Free Shotguns: 15 Cities Targeted For Project

    May 6, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Free shotguns may be finding their way into the hands of civilians in 15 cities if a certain group has their say.

The Armed Citizen Project has already begun its campaign, handing out guns to at least four people in Houston. They want to expand to several cities, including Chicago, which was chosen because of its restrictive anti-gun laws. The founders of the group say that all they want to do is give people who live in high-crime communities a way to defend themselves and their families.

“It’s our hypothesis that criminals do not want to die in your hallway. We think that society should use that fear to deter crime,” said founder Kyle Coplen. “We’re giving folks the tools with which to defend their life, liberty and property, we’re training them how to use the weapons and empowering citizens.”

As one can imagine, the idea isn’t going over well with everyone. Tonya Burch, the mother of a murder victim in Chicago, says handing out guns will only cause more problems.

“See, that’s not going to work. More of our people, more of our kids are going to be killed. I disagree. I think more of our kids are going to be killed. I think more of our loved ones are going to be killed. No matter how much training you give them, more people are going to die,” she said.

The leaders of the group say they have a legal team to ensure they aren’t breaking any laws before they take action in any city. Their site claims they will be giving away an AR-15 on May 10th (pictured weapon).

  • John Lightle

    Amanda, please explain why you chose to affix a picture of a rifle to an article about shotguns.



    • floyd

      The Franchi SPAS 12 shotgun (Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun) could be considered an assault weapon as per, it was developed for combat use…… fantastic weapon I would love to own one.


  • your mother

    I wasn’t aware an ar-15 was a shotgun. maybe that’s why they’re so dangerous….

  • Chris

    Cool! Can I have one? Sign me up! What a great way to take back the streets! Shotgun/AR-15 what’s the difference I’ll take either. lol

  • http://god.com God

    It is time my children do away with all sinners. Take up arms and send them to my brother. 😀

    • Mike Rarick

      DUMBASS !

  • James Andrews

    It’s the best idea yet, especially in the gang-ridden and high crime areas. Any and every law abiding citizen has the inalienable right to defend themselves, their homes, and their loved ones. And anyone who disagress with that should leave this country! Our Constitution was put in place for reasons such as this, and our Second Amendment rights are just as important and vital today as they have ever been.

    • Fred Olenick

      You say second amendment–did you ever look it up? Here it is as written by our smart founding fathers–
      “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

      Are all these “hungry for guns” people members of “A well regulated Militia”???

      • L Cavendish

        “the people”…that is referring to individuals…just as it applies to YOUR freedom of speech, religion, etc. .
        We…the people…All U.S. citizens.

      • AR PRO

        Hey Fred, ever read the federalist papers? I didnt think so, another pinhead who likes to make comments about things he knows nothing about… The federalist papers were written by the same men who wrote the 2nd amendment, in their writings they make several references to the “well regulated militia” that you speak of and describe it as every free person of the United States, each and every American who has the right to arm themselves with the weapons of the governments military, to keep the Government in check and fight tyranny as they did during the revolution. So before you try to make a point about something you know nothing about, do a little reading..if you can…

  • Yakov Lanskiy

    Nice article, Amanda. How are the donors gonna get around Illinois law that on the ground mean only criminals and terrorists possess weapons. Gun controller politicians, like all politicians, must be lawyers first in order to hold office. Lawyers defend clients, usually criminal clients. They grow rich off defending criminals. So criminals are their living as they de facto live off the results of criminal enterprise. Therefore they defend criminals’ ability to commit crime, and that means they must seek to disarm the law abiding citizens so their cash cows do not end up dead in a householder’s hallway. Dead criminals are no good to them as cash cows. This puts a new light on the likes of the Shumers and Boxers of the world. In fact, one of the California gun grabbing senators had a dad who had the mafia name of ‘Big Tony’ and he WAS mafia.

  • Tony

    Where do I sign up for my free shot gun or rifle????

  • http://yahoo rick w

    read the last line. an ar-15 will be given away on may 10. there is no claim it’s a shotgun. it’s a special giveaway. try and understand what you’re reading, and the audience it’s aimed at. there’s a lot of ignorant people who think shotguns are assault weapons.

  • noseitall

    I also think more of your kids are going to be killed. By the homeowners of the homes they have broken into. Have a nice day.

  • http://ms1.gotdns.com jonny rocket

    that’s not a pic of a shotgun loser. nice troll.

  • Sock Puppet

    I can not wait until the government disarms all of the rabble scum. Citizens do not need guns. If our houses are being broken into by armed criminals, we all should be able to dial 911 and wait 24 minutes for the police to arrive.

    • Mountain Man

      “When seconds count, the Police will be there in minutes.”

    • http://doorsofcreation.blog.com Jimmy Walker

      Love the sarcasm in this comment. Of course Sock puppet isn’t really saying what everyone dislikes. He/she (to be politically correct when guessing gender)..is only stating a true fact in the wait time for emergency services such as police, who are so overwhelmed by all types of crime and violence.

    • CONNIE


    • randy baker

      you are a complete moron,, I hope you home gets broke into and hope the police on take 15 minutes to get there instead of your 24 min you were talking about and the thief takes everything you have in 10 min I hope no harm comes to your family but just you lol

    • a

      You are an idiot!

  • Mountain Man

    A shotgun really is a much better choice for home defense than an AR15. A 12 gauge with some number 8 shot will easily kill an intruder within a house and most of the shot will be stopped by 2 layers of drywall, making the odds of accidentally penetrating into the next room (where your loved ones are hiding) very unlikely. I have a few AR15s but my trusty Rem 870 is my go-to gun for bumps in the night.

  • randy baker

    If you break into my home I am not going to ask any questions I will KILL YOU!!! No questions asked we will let the investigators figure out why you broke in

  • floyd

    I would love to have a SPAS 12 ….

    living less than 30 miles from Stockton CA it wount be long before this type of weapon is needed for daily survival.

  • http://yahoo Ethan Szatmary

    Ummm… how do you know that the people you’re giving the guns to are the homeowners defending their halls and not the criminals breaking into them?

    Don’t suppose you’re doing background checks are you? Your organization is probably against them, isn’t it?

  • Ronda

    It is a set up. This is Obama way of tracking gun owners. It is making his job easier to put people in camps.

    • Fritz

      The Obama Blame Game and BS Conspiracy Theory. Pathetic ………..

  • chris

    I hope they come to Memphis

  • AR PRO

    Really dumb article, Starting with the pic of the AR-15 as part of the headline. Then the very last sentence mentions they will be giving away an AR-15 (pictured). Another writer who can’t find a real story so they pick on firearms. Any anti-gun people commenting should note that the organization giving away the shotguns will make sure they are legally transferred, and if any combat zone in the US needs weapons, its shitcago! Murder capital of the world! All gangbangers and drug dealers. You want to reduce the crime rate in this country, hunt down the gangbangers and drug dealers and lock them up! Stop picking on the law abiding citizens who bother no one..