Free Mass Effect 3 DLC Available Tomorrow

By: Chris Gabbard - April 9, 2012

With the amount of post-launch updates Bioware is coming out with, it almost seems like they forgot to finish making the game before release. They already have plans to release an extended version of the much maligned ending and a fix for the inability to import your Shepard character from previous Mass Effect games.

The latest update comes in the form of a free DLC called Mass Effect Resurgence Pack, that includes multiplayer maps, new characters, and new weapons. This is not something that players have really complained about, but I do think there should have been more maps for multiplayer.

The new maps are “Firebase Condor” and “Firebase Hydra”. Condor takes place on one of Palaven’s moons, and Hydra takes you to an abandoned Quarian colony.

The largest addition to this pack will be the inclusion of 6 new characters. In multiplayer, you will now be able to fight as an Asari Adept, Krogan Vanguard, Batarian Soldier, Batarian Sentinel, Geth Engineer, and Geth Infiltrator. The introduction of the Geth as playable characters is perhaps the most interesting, given that they were previously only featured in the game as enemies, not playable characters.

New guns include the Striker Assault Rifle, Kishock Harpoon Gun, and Geth Plasma SMG. In addition, new one mission use consumable merchandise will be available for in-game pack purchases. These include the Strength Enhancer (Applies melee damage boost), Targeting VI (Headshot damage boost), Stabilization Module (Weapon stabilization), and Shield Power Cells (Shortens shield recharge time).

The Resurgence Pack is available for free on XBox Live, Playstation Network and Origin beginning April 10.

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  • Michelle

    Stupid distraction on bioware’s part to basically tell us to please wait till summer and try to keep playing till we finish our extent cut. How do you tell people that you’re going to shift through your own poo to create a significantly larger turd…so stupid…

    • Ryan

      Stop simply jumping on the bandwagon and criticising everything Bioware do – They’re giving out a quite large content pack for absolutely no charge, and yet people such as yourself still decide to moan about it. It’s not a distraction; logically, it is a gift from Bioware to their devoted fans (although of course many of their foolish previous fans have turned sour after they dislike some aspects of the game)

      • Michelle

        like i said after being crowned Worst company in America, fans clawing at your feet, and people actually taking look at your actions….did you honestly think they were gonna charge you for more content especially after day 1 DLC?

        • Justin

          I take it you didnt get the Collector’s Edition did you. So your complaining cause those of us who did spend the extra $20 got the day 1 DLC included. Thats just petty thinking. The reason behind the no charge is the 75 10/10 ratings for the game. HMMMMM wonder why they got those. And Bioware is not the worst company. I am happy to own both DA, have played all 3 Mass Effects and am a proud lvl 50 Jedi Knight in SWTOR (which is a significant upgrade to SWG) stop complaning about it. enjoy thier work or dont, but dont make some behind the scenes reason as to why this DLC is free.

  • Ant Dizzle

    I’m totally looking forward to playing as a Geth. And I think Chris meant Asari Justicar. 😉

    And, oh… Michelle. Do you need a hug? I’m happy to donate!

    • Michelle

      no, but i would love to kick someone in the nuts…care to donate?

      • Justin

        She just cant get over the fact she didnt think of Mass Effect, Was made fun of and is probably 200 lbs overwieght so has no love life. Or no life at all seeing 50% of the posts on this topic are from her

        • Anonymous

          How do you automatically assume that she is 200lbs overweight and has no love life? You cannot glean that information from what she said or how she said it. Don’t be an ignorant sexist.

  • Omega

    At leasts it’s free. After all, who doesn’t love free things?

  • Natalea

    I am stoked. I may actually stay up until midnight to see if it’s out… *is a nerd* I think Bioware did a good job on ME3 and it is my favorite of the games. And I have been playing them since ME1 first came out. I want more closure, but I’m pretty happy over-all.

    • Charles xbl is (NineAngryNuns)

      I as well will be staying up for this update. :3

  • Michelle

    if i offered you a free dead baby would you like that too?

  • Charles xbl is (NineAngryNuns)

    Dude, I’m stoked. And there always is someone to make fun of things.. I mean, hell it could be many times better. So why not bitch about it instead of playing it? 😛 I think people like michelle are best ignored, untill they point out something that can actually be fixed.

    I want to try a betarian pretty badly on the other hand

  • Justin

    Anyone know if we’ll be given instant access to the characters, or if we earn them through the store?

    • Michelle

      Make fun of? I never made fun of it you degenerate. I stated it was a cover there ass tactic, and who said I wasn’t excited however you fail to understand that the “stamped” on “Free” is to buy fan love which is already in major doubt. So excuse me if I actually question things instead of take whatever people just hand me and get totally “stoked” dude. Fucking tubular bro!

  • Roger

    Michelle why so Mad … BTW stop Trolling Ur not good at it…I think its pretty awesome there giving free extends… Companys kinda don’t care for us gamer..because they already have our money ..but bioware is caring and supporting for their game.. I hope they realsed more dlc in the future

  • Michelle

    lmao caring and supporting? That’s a laugh wow…..after EA received worst company in America award what did you think would happen you moron? it’s all fine and dandy to want to play an extra character for a few days and probably totally suck at it that’s fine and I’m so happy you’re a complete Shill good for you ^_^

  • atlarep xbl is (atlarep)

    I think what Michelle is trying to say is that they are trying to make up for the shananigans they did with this game’s ending(s), which is:
    Good= because FREE content is always welcome.
    Bad= in this case because, well, who wants to play this game in MP until August?

    • Michelle

      thank you finally someone who understands

  • http://N/a Jordan

    2:00am pacific time…still not released ugh! (not complaining about bioware just impatient) btw crappy ending but even if its a six month wait atleast its an attempt which is more than mosy companies are willing to do. They just better not mush it up on the second go around

    • http://N/a Jordan

      2:24am just released! DLing now so heres hoping

  • dan

    Actually, Michelle just keeps posting the same argument over and over.Bioware earned worst company. Why because one ending didn’t match what you wanted Bioware technically doesn’t have to make an extended cut for the ending. I hope they put in big bold letters if people hate it “you asked for it”and now time to enjoy some dlc and this fantastic game known as mass effect 3