Freshman Player William Wayne Jones III Dies at 19

    November 9, 2012
    Chad Sweely
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Many football fans are saddened to learn about the sudden loss of William Wayne Jones III, a great Tennessee State University football player who instantly collapsed during practice this past Wednesday.

William Wayne Jones III, 19 years old from Smyrna, Tennessee, was taking part in a non-contact practice for the university’s football team. During this practice, Jones unexpectedly collapsed and was discovered unconscious. Jones was then transported to Baptist Hospital, and later pronounced dead.

Tennessee’s reputable news source The Tennessean reports that the cause of death has not been identified, and an autopsy will be performed to determine what exactly happened.

Various sources report that Tennessee State University’s Athletics Director Teresa Phillips exclaims that the school will do everything it can to support Jones’ family in their time of grief.

With this saddening news, various Twitter users have been posting their condolences for the loss of William Wayne Jones III:

  • bosnmike

    it a shame and also sad that this young man life was stop at a young age.my heart goes out to his family.

  • Rosie Ann Coleman

    God only knows when the time is right to call one of His own home. May the family of this young man know the peace of God and feel His loving arms wrapped around them in this time of grief. Prayers for the family.

  • nick

    Behind that guy’s twitter post is his background, which says “fuck yeah mean” lolol, not quite the same as the condolences

    • David

      He might have been a great guy, Don’t put him down in his death. He might not have been the best person,I don’t know, but he is gone and he was a person. let him be the best he was.

    • S

      you dont know what your talking about, you got the wrong guy. shame on you, my son is dead

  • http://yahoo veronica f. Williams

    So,that he had go so early and God will continue to bless his family. Again we are so sorry that for your loss and my heart going out to the family

  • Sheila

    RIP William Wayne you will be missed. My condolence to the family as well


  • Sarah Joyce

    My sincere condolences – YOU WILL BE MISSED!!!

  • Lance Christiansen, DO

    The death of another young sports player, under similar circumstances of physical exertion, has to have a cause that is somewhat mundane.

    During a clinical investigation, involving individuals with chronic neurological pain, I had seven patients who were experiencing cardiac arrhythmias and the simply, and suddenly collapsed. In their case, it was caused by a cardiac arrhythmia that spontaneously ended as rapidly as it started and they lived. Many had been to physicians and their problem was explained to them as: fainting! Eventually, I determined that all the individuals had had streptococcal infections and had developed rheumatic fever at some level. Almost all people who develop rheumatic fever have cardiac arrhythmias as part of the disease process. Rheumatic fever does not “just” have to be a high-grade disease process, since, for instance, Sir William Osler, one of the most respected physicians in Canadian, American, and British history wrote in his text of 1935 that it could be subacute and less than subacute and have great chronicity. The concept of more low-grade, but chronic rheumatic fever developed in his text is not entertained by modern-day physicians.

    If the young man had a history of neurological pain in his lumbosacral/buttock or cervical region/shoulder, experienced semi-numbness in his arms while sleeping or other certain behaviors, if he had erythematous palms and feet, they are physical signs of rheumatic autoimmunity: from low-grade, rheumatic fever. He could have had a higher grade case in the past, since it tends to be repetitious. Also, a flu-like disease often accompanied by respiratory symptoms, a sore throat, or tonsillitis…even subclinical tonsillitis, can often cause it to exist. Often, other members of a family will have certain similar signs and symptoms because the microorganism that causes it is very contagious.

  • Lady Pamela Ann Green

    My condolences to all families who lose their sons in this manner. I don’t know what the problem is, to why our young men are dying so young from this activity in terms of practing. Last year my nieces friend Fred collapsed from Ohio State. I think it had something to do with his heart. Now here is what I think High Schools,Colleges as well as Pro Ballers, should incorporate. A full body scan (costly) yes! but if the player has potential, the scan will pay for itself. Extensive Evavuation of the Heart, such has a 24 hour monitor, a 2 week loop monitor. A radioactive stress test need to be performed, and every test that will ensure that this young man or woman is healhlty enough to play such a invigorating sport. this will also determine whether or not their are any underlining issues.Please do consider these very important things for the young men and women that truly has the potential to make it in the Professional League. To the scouts that are in search of such good talent this should not be a hard desision to make. After all once ounce of cure is worth a pound of prevention. Take very good care of these young men and women who also choose this as a career. Again my CONDOLENCES to all Parents across the nation that has lost a child, doing what he or she really enjoy doing. Not just for recreation; but for professional as well. I love you all with the LOVE of the LORD JESUS CHRIST; and my prayers are with your families and friends.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Ariel

    There is another one who died at a young age..there has been a lot of children dieing so early and so soon..god is the answer when you need someone to talk to and to cry out.My condolences got out to his family and I hope that god will help you through it all and he will.

  • Shady

    My deepest sympathies to his family and friends. It breaks my heart to hear of our youth dieing in such a manner. RIP WWJ the 3rd.

  • Lady Di

    My sincere condolences to the family in the loss of their loved one. It is truly sad at such a young age. Rest assured that GOD’s presence will see you through this difficult time.

  • Miss Cain

    I am saddened about your son. May God lift the family at this time. God will not leave or forsake you. Trust Him with all your heart and learn not to your own understanding. He will direct your path.

  • GUEST2012

    How does this happen???? These young men have been playing football for most of their young lives and have to pass physical exams before they can play. I’m sure that when the autopsy is completed, the results will be something to do with an undetected heart problem. With all of the high tech medical tests that are available, why cant these problems be found BEFORE these young men DIE instead of AFTER. Very sad outcome.

  • Rob B

    It’s sad to see such a promising person as well as athlete leave us at such a young age. Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family, from The Berryhill Family….