French President’s Ex Threatens Tell-All

    January 31, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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Valerie Trierweiler, the woman who had a lengthy relationship with French President Francois Hollande, may write a tell-all book about her time with him.

48-year old Trierweiler, a veteran journalist who met Hollande while working as a political reporter for Paris Match, says she was extremely hurt by the way he ended their relationship and is considering penning a book which could damage Hollande’s already bruised reputation.

She says she’d heard rumors that he was stepping out on her, but being in the public eye, she knew such things went with the territory and paid them no mind. But when the magazine Closer published photos of Hollande and 41-year old actress Julie Gayet meeting for secret trysts, Trierweiler knew the truth.

“I heard rumours of course but you hear rumours about everyone,” she said in an interview. “I hear them about myself all the time. I paid no attention. When I found out, it was as if I had fallen from a sky-scraper.”

Hollande has already lost quite a bit of popularity in France due to a shrinking economy and unemployment somewhere in the 3.3 million range; after announcing the breakup, some are wondering what else he might be keeping from the public.

“He hid that from us. What else is he hiding?” restaurant cook Herve Charriere said.

Trierweiler says that though she was with Hollande throughout his rise to power, she thinks that his role in politics might have ultimately damaged their relationship.

“We didn’t react to power in the same way,” she said. “Something broke. I would have preferred a normal life. We might then still be together.”

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  • All You Need to Know

    Wow. So she got her feelings hurt, she is going to write a tell all book. For all we know, this was her plan in the first place. Women have it in their heads that a man is responsible for their happiness. They want everything from men and then they want to always say how men are the problem.

    The reality is this woman was in a relationship. It didn't work. Move on. I am sorry ladies. We are not responsible for your lives. Go shack up with all the feminists that told you that you can have it all. They are the problem in your lives because they lied to you. They sold you on a dream that is impossible for all people. No one can have it all. No one. Life just doesn't work that way. It has never worked that way. That is why die on average 12 years earlier than women. We know that to get something you have to give up something. To provide for your family, you have to give up years of your life — literally. Now that women are in the workforce. They are learning that too. That is why there is a mass exodus of women from the corporate world going back to being stay at home moms.