicated and incredibly happy. As always, members of the Twitter community have something to say on the topic. A handful of their responses have been embedded below.

Very excited for @DLanceBlack‘s VIRGINIA. Jennifer Connelly is one of the finest actresses working, and it looks like another home run(image) 12 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

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Dang, you are a super fan. Kicked off of first row at #MiamiHeat games.
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  • mwtsaginaw

    If she really knew basketball, she would taunt D-Wade for diving and flopping to draw the refs’ calls. He’s one of the biggest fakers and crybabies in the NBA.

    • crt

      yes! So right

  • anthony collins

    any spectator weither paid or not has the right to voice their opinion,in this case by Union being Wade’s girlfriend,he has no right to tell her where she can sit,and what comments she can make, Wade is suppose to be a Professional but we see now he allows his emotions and personal feelings to get in the way of his Paid Profession…Hopefully when the Heat play Chicago in the Playoffs, she’ll continue to be in the “Front Row”

  • http://yahoo.com lahomer harden

    I just think she was joking around with him.My husband and I joke around like that all the time. Have some human about youself sometimes. lOL. I think she is a wonderful actress. And D-WADE keep up the good work.REMBER not to fall so much.clumsy.

  • Bro. Rhaan

    I’m elated that she’s not my woman.

  • gerren elwood

    Any1 who loves da game is go’n 2 get & be emotional (n2 da game).As 4 Wade because thats his gf’s voice,he’ll hear that over all da noise n any arena.I think it mite b a lil distracting thats all.What if he ask’d her not 2 attend any more games?

    • meekie

      if you are elated she is estastic you are not her man

    • william morris

      i would be estatic if she were mine

  • http://warnerCable Conrad Rowan

    Man, that Gabrielle is a hot chick I would love to have her sit in my front row or bleacher. she is hot Dewayne got it made it so nice to have good looks and money, I have good looks but I don’t have any money LoL
    Conrad Rowan