Frozen Pizza Recall Expanded Over E. Coli Concerns

    April 5, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Back on March 28, Rich Products Corporation issued a recall for Farm Rich-branded products such as Mini Quesadillas, Mini Pizza Slices, Philly Cheese Steaks, and Mozzarella Bites. The recall was issued over concerns that the food could be contaminated with E. Coli, and included nearly 200,000 pounds of frozen food made between November 12, 2012 and November 19, 2012. Rich Products stated that it would continue to work with the Food Safety and Inspection Service.

This week, the recall has been expanded to include over 10.5 million pounds of frozen snacks.

Rich Products has voluntarily recalled all products produced at its Waycross, Georgia plant with “Best by” dates from january 1, 2013 to September 29, 2014. The recall includes all sizes of Farm Rich-branded Mini Quesadillas, Mini Pizza Slices, Mozzarella Bites, Mini Bacon Cheeseburgers, and Philly Cheese Steaks. Other products from Farm Rich, such as Mozzarella Sticks and Stuffed Pretzel Bites, are made in separate plants and are not part of the recall.

The recall was expanded when the source of the contamination could not be determined. Farm Rich called this “unacceptable” and voluntarily recalled everything made in the Georgia plant.

“It saddens us deeply that anyone has become ill after consuming Farm Rich products,” said Bill Gisel, CEO of Farm Rich. “When it became apparent to us that despite the expertise of the USDA, FDA, the scientific community and our own experts, that identification of a specific cause was not going to be a simple or short process, we decided to act proactively to expand the recall.”

No reports of sickness due to the products have been reported. Farm Rich has stated that customers can call the company’s customer relations helpline to receive a refund or replacement of the potentially-contaminated products they have had to throw out.

  • http://webpronews/life vickie myrick

    hello my name is vickie myrick and was reading this recall on FarmRich. We had 3 bags of different kinds of these bought at the same time. 2 bags were opened and ate some and thrown away. i still have one bag of the philly cheese steaks with the date saying best used by august 19 2014 how do i contact and who do i contact?
    vickie myrick


    i beleive that it ispossible that people putit in their cart then later puts it back in the bin where they came out of the food thaws out and then gets cold again

  • Jenny

    Return them to the store at which you bought them. They should exchange or issue a refund, no questions asked.

  • Anhtony

    You shoudn’t be eating these types of foods. Do you research processed food are the worse for you.. you should eat a diet rich in organic fruits and vegetables

    • maxter

      Oh, will you knock it off with the sanctimonious,
      holier-than-thou garbage? Good lord, you people get tiresome. Relax and have some processed cheese slices.

    • Jacque

      Thanks, we had no idea. You’ve saved us all.

    • Evelyn

      Not to sound funny but. A lot of people don’t have the money to live on organic foods and fresh products. My dad works two jobs. My mom is trying to find one. We just lost our home, now living in a apartment, Sure the rent is cheap. but we are still paying form the problems the house caused us. and sometimes we are short on money so we don’t get to eat good some weeks. My dad and mom both have health issues so We have to make sure he eats. and the kids eat. Me and mom tend to starve ourselves and just scrounge around on junkfood till we get paid again or the next week comes and we’re able to eat. and the lack of money has set me back in my education. im not in college yet. there is hardly any money to pull that off. Last thing i have a crap about is eating organic foods. As long As I get to eat. I don’t care what it is. So you can shut your mouth about what people should and shouldn’t eat because sometimes there isn’t a fucking choice.

      • PAAP

        That’s beyond too bad, Evelyn. I surely hope that neither one of them or you, smoke cigarettes, or drink Adult Beverages, either, because that can be costly in more ways than just monetarily, too!. The Food Pantry in your town, or next over, should be able to assist you, unless for some reason that doesn’t exist in your area for some unknown reason for those whom are 18 or older, and of course Parents at any age, too! Your City Hall can assist you with that information, or transitional offices….You should care a bit on what you consume, because in the short, it can and surely will cause you, and everyone concerned, a myriad of medical & physical problems, and I’m not saying that without experience, because I have first hand knowledge of that very factoid, too! I lost my employment not once, but twice, and its not easy I know, plus I had open-heart surgery a few years back, and that follow up can be very costly as well! Hang in there, and do the best that you can. Do make a great day happen, whenever you can now. Have a blessed day, as well, too!

    • sue ward

      I agree!!!

      • RalphMoufh

        Yahoo comments are back on . dats nice.

    • Bwc

      However, those organic fruits and vegetables will destroy your grammar.

      • Michael Chiklis

        This made my day.

    • Hector

      I agree with Anthony on embracing a healthy lifestyle that integrates organic meals. I myself have done this and have seen big improvements in my body and mind. I have cut dairy and meats (except for fish). Even though I eat fish I stay a way from the kinds that have high mercury levels such as Tuna. I advise anyone ready to commit themselves to this change to their research on health and nutrition.

      • Jim

        Oh man, vegans, tough life with many health issues ahead. God made cows and pigs so we could eat them, and Tuna is a great fish! http://healthrevelations.com/2009/08/11/downside-of-the-vegan-life/

        Hope this link helps and makes you commit to a nice double cheese burger!

        • Jim

          … but let me add I make my own pizza from scratch, 7 day cold feremnted dough, NY style. Those who try it sware off local pizzerias. (No I’m not in NYC, this is why that’s an easy beat) I am not a fan of frozen processed foods, I cook real food, but I could go for a filet with bernaise any day!

    • Me

      They have shown there is nothing healther about “organic” food then regularly grown fruits and veggies…get over yourself.

      • Christian

        Whens the last time you ate Grass fed beef ? Instead of the trash you buy at the store you think is beef? The difference in taste, fat, and E’coli content is astounding. And, you do realize the only reason E’coli is more prevalent is because they feed cattle Corn instead of grass.. Cattle produce an enzyme that kills E’coli in the gut when they eat grass.. NOT when they are fed corn… But hey, its making Monsanto Money right? who cares if people die…

    • Dizz

      i eat this sort of food everyday. I have abetter body then 98% of this websites users. peace.

  • Tommy

    HAHAHAH! FARM RICH MY ASS! Its such a disgrace how companies are like, “oh so people want to eat healthier? lets make a false ad label to market our gross-ass GMO food!”

  • Laverne Belligio

    I’m going back to the days when we made our food at home from scratch – these convenience foods are nothing but bad.

  • http://webpronews jags

    Why is it that all the people pushing vegan diets look grey and ill. Humans are carnivorous and ment to eat meat. You don’t see other mammals drinking milk once they are weaned. Eat meat, fruit, and veggies in proper proportion. And yes cut out all the processed food its not good for you.

    • amy glienna

      no humans where never designed to eat meat and that is why we have flat teeth

      • robbie pizza eater

        we eat meat CHIMPS DO SO WE DO! but yeah meat is supposed to be for special occasions mostly we should eat bugs and creepy crawly things we find on the ground like worms and snails

        • Don

          Who has flat teeth?

      • http://THISONE BOB

        YES MOTHER

  • steve

    I like some frozen food for a quick bite or lazy dinner, But these don’t even look good on the package.

    • Kristy

      The mozarella bites are REALLY good. IDK about the other products though. Too bad, I’ll probably never eat them again. We would serve them as the bread for dinner.

  • robbie pizza eater

    what a misleading headline, NOT A PIZZA RECALL!!!!!

    • PAAP

      They probably wanted to see, if anyone was “Actively Reading”, they try to do that every once in a while, and most of the time it truly works Who knew, right? Enjoy!!

  • laura

    NICE !!!!!!!!! REAL NICE !!!!!! I just had a bag of the cheese bites — last night !!!!!!!!! Lol

  • dr know

    Someone needs to recall Tonys frozen pizzas because they suck.

    • veger

      i thought this article was about tonys when i initially saw it

    • John

      I concur and while they recall Tony’s, recall Jeno’s too. Just as bad. They probably had the longest running episode for over 20 years of at least 100 pathogens that have been undetected. I’m thinking, so prehistoric bacteria that has never been identified.

  • http://yahoo.com LaShon Rbinson

    wtf is going on with all these damn recalls im tried of that shit now jus stop it

  • Tracy

    E. Coli is a bacteria found in intestines and poop. It did not just land on the pizza by itself let’s get that straight. Most likely the plant where they make this also processes meat and there was some sort of cross contamination.

    Why don’t people want to know where your food really comes from and how it is processed? Just because it’s all in a nice pretty package doesn’t mean anything. It’s all a big lie! Wake up!

  • JL

    If you ate these for dinner, I hate to see the rest of your diet. Gross.

  • Tim@FarmRich


    • Tim@FarmRich

      I like penis in my mouth

      • PAAP

        Wow! Tim, I’m certain that your afternoon medication’s had yet to be taken, before that comment, am I right?
        You surely need to look at that, the next time you comment. Best of luck with that very process, too!

      • Dick Von Hugenstein

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    • RalphMoufh

      You sure it wasn’t penis bites?

      • RalphMoufh

        You can have my penis in your mouth.

  • jenny

    OMG!!!! I literally just had mozzarella bites a half hour ago & soo many other times :( this WOULD happen -_______-

  • jay

    robbie pizza eater  dude ur not really all there right humans are omnivores hence flat teeth and ur front pointed teeth the canine for meat as well so yeah…

  • annie

    If these products result with renal problems….what are the people who have stage 4 renal failure have to look forward to…DYING!

  • rose

    we just ate the bites last week for a party we gave for our grandaughter i cant believe this happen.what next please stop all these recall e coli is from not being clean what next.

  • MJ

    E.coli can come from water. JOHN’s pizza ( I am pretty sure it was John’s — but it was a long time ago ) had a recall once many years ago — like in the early 80’s. They found feces in the sausage…in extremely minute amounts and no one got sick as I recall. When research was over and done with they said it came from contaminated water that was coming in from one of the cities where the sausage was being processed.

  • Joe Blow

    I dont want a refund on the product I want you to pay for my hospital bills.

  • JEN

    great just had some last nite wonder why i got sick

  • Nora

    I think Christian is mistaken! The e coli comes in when the animal is slaughtered, and processed. If you watch the slaughterhouse videos you will see that the regular, grass-fed ,organic, and Kosher are basically all the same. Killing is killing! Anytime you eat meat of any kind, you are putting your life in jeopardy! They process all animals, healthy, sick, diseased, and ones that died of unknown causes. All that blood, guts, and feces are all in contact with the other. Best bet is to stop eating meat, and meat by-products!

    • stevieP

      More folks get sick from dirty produce that meat.

    • krista

      e.coli comes from when an animal is not processed or cook properly. not from just killing them. slaughterhouses do not process diseased meat, they throw it away like the law says. more people get sick from vegetables that have pesticides on them. e.coli is more frequent is leafy green vegetables than it is meat.

  • Mark

    I think we all eat much more sh*t that we actually know about. Such as the “vein” in shrimp. Everyone knows that is their large intestine carrying sh*t out of their bodies and it is not always removed. Once it’s cook well, it just taste like everything else. Same thing for processed meats they use on Pizzas.

  • Danny